Tester, Bullock Support D.C. Statehood

On Friday, the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill supporting statehood for Washington, D.C.

This came as welcome news to Montana’s own Senator Jon Tester, who co-sponsored a bill in the Senate supporting D.C. statehood earlier this month.

This catastrophic proposition being pushed by Democrats is also championed by Governor Steve Bullock, who threw his support behind making D.C. the 51st state during his run for president.

If this bill passes, Montana will lose tremendous power in Congress. It will also set in motion a series of events that the Democrats could only dream of…

  • The Democrats will gain two new Senate seats – helping them take back the majority.
  • With a new majority, Democrats will push for statehood for Puerto Rico, adding 2 more guaranteed Democratic seats to their ranks – this would give them a total of 4 liberal Senate seats that would alter the trajectory of our country forever.
  • If they get their way, the Democrats would have a firm majority hold on the U.S. Senate, where they’d be able to pack the Supreme Court with radical activist judges and impose their socialist vision for America on our country.

This is no idle threat. This is a reality that could actually unfold, and most concerning of all is that it’s being championed TODAY by the two top leaders of the Montana Democratic Party – Steve Bullock and Jon Tester.

It’s why we absolutely have to re-elect Senator Daines this November and protect our Republican U.S. Senate majority.

We can’t let the Democrats take permanent control of the U.S. Senate and decide the future of the Supreme Court. Steve Bullock will NOT put the interests of Montanans first in the Senate and he must be defeated on November 3rd.