Tester, Bullock Sending Troubling Message

On Friday, Senator Tester threw Tara Reade’s credible sexual harassment and assault allegations against Joe Biden to the wind when he endorsed the former Vice President’s campaign for President.

Tester – who had “deep concerns” about Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Justice Kavanaugh – joins others in his party setting a hypocritical standard of believing women only when politically expedient.

Governor Bullock is also one of them. He came to Biden’s defense on the Reade allegations, praising the serious manner in which Biden addressed them and for delivering on transparency – neither of which is true.

Moreover, Bullock set a much different standard in 2018 – when he called to “do an investigation as we should” for women who have “sacrificed themselves” by bringing credible claims forward.

This isn’t Bullock’s first #MeToo flounder. He once failed to warn a future employer of a political advisor’s history of sexual harassment because he thought he would stop harassing women. This staffer was then forced out of his new job due to sexual harassment allegations.

What do Governor Bullock and Senator Tester have to say about the troubling, hypocritical message they are sending to women who are victims of sexual assault and harassment? It appears they only believe or defend women when it serves the interests of their own flock.