Tester Advocates for Montanans to Pay for Democrats’ Massive Tax and Spend Spree

Helena, MT – Senator Jon Tester (D, Mont.) has officially stated that he wants the Democrats’ massive $3.5 trillion spending bill to be “fully paid for,” according to reports.

That means that the massive spending bill, which is packed full of far-left, socialist priorities, will be paid for by tax hikes on hard working Montana families – equivalent to $27,000 in new spending for every household in America. In other words, Tester wants the $3.5 trillion spending bill to be paid for by a $3.5 trillion tax increase.

Montanans have already suffered enough at the hands of the Biden administration. Under his leadership, inflation is at its highest rate in over a decade. Families across the county have seen the consequences of the Democrats’ out-of-control spending while facing rising prices for everyday goods. But Senator Tester and Joe Biden don’t care, as they’re calling for more government spending which will lead to higher inflation that will devastate Montanans’ pocketbooks.