Senator Daines introduces Main Street Tax Certainty Act

HELENA, Mont. – Senator Steve Daines today introduced the “Main Street Tax Certainty Act,” a bill to make the 20 percent pass-through small business tax deduction permanent.

In response, Senator Daines released the following statement:

“Montana small businesses help our communities thrive and prosper – they’re what make our hometowns feel like home,” Daines said. “Making this main street tax relief permanent will provide the certainty needed to help Montana small businesses stay afloat, create more jobs, and expand their operations.”

The Main Street Tax Certainty Act has bipartisan, bicameral congressional support and widespread support from all across the business community.

MTGOP Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt also released the following statement:

“In November Montanans proudly sent Senator Daines back to the Senate to continue forging bipartisan solutions that make our country stronger, creating a pro-business environment to help folks prosper, and boldly supporting our treasured small businesses that make Montana’s communities so special,” said Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “Small businesses make up 99% of Montana business, and Senator Daines’ Main Street Tax Certainty Act will go a long way in helping Montanans reach their full potential, building stronger communities in every corner of the state, and keeping Montana The Last Best Place.”