Cooney’s Economic Plan: More Government & Higher Taxes

HELENA, Mont. – Career politician Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney released an economic plan today no more than two weeks after denying that Montana’s economy needs a comeback at all.

The plan – which pushes more government mandates and higher taxes – is on trend with Cooney’s anti-business, anti-jobs record that earned him a 0% score with the Montana Chamber of Commerce.

The Montana Republican Party released the following statement from Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt in response: 

“Mike Cooney has had 44 years to improve Montana’s economy and help businesses create high-paying jobs; instead, he’s pushed job-killing, big-government policies that earned him the worst Montana Chamber rating in state history. The only job Cooney cares about is his own.”


  • “In a prepared statement, a campaign spokesperson for Democratic gubernatorial candidate and current Lt. Gov. Mike Cooney said it’s disingenuous to say Montana’s economy needs a comeback, due to the leadership of Bullock and Cooney during the pandemic.” (Yellowstone Public Radio)