Montana Republican Leaders Respond to Liberal Activist Judge’s Decision to Block Common Sense Election Security Laws

April 7, 2022

HELENA, Mont. – Yesterday, liberal activist judge Michael Moses blocked 4 common sense election integrity laws passed by the Montana Legislature from going into effect. In response to Judge Moses’s ludicrous decision, Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement:

“Judge Moses’s decision to block multiple election integrity laws passed by the Montana Legislature that make it easier to vote and harder to cheat is nothing but a clear example of far-left judicial activism,” Chairman Kaltschmidt said. “The Montana Legislature was elected by the people of Montana, and is held accountable by the people of Montana. The people spoke in 2020 by electing Republicans by historic margins with a promise to pass election security measures and the idea that a liberal judge can strike down common sense election laws in order to help his own political party is unacceptable.”

Several other Republican elected officials issued statements criticizing Moses’s decision.

Montana Secretary of State Cristi Jacobsen decried the ruling saying the decision “defies Montana’s common-sense approach to running our election” and vowed to “immediately appeal the decision because Montana’s election laws are under attack.”

Montana Senate President Mark Blasdel also blasted the decision saying, “To block multiple well-crafted election integrity laws barely a month before ballots go out is judicial activism at its worst. It’s no surprise that a liberal judge appointed by Democratic governors ruled in favor of his political allies instead of Montanans who support voter ID and secure elections.”

Judge Moses was appointed by Liberal Democrat Governor Bullock in 2014 before losing when running for a full term. After losing his race, Moses was once again appointed to the court by Bullock in 2016.