Liberal Millionaire Bozeman Trial Lawyer to Announce for Attorney General

August 30, 2023

Liberal Millionaire Bozeman Trial Lawyer to Announce for Attorney General

HELENA, Mont. – According to a recently obtained email from his campaign, Millionaire Bozeman Trial Lawyer Ben Alke plans to announce he is running for Montana Attorney General during the third week of September. On July 25, Alke provided the Commissioner of Political Practices with the required paperwork for his statement of candidacy. He has not released any further information to the public since that time, nor has he launched a campaign website.

Ben Alke has deep ties to liberal legal establishments. He is a former law clerk for Obama-Appointee Judge Brian Morris who’s most notable judicial rulings include shutting down the Keystone Pipeline and blocking energy development on federal land. Alke also worked for well-known trial lawyer and Democrat mega-donor Jim Goetz. Additionally, Alke has was worked with a number for liberal political organizations including the ACLU.

Based on the statements made in his email to supporters, it is unclear why Alke chose to run against Attorney General Knudsen, as his campaign goals seem to be the same accomplishments Knudsen has already achieved since taking office in 2020.

Attorney General Knudsen has fought for and won record funding for the Montana Highway Patrol including pay raises for state troopers and new resources for local law enforcement agencies including the widely popular grant program that provides funding for drug detecting K-9’s. Knudsen has led the fight against human trafficking by adding more agents and working to increase penalties for traffickers. As Attorney General, Knudsen has been at the forefront of fighting federal government overreach and is part of more than a dozen lawsuits against the Biden Administration.

Alke was admitted to the Oregon and Montana Bar 2006. According to property tax records, Alke and his wife purchased their $1.5 Million Bozeman home in 2016. He is the son of long-time Montana lobbyist John Alke whose clients over the past 20 years have include an amalgamation of corporate and political interests.