ICYMI: Jon Tester Drives A Prius

June 20, 2024
Contact: madison@mtgop.org

HELENA, MT – Jon Tester, who belongs in Hollywood for his “humble dirt-farmer” act he puts on every election year, was caught driving around the swamp this past week in his D.C. vehicle: a Prius.

Tester didn’t appreciate being called out for driving a Prius, which he presumably drives to fancy restaurants with lobbyists and parks at his million dollar Cosmopolitan D.C. Castle, calling those who pointed out the simple fact “jackasses.”

But Jon Tester does a lot of things back in D.C. that he doesn’t want Montanans to know about, like voting with Joe Biden 95% of the time, taking more lobbyist cash than Joe Biden, and driving a Prius around the swamp!

While inflation is crushing Montanans and millions of illegal immigrants are pouring across the open southern border due to the failed Biden-Tester agenda, back in D.C. Jon Tester has been serving himself – becoming a multimillionaire in office as well as the number one recipient of lobbyist cash in the swamp.

It’s simple: Washington has changed Jon Tester. This November, Jon Tester is going to have to take his Prius all the way back to Big Sandy when Montanans send him packing.