MTGOP Files Complaint with Federal Election Commission Over Environmental Groups Potential Use of Foreign Contributions in Local Elections 

HELENA, Mont. – Today, the Montana Republican Party filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission requesting an immediate investigation and enforcement action against the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund and the Montana Conservation Voters Fund. 

“In an exchange during a municipal election in 2019, it was expressly stated that the League of Conservation Voters and Montana Conservation Voters financial support includes contributions from ‘big foundations and donors from around the country and world,’” said Spenser Merwin, MTGOP Executive Director. 

“Given the extent of these groups’ direct involvement in municipal, state, and federal campaigns throughout Montana, the threat of foreign contributions being used in any municipal, state, or federal election activity justifies a legitimate investigation to ensure they are complying with the law.” 

Foreign interference in any election in the United States through foreign-sourced contributions is prohibited under federal law. Therefore, the Montana Republican Party calls on Governor Bullock and all Montana Democrats in the 2020 election to reject any support from the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund and the Montana Conservation Voters Fund until it is clear that resources spent on electioneering are not in any way sourced from foreign contributions.


Democrats deride “dark money”, however, their candidates continue to benefit from undisclosed environmental groups like the League of Conservation Voters. Now there is a potential threat of foreign interference by way of the lack of disclosure for these politically active organizations.

The League of Conservation Voters Action Fund contributed $38,000 on September 6th, 2019 to the Montana Conservation Voters (MCV) Fund during a period coinciding with campaign expenditures from MCV in local municipal elections, including city council elections in Missoula and Billings.

Mailers, text messages, and other communications were issued through MCV urging the support for the organization’s endorsed candidates campaigning for Missoula City Council. 

During a text message exchange urging the support of a particular candidate, a member or employee of MCV stated that the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund is an organization that works on “federal races,” gives MCV “support grants from… time to time” and “is all legal work.” The individual also states that the League of Conservation Voters receives its support from “big foundations and donors around the country and world.”

Please find the full complaint here.   



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