California Kathleen’s Extreme Economic Record

After months of Montanans suffering amid job losses and business closures from the COVID-19 pandemic, our economy needs a boost now more than ever.  But one thing is for sure… that boost will not come from California Kathleen Williams.

Guided by her radical Berkeley-born philosophy, California Kathleen has a long track record of supporting extreme policies that would drag Montana businesses down with burdensome bureaucratic red tape and tax hikes, leading to further job loss and economic stagnation.

While California Kathleen claims she will bring jobs to Montana, her job-killing, anti-business record shows the opposite:

  • California Kathleen is a staunch opponent of tax relief, voting against more than 10 major tax cuts totaling of over $1 billion in much-needed taxpayer relief, including a $58 million tax cut for Montana’s poorest citizens and a bipartisan $53 million business equipment tax cut, which became law.
  • California Kathleen wants to raise your taxes and has voted to increase taxes and fees by millions of dollars on taxpayers and businesses across our state, including a tax increase of $3 million per year on the tourism industry and $2.1 million per year on our energy industry.
  • California Kathleen supports burdensome government regulations on Montana farmers and businessowners, even voting against bipartisan bills to provide a tax exemption for mandatory pollution and carbon capture equipment and to allow permanent registration for old farm vehicles.
  • California Kathleen wants to waste your tax dollars on liberal pet projects, leading the charge for a $500,000 giveaway to Hollywood movie producers and even voting for $1.8 million for “cultural and aesthetic grants”, which funded a karaoke bar, pottery promotion, and a “refuge” facility for artists.

Our next representative in Congress must be committed to creating jobs and supporting Montana businesses.  If the past is any indication, California Kathleen’s leftist ideology would bring more government regulation, more taxes and less jobs. Now more than ever, Montana cannot afford California Kathleen’s extreme, job-killing agenda.