Resolution Rebuking Former Governor Marc Racicot

Whereas Marc Racicot, Montana State Governor from 1993 to 2001, has taken active and aggressive action to undermine MTGOP endorsed and supported candidates and opposed Republican candidates nominated by Republican voters in the primary in 2022;

  • He endorsed the Democrat candidate, Monica Tranel, over the MTGOP supported candidate in the 2022 race for Montana’s Western Congressional District, District 1;
  • He endorsed Ingrid Gustafson over conservative and MTGOP endorsed James Brown for the Montana Supreme Court;

Whereas Marc Racicot teamed with Democrat Steve Bullock to endorse Ketanji Brown Jackson for United States Supreme Court;

Whereas Marc Racicot endorsed Joe Biden over President Donald Trump in the 2020 election;

Whereas Marc Racicot retains an elevated profile in Montana and has spoken in assemblies without denying that he still considers himself a Republican and therefore may be believed by some to be considered as speaking for Montana Republicans;

THE ELECTIVE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE MTGOP THEREFORE RESOLVES TO MAKE IT KNOW THAT; Marc Racicot is not considered by the MTGOP to be a Republican; that he cannot claim with any authority to speak on behalf of Montana Republicans; that he does not have the support of the MTGOP; that he willfully acted against the MTGOP Platform and specifically provisions in the “Resolution on Platform Principles;” that he has been less than forthright in public by failing to note that he cannot and does not speak in any official capacity for Montana Republicans; that it is recognized that he took action to damage, undercut, and defeat the efforts of the elected officials of the MTGOP and the Republican Party in general, and therefore disqualifies himself by these actions from being considered a Republican.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Chairman and Executive Committee of the MTGOP will make this resolution known to Marc Racicot and to media, and that media outlets be advised to stop referring to Marc Racicot as a Republican and that, if they fail to do so, the media outlet be informed that the former Governor has been rebuked by the MTGOP; that we notify all Republican Central Committees and Republicans statewide to recognize the potential irreparable harm actions taken by this high-profile individual may have done or may do in the future to the State of Montana, its citizens, and the Republican Party.