Resolution on Homestead Tax Relief for Severely Disabled Veterans (80-100%)

Be it supporting as formal position by the Montana Republican Party that, referencing Montana Annotated Code, 15-6-311, and related codes, 15-6-305, 15-6-302, 15-6-334, and 15-6-301 regarding Homestead Property Tax Relief for Severely Disabled Veterans;

WHEREAS, such above referenced statues that reflect guidelines regarding property homestead tax relief for severely disabled veterans, that the following amendments be made;

WHEREAS, that an amendment to the existing legislation be made, where income-based relief is provided to Severely Disabled Veterans with a disability rating of 100%, to include a relative tax relief benefit that is equal to that of the established and qualified service connected disability rating of a Severely Disabled Veteran, of at least 80% disabled and up to 100% disabled would qualify for the benefit;

WHEREAS, that the legislation would remove the income qualification requirements and that the only qualifier would be disability rating itself;

WHEREAS, that the benefit would extend to surviving spouses of Severely Disabled Veterans who become deceased until the spouse would remarry;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the MTR Party urges the passing of legislation to support property tax relief for our severely disabled veterans.