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Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Slams Montana Supreme Court for Latest Self-Serving Decision

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 12th, 2022 Contact: HELENA, Mont.— In a 5-2 decision, today […]

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Two Faced Tester Votes with Biden & Schumer to Hurt Montana Families

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 7, 2022 Contact: HELENA, Mont.—Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” […]

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Chairman Don K: No Matter the Spin, Jon Tester is a YES on Schumer’s Tax and Spend Extravaganza Bill

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 4, 2022 Contact: HELENA, Mont. – Montana Republican Party Chairman Don […]

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MTGOP Responds to Montana Districting and Apportionment Meeting

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 2, 2022 Contact: HELENA, Mont.-The Montana Districting and Apportionment Commission […]

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MTGOP Issues Statement on Tester Backed Tax-and-Spend Bill

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 28, 2022 Contact: HELENA, Mont.- Montana Republican Party Chairman Don […]

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Republicans Nominate Terry Vermeire for SD39 Race

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 22, 2022 Contact: HELENA, Mont. – The Montana Republican Party announced […]

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Notes from the Chairman