Montana Republican Party Statement on Democrat Efforts to Further Divide Electorate

HELENA, MT – The Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement regarding Senator Tester’s efforts to denigrate Republicans:

“While today’s political environment contains robust passion on both sides of the aisle, Senator Tester’s recent effort to brand members of Congress that stood with their constituents and supported President Trump as traitors is simply reprehensible,” said Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “Senator Tester’s comments should fall on deaf ears considering he recently believed that the path to victory against President Trump included ‘punching him in the face,’and was once more than happy to dismiss former Governor Brian Schweitzer’s claims that he rigged the election as ‘Brian being Brian.’ Though his attempt to divert attention away from an election in which Montana Democrats experienced historic losses is expected, Senator Tester’s hypocritical call to expel certain members of Congress ironically amounts to the same ‘overturning’ the election charge he is levying against members of Congress and it should be condemned by all Montanans.

The reality is that Senator Tester and his Democratic colleagues’ gas-lighting, renewed effort for impeachment, and continued fight against President Trump only serves their interest to demonize and connect the lawless criminals that attacked the United State Capitol last week with the hundreds of thousands of law abiding Montanans that proudly cast their vote for President Trump in November. Montanans deserve an apology from Senator Tester for attempting to take a moral high ground when he was more than content using inflammatory rhetoric and shrugging off allegations of election fraud long before the certification of electoral votes was scheduled.”