MTGOP Launches Webpage on our Senior Elected Officials’ Responses to COVID-19

As true today as ever, we’re better together. In this unprecedented time for our state and local communities, the Montana Republican Party is proud to recognize the extraordinary leadership of Montana’s senior Republican officeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our website now features a One-Stop-Shop for the latest information on what Montana’s Republican leaders are doing in their unique official capacities to promote the health, safety, and well-being of Montanans during this time.

Visit the new webpage by clicking here.

Keystone XL Pipeline Project Moving Forward

HELENA, Mont. – Today, TC Energy announced that it will move forward with the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project after thorough environmental, scientific, and engineering reviews.

This announcement is a big win for American energy security and even more so for Montana’s workers, who will benefit from good-paying jobs during the pipeline’s construction.

While Democrats have shied away from supporting the project, Montana’s Republican leaders have led on supporting its construction for the benefit it brings our state – including Senator Steve Daines, Congressman Greg Gianforte, and Attorney General Tim Fox.

At a time when our communities have been hard hit by the Coronavirus, construction of the pipeline will provide a welcome boost to our local economies.

To read TC Energy’s release on this announcement, click here.


Daines, Hoeven, Gianforte and Gosar Lead Letter to President Trump on Keystone XL Pipeline

Gianforte Statement on Halting of Keystone XL Pipeline

Montana To Intervene In Keystone XL Pipeline Lawsuit


MTGOP Welcomes New Communications Director

HELENA, Mont. – To advance our winning message this November, the Montana Republican Party is pleased to announce the addition of Brooke Stroyke as Communications Director.

“The Montana Republican Party continues to build our team as we move towards this incredibly consequential election and Brooke’s addition is great news for our organization,” said Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “Brooke will be instrumental in helping us reach our goals of re-electing Senator Daines and retaining our U.S. House seat, electing the first Republican Governor in 16 years, maintaining our majority on the Land Board, and increasing our majorities in the State House and Senate.”

Brooke joins the Montana Republican Party after serving at the Department of Homeland Security as the Secretary’s Speechwriter. Prior to her position at DHS, she handled press and media relations for a Fox News contributor.

“It’s a privilege to join the Montana Republican Party and be entrusted with communicating our Party’s message to Montanans,” said Brooke. “All eyes will be on Montana in 2020 – and I look forward to working with our incredible team to elect Republican leaders up and down the ticket.”

Brooke is a graduate of Clemson University in South Carolina and lives in Bozeman. She can be found most weekends visiting family and friends in Cascade County.

Get connected with Brooke!

Reminder: Montana Delegation Nomination Form Due April 13th

HELENA, Mont. – Do you want to Keep America Great and play a role in re-electing President Donald J. Trump this November?

Consider representing Montana as a delegate at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina from August 24th-27th!

Montanans who wish to be considered by the Nominating Committee for this role must fill out this form and return it to MTGOP Headquarters no later than April 13th.

Delegates to the Republican National Convention will be chosen at Montana’s State Delegate Convention which is scheduled to be held on June 12th-13th in Missoula. Delegates must be a resident of the state of Montana.

There are two ways to submit your form:

  • Scan and email by April 13th, 2020 to, or
  • Mail to MTGOP, P.O. Box 935, Helena, MT, 59624.

Let’s continue to work together to #MakeMontanaRed and #KeepAmericaGreat!

Senator Tester Takes Part in Dem Obstruction, Blocks Coronavirus Relief Package

HELENA, Mont. – Remember what is on the line this November.

For the second time in 24 hours, Senate Democrats have recklessly blocked the Coronavirus relief package from moving forward. This package would provide immediate relief to Montana families, hospitals, and small businesses who are suffering during this crisis.

Senator Jon Tester joined Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democrats not once, but twice, and blocked this must-pass measure from advancing.

Our families, small businesses, health care workers, hospitals, first responders, and others hard-hit by the Coronavirus pandemic need this financial help now. The political games must end, and we need to come together and get this bill done for the good of our country.

Senator Tester must put politics aside and vote YES on the Coronavirus relief package today!


MTGOP Issues Recommendation to Central Committees on COVID-19

HELENA, Mont. – Following a meeting of the MTGOP Executive Board, the Montana Republican Party released the following statement today as a recommendation to Central Committees to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

“It is our patriotic duty to follow the guidance of our leaders to the best of our abilities during the COVID-19 national emergency,” said Chairman Don “K”. “In support of the President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America, MTGOP recommends that our Central Committees postpone in-person events larger than 10 people and heed CDC recommendations until further notice by the Administration. We encourage Central Committees to conduct electronic meetings as needed.”

For additional information on the President’s guidance to slow the spread of COVID-19, please visit

Montana Republicans are Unified and Electrified in 2020

HELENA, Mont. – Montana Republicans are more unified and electrified than ever before. In addition to the nearly 200 Republican candidates that filed for office, at least one Republican candidate is on the ballot in 116 out of 125 legislative races across the state as of the filing deadline on Monday, March 9th. This gives Republicans an immediate and substantial edge against the Democrats, who are running in less than 90 of the 125 legislative races.

“Montanans who prize freedom, liberty, and opportunity for all are in a better position than ever to elect candidates in 2020 that embody these values,” says Montana Republican Party Chair Don “K”. “As the numbers show, our party is more energized than ever before – in red and blue areas alike.

“100% participation is always our goal, but 92% in legislative races across the state is an outstanding achievement. I’m proud of my team, and I’m grateful to every Montanan who has become a part of the red wave. There is always room for more – and I encourage even more Montanans to get involved as we fight to preserve our freedoms and our Montana way of life. A red wave is coming!”

The further Democrats shift to the left on issues like the Second Amendment, border security, or a complete government takeover of healthcare, the more out of touch they become with Montanans and our values.

Our state and country has a clear choice between freedom or socialism in 2020, and Republicans are rallying to the occasion.

Montana will hold its primaries on June 2nd. If you’d like to join in on our efforts to uphold freedom in Montana and across the country, please contact for information on how to get involved.


MTGOP Releases Statement on New Dark-Money Ad that Politicizes the Coronavirus

The Montana Republican Party today released the following statement in response to a new dark-money TV-ad that politicizes the Coronavirus in order to help Steve Bullock’s campaign for U.S. Senate.

“Steve Bullock is the willing beneficiary of dark-money political advertisements yet again and today’s ad politicizing the Coronavirus hits a new low,” says Executive Director Spenser Merwin. “This ad by Bullock’s dark-money friends grossly misses the mark and is intended to spread fear and sow division on an issue that should be entirely devoid from politics.”


MTGOP Files Complaint with Federal Election Commission Over Environmental Groups Potential Use of Foreign Contributions in Local Elections 

HELENA, Mont. – Today, the Montana Republican Party filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission requesting an immediate investigation and enforcement action against the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund and the Montana Conservation Voters Fund. 

“In an exchange during a municipal election in 2019, it was expressly stated that the League of Conservation Voters and Montana Conservation Voters financial support includes contributions from ‘big foundations and donors from around the country and world,’” said Spenser Merwin, MTGOP Executive Director. 

“Given the extent of these groups’ direct involvement in municipal, state, and federal campaigns throughout Montana, the threat of foreign contributions being used in any municipal, state, or federal election activity justifies a legitimate investigation to ensure they are complying with the law.” 

Foreign interference in any election in the United States through foreign-sourced contributions is prohibited under federal law. Therefore, the Montana Republican Party calls on Governor Bullock and all Montana Democrats in the 2020 election to reject any support from the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund and the Montana Conservation Voters Fund until it is clear that resources spent on electioneering are not in any way sourced from foreign contributions.


Democrats deride “dark money”, however, their candidates continue to benefit from undisclosed environmental groups like the League of Conservation Voters. Now there is a potential threat of foreign interference by way of the lack of disclosure for these politically active organizations.

The League of Conservation Voters Action Fund contributed $38,000 on September 6th, 2019 to the Montana Conservation Voters (MCV) Fund during a period coinciding with campaign expenditures from MCV in local municipal elections, including city council elections in Missoula and Billings.

Mailers, text messages, and other communications were issued through MCV urging the support for the organization’s endorsed candidates campaigning for Missoula City Council. 

During a text message exchange urging the support of a particular candidate, a member or employee of MCV stated that the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund is an organization that works on “federal races,” gives MCV “support grants from… time to time” and “is all legal work.” The individual also states that the League of Conservation Voters receives its support from “big foundations and donors around the country and world.”

Please find the full complaint here.   



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MTGOP Releases New Video: Big Sky Buy-Off 2.0

HELENA, Mont. – All it took was one meeting with Chuck Schumer to force Governor Bullock into the U.S. Senate race, marking the latest meddling by Democrat Party insiders in our Montana elections.

In a new video released by the Montana Republican Party today, Montanans are provided with a behind-the-scenes look into how key Democrat Party leaders have tried to control the outcome of Montana’s elections over the last six years.

Click HERE for video.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane… You may recall that back in 2014, President Obama, Senator Reid, and Governor Bullock cut a backroom deal to appoint Bullock’s then-Lieutenant Governor John Walsh to the U.S. Senate in an attempt to give him a leg up in the upcoming election.

That didn’t turn out so well when John Walsh had to drop out of the race for plagiarizing his college thesis.

Fast forward to today, Obama and Schumer applied the maximum pressure in private meetings with Bullock to arm-twist him into the race.

Remember – running for Senate was the last possible thing Bullock ever wanted to do. He said he wasn’t interested inexcited about, or found the race to be compelling

Steve Bullock is in this race for Chuck Schumer. He is not in this race for Montana.

Once again, the Democrat Party leaders got their way with their candidate of choice here in Montana. But if the past is any indication, this won’t end up going as they think.

Montanans deserve a U.S. Senator who is running to serve them – not Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama.


Schumer’s New Puppet: Governor Steve Bullock


Montana Republican Party
Schumer’s New Puppet: Governor Steve Bullock

Chuck Schumer is having a great day. He just gained a new puppet in Gov. Steve Bullock.After months and months of denying interest in running for the Senate, as soon as Chuck Schumer got involved, Bullock changed his mind.

He was forced into a race he wasn’t interested inexcited about, or found to be compelling

All it took Schumer was one trip to Montana to bully Bullock into getting in line and reporting to him.

Let’s be clear, Steve Bullock does not report to Montana. Steve Bullock reports to Chuck Schumer.

When it comes to impeaching and removing Trumpbanning semi-automatic weaponssanctuary citiesthe Iran Deal, and a carbon tax, Bullock stands with Schumer and not with Montanans.

Montanans should know they can’t trust Governor Bullock.

Click HERE to download video




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Montana Republican Party Releases Statement on Bullock Senate Run


Montana Republican Party
March 9th, 2020

Montana Republican Party Releases Statement on Bullock Senate Run

The Montana Republican Party released the following statement after Gov. Bullock formally announced he was running for U.S. Senate after months of adamant denials and consistent statements that he was not going to run:

“Governor Bullock is nothing more than Chuck Schumer’s puppet. If it only took one trip to Montana to bully him into running for Senate, can you imagine how easy it will be to get Bullock to vote for the Democrats’ socialist agenda,” said Spenser Merwin, Executive Director of the Montana Republican Party.

“When you look at his record, it’s clear that Bullock has moved further to the left with his support of a semi-automatic weapons ban, the Iran Deal, carbon tax, sanctuary cities, and wanting President Trump impeached and removed from office. Bullock’s in this race to please Chuck Schumer-not to serve the people of Montana.”

Bullock entered the U.S. Senate race after making previous statements that being a U.S. Senator “doesn’t interest him,” he “wouldn’t enjoy it,” and he wouldn’t find it “that compelling.”


February 2018
Bullock: “Candidly, I Just Don’t Know If I Would Find Being A Senator That Compelling.” “Asked about the other 2020 option that many expect him to select – running for the Senate against Republican incumbent Steve Daines – he sounded considerably less enthusiastic. ‘I’ve been attorney general, and governor. I’m used to doing things, getting things done,’ he said. ‘I look at the things we’ve been able to get accomplished, even with three Republican-led Legislatures. We have gotten 91,000 more Montanans health care. We’ve gotten to where 85 percent of Montana schools have fiber connections. Things like that are tangible. ‘Candidly, I just don’t know if I would find being a senator that compelling.'” (David McCumber, “Bullock: 2020 presidential talk is early but interesting. Senate? Not so much,” Montana Standard, 2/7/18)

November 2018
Bullock: “I’ve Said Earlier [The Senate] Really Doesn’t Interest Me… But – Well, No. I Won’t Even Say ‘But.'” “Sen. Jon Tester’s (D-Mont.) 2018 reelection in Montana suggests Democrats could compete against GOP Sen. Steve Daines in 2020, and Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock – who is considering a presidential bid – could be a formidable foe. But it would require serious arm-twisting from Democrats to get him to jump in. ‘I’ve said earlier that really doesn’t interest me,’ Bullock said in an interview. ‘But – well, no. I won’t even say ‘but.”” (James Arkin, “Democrats face Trump-state gauntlet to take Senate in 2020,” Politico, 11/28/18)

March 2019
Bullock: “I’ve Expressed All Along [That] I Just Don’t Have An Interest In Running For U.S. Senate… I Think That My Skill Set, And What I’ve Done, I Just Wouldn’t Enjoy It, So I’d Ruled It Out.” “Bullock acknowledged that some in his party have urged him to challenge Daines, but he thinks there are other Democrats who could take that seat. Besides, he says, he doesn’t want that job. ‘I’ve expressed all along [that] I just don’t have an interest in running for U.S. Senate,’ Bullock said. ‘I think that my skill set, and what I’ve done, I just wouldn’t enjoy it, so I’d ruled it out.'” (John S. Adams, “MT Lowdown Podcast: Gov. Steve Bullock looks back on his political career, discusses legislative priorities, and discusses 2020,” Montana Free Press, 3/12/19)

May 2019
Bullock: “I Was Never Going To Run For The Senate… Never Been A Legislator And Have Great Respect For The Senators, But This Is Something That Never Really Got Me Excited.” “Bullock: ‘You know, Rachel, this wasn’t an either/or. Like I was never going to run for the Senate… And I do think that I have both the skills and abilities as an executive to bridge some divides. That’s the kind of work that I’ve always done… Never been a legislator and have great respect for the senators, but this is something that never really got me excited.'” (“Bullock brings voice of rural voters to Democratic 2020 race,” MSNBC, 5/15/19)





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