Acquittal Verdict Ends Impeachment; Democrats Continue Crusade Against President Trump

HELENA – The Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement after the Senate put an end to the partisan impeachment trial: 

“Montanans have overwhelmingly opposed this partisan impeachment process and we are grateful the Senate ruled in favor of President Trump as his only crime was winning the 2016 election,” said MTGOP Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “While leaders of the Democrat Party destroy Presidential speeches and boycott American success stories during the State of Union, Republicans remain focused on advancing President Trump’s America First agenda and supporting the policies that generate more job openings and higher wages for everyday Americans.”



“California Kathleen” Williams: Avoiding “Toxic” Issues to run for Congress

HELENA – Congressional Candidate Kathleen Williams has routinely sidestepped Montanans when asked about the partisan impeachment of President Trump.

While Williams’ primary opponent has expressly supported removing President Trump from office, she has publicly refused to be honest with Montanans for fear of disappointing her radical liberal donor base.

Much worse, however, is that she will not be honest with the strong majority of Montanans that stand in support of the President.

We have long known Williams is in lockstep with the Socialist Democrats and their desire to remove President Trump from office, but her own words solidify what we’ve known all along: she is too extreme for Montana AND she does not want them to know the truth.

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California Kathleen’s support for “getting the articles of impeachment to the Senate,” is not nearly as offensive as her interest in avoiding a  “toxic” issue that would get in the way of her “ability to reach independents or moderate Republicans.”

This political double-speak cements Kathleen Williams as nothing more than a professional politician that does not want voters to know the truth: that she is just another vote in favor of the Radical Left.

Montanans deserve better than double-speak, and they deserve better than Kathleen Williams.


Leading Montana Democrat Candidate for Governor Supports Impeachment

We know mainstream Democrats are obsessed with impeachment.

But in Montana, Democrat politicians are doing their best to avoid talking about it. Why?

Because they have to appease a radical base that wants to remove the President from office and they don’t want the public to know.

By dodging direct questions, giving wordy answers, and hoping no one is listening they try to have it both ways; support impeaching a President to satisfy an extreme position of the Radical Left AND avoid alienating the Montanans who helped secure the President’s hisotric 2016 victory.

Just listen to Lt. Governor Mike Cooney, a fellow boys club member whom Bullock & Tester endorsed over out-of-state favorite, Whitney Williams, discuss his views on impeachment.

We need your help now to show that Montanans stand with President Trump.

Join us and help us fight back against the Radical Democrat Party and end this impeachment obsession once and for all!

Partisan House Vote Sends Articles of Impeachment to Senate for Trial

HELENA – The Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement after House Democrats voted to put President Trump on trial in the Senate for winning the the 2016 Presidential election:

“The partisan House vote to put President Trump on trial is yet another reminder of why Montanans need to reelect a Conservative to Montana’s Congressional seat and retire Nancy Pelosi as Speaker,” said MTGOP Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “Democrat candidates seeking Montana’s Congressional seat have all but pledged their loyalty to Nancy Pelosi and her attempt to overthrow the President of the United States despite the continued success of this administration for every day Americans. Hardworking Montanans do not want their next Representative to be another vote in support of the Radical Left and its obsession with opposing President Trump, and their voice will be heard loud and clear this November.”



Gubernatorial Race: Republican Candidates Outraised Democrats nearly 4:1 in Montana

HELENA – Gubernatorial candidate Whitney Williams’ recent campaign finance disclosure with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices revealed the principal concern among Montana Democrats; Whitney Williams is supported by out of state liberal interests, not Montanans.

While Williams outraised all of her primary opponents with over $430,000 dollars in the fourth quarter, not even 25 percent of that support came from individuals that actually live in the state she is hoping to govern. With prominent liberal figures like Hollywood actors, directors, and producers, as well as Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff bankrolling her campaign, Montana Democrats are right to raise concerns about Williams’ electability in Montana now that she is viewed as a potential alternative to Governor Bullock’s preferred successor, career bureaucrat and fellow boys club member, Lt. Governor Mike Cooney.

With Republican Gubernatorial candidates receiving over 75 percent of their contributions from Montanans, some progressive activists have expressed frustration with William’s campaign knowing that the source of donations is incredibly important when vying for Montana’s Governorship.

Even worse news for Montana Democrats, however, is the overall enthusiasm behind Republicans running to change the culture of our state’s Executive Branch and the direction of our great state. Of the nearly $2.4 million in campaign contributions from Montanans in the race to be the next Montana Governor, over $1.8 million is behind Republican candidates.

With Republicans outraising their Democrat opponents by nearly a 4:1 margin in Montana, it is clear that Montanans are enthusiastically behind a potential Republican nominee while out of state liberal interests are needed to prop up a leading Democrat’s campaign.

Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt: Candidate Filing Exciting for Republicans; Reckoning for Democrats

HELENA – Chairman of the Montana Republican Party, Don “K” Kaltschmidt, released the following statement today after candidate filing began for the 2020 election.

“The embrace of socialism by the New Democrat Party and the Radical Left has alienated Democrat candidates from Montanans more than ever before. And after years of higher tax proposals, bloated government agencies, and an aversion to fiscal sanity in Helena, Montanans are grateful to have an opportunity to vote for individual liberty, the Second amendment, economic opportunity, and fiscal responsibility once again. With so many strong Republican candidates running to be a voice for our Montana values, today’s filing is an exciting day for Montana.”



Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt: House Vote to Impeach President Trump an Embarrassment

HELENA – The Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement after House Democrats voted to impeach President Trump for winning the 2016 Presidential election:

“While today’s vote marks the third time in our history that Congress impeached a sitting President, it is the first time that a President’s only crime was winning an election” said Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “Democrats’ obsession with impeachment started the day after the 2016 election, and Montanans know the House Democrats’ manufactured effort to remove our President is just another attempt to rob Montanans of an opportunity to proudly cast their votes in favor of his reelection. Today’s embarrassing vote is yet another reminder of why Montanans need to reelect a Conservative to Montana’s Congressional seat and retire Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.



Impeachment Statement from MTGOP Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt

HELENA – Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt today released the following statement after Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that House Democrats will continue their efforts to nullify the 2016 Presidential election:

“The Democrats’ obsession with removing President Trump from office by any means necessary is precisely why we need to elect a Conservative to Montana’s Congressional seat and retire Nancy Pelosi as Speaker” said Chairman Don “K” Katlschmidt. “Rather than kowtowing to the Radical Left and trying to negate the 63 million votes that elected the President, Democrats should join their Republican colleagues in rejecting this manufactured witch-hunt and get to work on issues that will actually better the lives of everyday Americans.”


MTGOP Endorses U.S. Senator Steve Daines’ Reelection

HELENA – The Montana Republican Party endorsed United States Senator Steve Daines’ (R-MT) reelection campaign during an Executive Board meeting on Tuesday.

Montana Republican Party Chairman, Don “K” Kaltschmidt, released the following statement after the Party invoked RNC Rule No. 11 to support Senator Daines’ reelection effort:

“Since serving in the U.S. Senate, Senator Steve Daines has been a strong voice for Montana and worked closely with President Trump to protect our Montana values,” said Chairman Don “K” Katlschmidt. “The Montana Republican Party is extremely proud to endorse his re-election because of his unwavering support to protect our Second Amendment Rights and outdoor heritage, confirm constitutional judges, cut taxes and create jobs, and secure our borders. We are grateful to have him represent our Montana way of life and know he will continue to work with President Trump to Keep America Great!”



MTGOP Statement on Bullock’s Decision to Suspend Presidential Campaign

Montana Republican Party Chairman, Don “K” Kaltschmidt, released the following statement after Governor Steve Bullock announced he will suspend his campaign for President of the United States:

“Despite Governor Bullock’s support for universal background checks, gun bans, sanctuary cities, open borders, and calling for the impeachment of President Trump, Governor Bullock consistently polled at zero percent and never gained any substantial support in his quest for the Presidency. While Governor Bullock will no longer be spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on his campaign for President, Bullock’s march to the left on every major issue should long be remembered.”


Kathleen Williams: Silence for 64 Days and Counting

It has been 64 days since Speaker Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, and 26 days since the Democrats voted to formalize its witch-hunt despite bipartisan opposition.

The consequences of this action were seen in the last 14 days, where 12 witnesses consumed more than 30 hours of lawmakers’ time over the course of five public hearings.

It is clear the partisan appetite to overthrow the President on the Left is so high that just about every Democrat Presidential Candidate, including Governor Steve Bullock, is in support of impeachment. However, Montanans still do not know where Congressional Candidate Kathleen Williams stands on this issue.

With an expected hearing in the Judiciary Committee next week, Montanans deserve to know how candidates for Montana’s at-large Congressional seat would vote should he or she be Montana’s lone voice in the House of Representatives.

Fellow Democrat candidate Rep. Tom Winter (HD-96 ) immediately agreed with Speaker Pelosi on the need to impeach the President, yet 64 days later Williams continues to remain silent amidst this partisan effort.

Montanans need to know if Kathleen Williams would side with Nancy Pelosi and Radical Democrats, or whether she would oppose this charade and work to pass legislation like the USMCA Trade Agreement on behalf of Montana’s farmers and ranchers.

The Montana Republican Party believes this process has been a political stunt from the beginning, and Kathleen Williams’ 64 days of silence on this issue should not be ignored.

MTGOP Endorses Fiscal Sanity, Montana Values in Billings City Council Races

HELENA – The Montana Republican Party endorsed five candidates for City Council Races in Billings on Wednesday following special interest group attempts to elect radically liberal candidates. Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement in support of candidates John Armstrong (Ward 1), Incumbent Roy Neese (Ward 2), Aldo Rowe (Ward 3), Pam Purinton (Ward 4), and Mike Boyette (Ward 5):

“With election day only days away and Democrat Socialists on the ballot it is important that we stand up for fiscal responsibility and strong advocates for Billings,” said Kaltschmidt. “That is why the MTGOP is announcing its support for candidates that will keep Billings safe, balance the city budget, and say no to higher taxes. John, Roy, Aldo, Pam and Mike will always work for their neighbors and stand up for Billings Values.”

The Montana Republican Party communicated endorsements with a call to voters from Chairman Don “K” and a significant independent expenditure in local media urging Billings residents to support balanced budgets and lower taxes.