Bullock’s Dark Money Ad Blitz Begins

The sky’s the limit when it comes to how much Super PAC and dark money will pour into Montana to benefit Governor Bullock’s campaign this year.

A $3 million dark money ad blitz began today from Chuck Schumer’s dark money group, Majority Forward, to falsely attacking Senator Daines. Chuck Schumer will spare no expense to get Bullock across the finish line in his desire to take back the Senate majority.

This comes on the heels of a dark money group shamefully politicizing the coronavirus to boost Governor Bullock’s campaign – to the tune of $250,000. In addition, Schumer’s SuperPAC is spending $700,000 in Montana right now to prop up Bullock’s campaign.

The hypocrisy of all of this is watching to Bullock parade around “railing” against dark money and Super PAC spending in our elections, when he’s benefitting from it himself:

  • Bullock says his one big idea is “ending dark money spending in our elections.”
  • NPR: Steve Bullock Vows To Disentangle ‘Dark Money’ From Politics
  • Bullock says we must “rid our system of the corrupting influence of dark money.”
  • During his failed presidential run, Bullock blasted Joe Biden for having his own SuperPAC even though Bullock has his very own SuperPAC to boost his Senate campaign.

Enough is enough. It’s time to put an end to Governor Bullock’s hypocrisy on this issue – he must be held accountable.

MTGOP Releases Statement on Matt Rosendale’s Victory

MTGOP Releases Statement on Matt Rosendale’s Victory

Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement tonight after Matt Rosendale secured the Republican nomination for Montana’s At-large Congressional district:

“Matt Rosendale is a proven business leader and as State Auditor has proven his effectiveness at cutting spending, working to increase Montanans’ access to healthcare while lowering health insurance premiums, and tirelessly fighting against burdensome government regulations facing Montana businesses. We can count on Matt to deliver us the same results in Congress, all while standing up for our Montana values and working with President Trump to Keep America Great.”

“In sharp contrast, Rosendale’s opponent – California-born, Berkeley-raised socialist Kathleen Williams – would only cater to her Democrat elite donors and do the radical left’s bidding to try to remove President Trump from Office.

“Matt Rosendale is the voice Montana needs representing us in Congress, and we look forward to keeping this seat in Republican hands this November.”


MTGOP Releases Statement on Greg Gianforte’s Victory

MTGOP Releases Statement on Greg Gianforte’s Victory

Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement tonight after Congressman Gianforte secured the Republican nomination for Governor of Montana:

“Greg Gianforte is a proven business leader and job creator, a principled conservative, and the executive that we need in our next governor. As we recover from our state’s virus shutdown, Greg is uniquely qualified to get our economy going again and get Montanans back to work. Following 16 years of tax-and-spend ideology and a growing bureaucracy in Helena, Montanans are excited to bring Greg Gianforte’s leadership and experience to the governor’s office to put our state government back to work for the people.”

“The choice for Montanans this November couldn’t be clearer: a successful businessman and strong conservative in Greg Gianforte, or a career politician and bureaucrat in Mike Cooney who’s been running for office since 1976. He’s spent his life fighting for big government, for higher taxes, and against Montana small businesses and job creators.”

“Greg Gianforte will secure a brighter, stronger future for Montana as our next governor, and we’ll work hard for his victory this November.”


MTGOP Releases Statement on Steve Daines’ Victory

MTGOP Releases Statement on Steve Daines’ Victory

Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement tonight after Steve Daines secured the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate:

“Steve Daines has been a strong champion and defender of our Montana values in Washington, D.C. Montanans know they can trust him to always listen and protect our way of life.”

“The choice facing Montanans this November couldn’t be more clear: Steve Daines stands with President Trump and puts Montana First while Steve Bullock stands with Chuck Schumer and embraces more and more of the Radical Democrat agenda of gun bans, open borders and sanctuary cities, and impeaching and removing President Trump from office.”

“Steve Daines is the fighter Montana needs in the U.S. Senate, and we look forward to his strong victory this November.”


Whitney Williams’ Dark Money Hypocrisy

Former Clinton operative Whitney Williams’ hypocrisy on ‘dark money’ is just the latest development in her campaign to move from Seattle into the Governor’s mansion in Helena.

In a new video released by the Montana Republican Party, Williams is exposed for her hypocrisy on dark money spending in elections. It looks like Governor Bullock isn’t the only one!


In the April 2020 clip, Williams unequivocally condemns this money and asserts that “we will not stand for it.” Yet Williams has a dark money group, EMILY’s List, in her back pocket right now spending $700,000 to get her across the finish line.

If Williams can’t be taken at her word, then how can she be trusted with the responsibility of governing Montana?

Millions in Dark Money for Bullock

BREAKING NEWS: Chuck Schumer’s dark money group, Majority Forward, is investing $3 million in Montana to boost Steve Bullock’s campaign.

Schumer is sparing no expense to help Bullock win this race – because he knows Bullock will be a loyal vote for him in the U.S. Senate.

The hypocrisy here is outstanding… Bullock has no problem touting his fight against dark money in our elections, but then refuses to condemn it now that it benefits his campaign.

And you wonder how he got the name ‘Both Ways Bullock!’ 

The elephant in the room needs to be addressed: Will Bullock condemn this dark money and demand it be pulled from Montana, or has this $3 million in dark money bought his silence? 

Biden, Bullock will crush Keystone XL

Joe Biden vowed this week to crush the Keystone XL Pipeline project if elected President this November.

This would deal a devastating blow to Montana communities who are relying on the project for critical tax revenue, as well as Montana workers who are relying on the project for good-paying jobs.

While we don’t expect Biden to stand up for Montana workers, we do expect Montana’s political leaders to… but this is now even too tall an order for Governor Bullock. 

It wasn’t long ago that Bullock proudly touted his early and strong support for the Keystone XL Pipeline… BUT then pulled a complete 180 during his presidential run and revealed his true liberal colors, saying the Keystone pipeline should not “go forward.”

And get this – Bullock even supported the liberal activist judge who is now delaying construction of the Keystone pipeline.

It’s clear that once again Bullock is eager to appease his liberal base rather than fight for working Montanans and get this job-creating project done for Montana and America.

Bottom line: Montana cannot afford to elect Steve Bullock to the U.S. Senate. We need to re-elect Senator Daines because he’s always there fighting for Montanans, our way of life, and making true on his campaign promise of “More Jobs, Less Government.” 

MTGOP Files Ethics Complaint Against Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney

HELENA, Mont. – The Montana Republican Party today filed an official ethics complaint against Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney after Cooney admitted to using taxpayer resources for campaign purposes.

Executive Director Spenser Merwin filed the complaint with the state’s Commissioner of Political Practices, who is charged with enforcing state ethics laws.

The complaint follows Cooney’s admission that he illegally used the Lieutenant Governor’s office to participate in a campaign strategy call with the Democratic Governors’ Association on April 13th. Using state resources for campaign purposes is illegal in Montana.

“Lieutenant Governor Cooney must be held accountable for breaching the public’s trust through his blatant use of taxpayer resources to advance his own political ambitions. This violation brings into serious question whether Montanans can trust Cooney with the responsibility and privilege of governing our state,” said Executive Director Merwin.

Lt. Governor Mike Cooney’s defense that this violation is an “isolated incident” is weak at best as he was previously accused of using state resources for campaign purposes in 2002.

You can view the full complaint HERE

California Kathleen is Another Vote for Pelosi’s Wasteful Spending

HELENA, Mont – Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional Democrats proposed a new 1,815 page Coronavirus relief bill that is nothing more than a wish list for liberal special interests ahead of the 2020 election. The legislation includes unrelated and far-left priorities such as immigration and election law mandates, and funding for Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities.

The Montana Republican Party issued the following statement from Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt in response to this new legislation:

“The so-called “HEROES Act” is only the latest example of how out of touch the Democratic brass is with the American people and another reminder of how critical it is that Montana’s House seat remain in Republican hands,” said Chairman Kaltschmidt. “Montanans do not want their lone voice in the House of Representatives to be in lock-step with Nancy Pelosi’s agenda – and recent history shows that San Francisco-born, Berkeley-educated Kathleen Williams would follow orders from Pelosi rather than those she seeks to represent.”

“The last thing Montana needs during this time of economic hardship is corrupt extremists like Nancy and Kathleen Williams diverting taxpayer dollars to fulfill the wishes of the liberal donors and special interest groups bankrolling their campaigns.” 

MTGOP Condemns Baucus’ Comparison of Trump to Hitler, Calls on Bullock & Tester to Denounce the Egregious Remarks

May 7, 2020

HELENA, Mont. – In an interview on CNN last night, former U.S. Ambassador to China and U.S. Senator for Montana, Max Baucus, compared the Trump Administration’s strong stance on China in the wake of the Coronavirus, to that of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

To draw the comparison between Trump’s strong stance on China to that of Hitler’s Nazi Germany is not just outrageous, but disparaging to the millions of victims, their families, and communities that lost lives in the Holocaust. Baucus should be ashamed, and Montana’s two Democratic elected leaders, Governor Bullock and Senator Tester, should condemn this outrageous statement.

“Ambassador Baucus drew an egregious comparison last night, likening President Trump’s response to China’s deadly cover-up of the Coronavirus to Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Both Governor Bullock and Senator Tester should condemn this indefensible statement and Ambassador Baucus should apologize for making such appalling and beyond inappropriate remarks,” said MTGOP Executive Director Spenser Merwin.

Watch the interview HERE.


MTGOP Issues Statement on Hillary Clinton’s Endorsement of Whitney Williams

HELENA, Mont. – The Montana Republican Party issued the following statement in response to Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of Whitney Williams for Governor:

“Montanans rejected Hillary Clinton’s bid for the Presidency by more than 20 points to President Trump in 2016 – one of the largest margins in the country – and her endorsement of Whitney Williams for Governor demonstrates how out of touch Ms. Williams is with the state she hopes to govern,” said MTGOP Executive Director Spenser Merwin. “Montanans have shown little interest in placing their trust in someone like former Secretary Clinton, and Whitney Williams’ touting of this endorsement only further displays that she is far more connected to the liberal elites than the Montanans she hopes to serve.”

Higher Paying Jobs an Afterthought for Dems in Gubernatorial Debate

HELENA, Mont – The Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement after Montana Democrat Gubernatorial candidates, Whitney Williams and Mike Cooney, debated on Saturday.

“With our economy reeling from Coronavirus-related restrictions, Montana needs a Governor that prioritizes economic growth and job creation,” said Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “But when Democratic hopefuls Whitney Williams and Mike Cooney were asked on Saturday how they would address low wages in comparison to growing property prices, both candidates failed to even mention the importance of higher-paying jobs when it comes to combating Montana’s exorbitant property costs.

A strong Montana economy that creates good-paying Montana jobs isn’t an afterthought for Republicans – it is a top priority. When we emerge from this crisis, we will need an efficient government in Helena to stimulate our economy’s growth and bring innovative ideas to the table to create jobs – not more government programs. After years of an aversion to fiscal sanity in Helena and a lack of creativity in creating good paying Montana jobs, Montanans are ready for – and deserve – a Republican Governor to help us recover from COVID-19 and create a more prosperous future.

The ideas we saw from Democratic gubernatorial candidates on Saturday signaled more of the same: more government and more regulation.”