Kathleen Williams’ Anti-Vet Record

Here in Montana, we are fortunate to have one of the highest populations of veterans per capita in the Nation. As such, it’s imperative that our elected representatives have a strong track record of standing with our veterans and our servicemen and women.

Democrat Kathleen Williams’ record shows the opposite:

  • In 2013, Kathleen was one of nine legislators who voted against HB 153, a tax credit for businesses who hire unemployed and disabled veterans.
  • In 2013, Kathleen voted against HB 579, a bill to establish a task force to protect military jobs in Montana.
  • In 2015, Kathleen voted against HB 322, a bill which would have created education savings accounts for, among other classes, the children of service members and deceased veterans.
  • In 2018 during a Democrat primary debate, Kathleen declared her opposition to the FY18 National Defense Authorization Act, which included the largest pay raise for our troops in a decade.

Our next representative in Congress must support and defend our veterans and those that wear our Country’s uniform, and if the past is any indication, Kathleen Williams isn’t up for the job.

BREAKING: Lt. Gov. Cooney Receives Maximum Penalty for Violating Montana’s Code of Ethics

HELENA, Mont. – The Office of the Commissioner of Political Practices today found Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney in violation of Montana’s Code of Ethics for using taxpayer resources for campaign purposes, imposing the maximum penalty on the Lieutenant Governor for violating the public trust.

As written in the decision:

Mr. Cooney improperly used State facilities, specifically the Lieutenant Governor’s Capitol office, to participate in political Democratic Governors Association conference call in support of his candidacy for public office in violation of Mont. Code. Ann. § 2-2-121(3)(a).

The Montana Republican Party issued the following statement in response to the Commissioner’s findings:

“As a career politician with 44 years in government, Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney should understand the obligations of public office better than anyone; instead, he is now facing the maximum penalty for the illegal use of government property to advance his own political career,” said Executive Director Spenser Merwin. “When Lieutenant Governor Cooney was supposed to be working for the people of Montana, he was using taxpayer resources to strategize with the out-of-state liberals that are bankrolling his campaign. The Lieutenant Governor simply cannot be trusted to put the interests of Montanans ahead of his own.”  

The decision was made in response to a complaint filed by the Montana Republican Party on May 19, 2020 regarding this offense.

You can view the Commissioner’s decision HERE.


Democrats Dodge ‘Defunding the Police’

HELENA, Mont. – The left’s movement to ‘defund the police’ is taking hold across the country, and Montana is no exception.

Last week, the Bozeman City Commission diverted $61,000 intended for a new police cruiser at the Bozeman Police Department towards citywide anti-discrimination training. And just yesterday, the Helena City Commission announced their plan to defund the Helena Police Department by $300,000.

While Montana’s Republican nominees have come out to Back the Blue and have denounced calls to ‘defund the police,’ Montana Democrats have dodged the issue and remained silent. The contrast between nominees could not be clearer:

SEN. STEVE DAINES in a statement“The safety of our community should not be political – we should fully fund the Helena Police Department and support our law enforcement.”

CON. GREG GIANFORTE in a statement“I will oppose any and all efforts to defund and abolish law enforcement.”

MATT ROSENDALE in a statement“I strongly oppose efforts to abolish, defund, or take resources away from law enforcement.”

AUSTIN KNUDSEN in a statement“[‘Defund the police’] is not only foolish, it’s dangerous. Montana is experiencing a steep increase in violent crime – up 36% since 2013… Reducing law enforcement presence in Montana is the last thing we should be doing.”

Montana law enforcement officers and their families have been left high and dry by every candidate at the top of the ticket for the Democratic Party.

This issue can no longer be ignored by the Democrats – Montanans deserve to know where each and every candidate stands.

Tester, Bullock Support D.C. Statehood

On Friday, the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill supporting statehood for Washington, D.C.

This came as welcome news to Montana’s own Senator Jon Tester, who co-sponsored a bill in the Senate supporting D.C. statehood earlier this month.

This catastrophic proposition being pushed by Democrats is also championed by Governor Steve Bullock, who threw his support behind making D.C. the 51st state during his run for president.

If this bill passes, Montana will lose tremendous power in Congress. It will also set in motion a series of events that the Democrats could only dream of…

  • The Democrats will gain two new Senate seats – helping them take back the majority.
  • With a new majority, Democrats will push for statehood for Puerto Rico, adding 2 more guaranteed Democratic seats to their ranks – this would give them a total of 4 liberal Senate seats that would alter the trajectory of our country forever.
  • If they get their way, the Democrats would have a firm majority hold on the U.S. Senate, where they’d be able to pack the Supreme Court with radical activist judges and impose their socialist vision for America on our country.

This is no idle threat. This is a reality that could actually unfold, and most concerning of all is that it’s being championed TODAY by the two top leaders of the Montana Democratic Party – Steve Bullock and Jon Tester.

It’s why we absolutely have to re-elect Senator Daines this November and protect our Republican U.S. Senate majority.

We can’t let the Democrats take permanent control of the U.S. Senate and decide the future of the Supreme Court. Steve Bullock will NOT put the interests of Montanans first in the Senate and he must be defeated on November 3rd.

Governor Bullock Violates Hatch Act, Montana Ethics Laws in Ads

HELENA, Mont. – In one swoop, Governor Bullock violated both the Hatch Act and Montana ethics laws in two of his newest campaign ads.

The ads, which both feature the photo below, put four members of military at risk for unknowingly violating the Hatch Act. It also implicates the Governor yet again for using official resources to prop up his campaign by repurposing this official photo, taken by official staff, on official time, in his campaign for U.S. Senate.

Bullock violates Hatch Act

According to DOD Directive 1344.10, “Members on active duty may not participate in partisan activities such as soliciting or engaging in partisan fundraiser activities, serving as the sponsor of a partisan club, or speaking before a partisan gathering. In addition, all military members, including National Guard and Reserve forces, are prohibited from wearing military uniforms at political campaign events.”

Steve Bullock’s selfish and repeated use of this photo puts each of these military members at risk by using them as political props without their knowing.

On top of that, Bullock’s use of this photo, which was included in an official press release on May 15, 2020, is in clear violation of Montana ethics laws which states that a “public employee may not use public time, facilities, equipment, supplies, personnel, or funds for private business purposes unless authorized by law or incidental to another lawful activity.”

What was Steve Bullock thinking – including this photo in his campaign for U.S. Senate not once, but twice? Bullock is playing fast-and-loose with the rules and hoping no one notices.


Graybill Silent on Attacks Against Montana Law Enforcement

HELENA, Mont. – As the movement to ‘defund the police’ becomes mainstream, and as reports emerge about attacks against Montana’s law enforcement officers and their families, Democratic candidate for Attorney General Raph Graybill continues to remain silent.

The Montana Republican Party released the following statement in response:

“As a candidate for the top law enforcement officer position in Montana, it is inexplicable that Raph Graybill refuses to condemn attacks against Montana’s law enforcement professionals,” said Executive Director Spenser Merwin. “Graybill’s silence is a slap in the face to the Montanans that protect and serve our communities every single day, and anything short of a full condemnation of these attacks is an affront to the safety and wellbeing of the law enforcement professionals whom he hopes to oversee.” 

This isn’t the first issue that Graybill has skirted to appease the far-left.

Earlier this month, Graybill refused to condemn fellow liberal – Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey – for her comments urging the burning of America.

In sharp contrast, Republican candidate for Attorney General Austin Knudsen continues to express his strong support for Montana’s local, state, tribal and federal law enforcement who he works with to protect and serve communities on a daily basis as a County Prosecutor. He has also publicly denounced the ‘defund the police’ movement as foolish.

The question remains – Will Graybill continue to cower in silence to appease liberal special interests at the expense of our law enforcement, or is he just anti-police?



Kathleen Williams Roots Against our Economic Recovery

As our country begins to ramp up its economic recovery, California Kathleen Williams has revealed once again how out of touch she is with the needs of Montana’s small businesses, their employees, and retirees who are trying to get back up on their feet.

After months of Montanans suffering amid job losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, California Kathleen is doubling-down on her Berkeley–born philosophy to root against America’s economic recovery – refusing to acknowledge that the Trump Administration’s pro-business policies which she fervently opposes are paying off for Montanans.

Kathleen Williams tweet

California Kathleen’s commitment to liberal extremism should come as no surprise.

In the state legislature, she forged a job-killing, anti-business record that would even make Bernie Sanders blush.

From her support of new regulations on farmers and small businesses to her support of millions in new taxes and fees—it’s clear that California Kathleen’s extreme agenda would not just put our economic recovery in jeopardy, but lead to massive job loss and economic stagnation.

Despite job and retail sales numbers rising, folks getting back to work, and small businesses reopening, California Kathleen would rather lament this positive news for our state and openly crusade against President Trump’s economic recovery to appease the liberal elites bankrolling her campaign.

Montana cannot afford California Kathleen’s extremism.

BREAKING: $200k Dark Money Ad-Blitz for Hypocritical Cooney

HELENA, Mont. – Democratic Governors Association-backed Super PAC, Good Jobs Montana, is investing $200,000 in Montana’s gubernatorial race to boost career bureaucrat Mike Cooney’s campaign.

Cooney is the first candidate in the gubernatorial race to have big outside money supporting his campaign, despite making an explicit commitment against outside spending in this very election nine months ago to the day.

Last October, Cooney railed against outside spending in Montana’s elections, going so far as to call for his opponents to take pledges to limit outside spending in the gubernatorial race. Even if other Democratic gubernatorial candidates didn’t sign the pledge, Cooney committed – at the time – to “follow the conditions” regardless.

The Montana Republican Party issued the following statement in response to Lieutenant Governor Cooney’s blatant hypocrisy:

“In a matter of nine months, Lieutenant Governor Cooney has gone from promising to keep outside money away from this election, to welcoming a $200k dark money ad-blitz to boost his cash-strapped campaign,” said Executive Director Spenser Merwin. “It is now clear that Cooney’s pledge against outside spending and dark money was nothing more than political theatre, calling into serious question whether Cooney can be taken at his word in his campaign to be Montana’s next governor.” 


Bullock’s False New Ad

Governor Steve Bullock is running his first TV-ad touting his run for U.S. Senate and right out-of-the gate he fumbles badly with one fake claim after another … that he won’t take orders from party bosses, and that he won’t take any money from corporate PACS.

Give us a break.

Bullock has a STRONG history of taking orders from party bosses … the ONLY reason he’s running for the U.S. Senate is because President Obama and Chuck Schumer told him to.

    • Remember … Beforeduring, and after Bullock’s failed and dismal presidential run, he vehemently denied having any interest – or the skillset – to run for the Senate.
    • Then following private meetings with President Obama and Chuck Schumer, Bullock was strong-armed into entering the race.

Bullock’s history on taking corporate PAC money is even worse…

Bullock tells Montanans he won’t take contributions from Corporate PACs yet he’s taken nearly $200,000 from Democratic Leadership PACs – which are funded by Corporate PAC Money.

Additionally, in 2020 alone, Bullock accepted nearly half a million dollars from CEOs and high-level executives from big corporations like Apple, Google, Disney, Uber, and more!

Bullock’s paying lip service to Montanans while he backdoors corporate PAC and executive money into his campaign and takes orders from Schumer and Obama.

Montanans deserve better.

RELEASE: Governor Bullock Stalling on COVID-19 Aid

HELENA, Mont. – More than two months after Montana received $1.25 billion thanks to Senator Daines, Congressman Gianforte, and President Trump, Governor Bullock has disbursed only 2.5% of that aid to Montanans.

As Montanans all across our state continue to lose their jobs, close their businesses, and face financial hardship, it’s clear this relief is badly needed. In fact, Montana is suffering the worst job loss per capita than any of our neighboring states, and Bullock’s delay in providing this relief to Montanans is further destroying our economy after months of being shut down.

The Montana Republican Party released the following statement today in response to Governor Bullock’s failure to prioritize relief to the people of Montana:

“Our Montana small businesses, workers, and families continue to suffer hardship while more than $1.2 billion in relief for Montanans is holed up in a bank account in Helena,” said MTGOP Executive Director Spenser Merwin. “Senator Daines, Congressman Gianforte, and President Trump provided critical emergency relief to our Country months ago yet Montanans are left waiting for Governor Bullock to act and deliver this support to those in need.”


Montana is suffering the worst job loss per capita in the Northern Rockies. (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Over 23% of Montana’s workforce filing for unemployment through May 30th, a number disproportionate to neighboring states:

  • 16.0% of Wyoming’s workforce filed for unemployment
  • 12.1% of South Dakota’s
  • 16.7% of North Dakota’s
  • 19.4% of Idaho’s

MTGOP Releases New Video: “Bureaucrat Cooney Bores Bullock to Sleep”

HELENA, Mont. – It’s safe to say that the enthusiasm for career bureaucrat Mike Cooney’s run for governor is low when his own boss, Governor Steve Bullock, is put to sleep at the prospect of a Governor Cooney.

In a video released by the Montana Republican Party today, Bullock is seen struggling to keep his eyes open while Cooney talks about his run for governor.

Bullock falls asleep.

Cooney, who first ran for office in Montana in 1976, is running to be Montana’s next governor after collecting over $1 million in salary from Montana taxpayers during a career in which he supported over $3 billion in government spending.

“While career politician and lifelong bureaucrat Mike Cooney’s vision fails to inspire his own party after 44 years in public office, Greg Gianforte’s campaign is rooted in optimism of what’s to come,” said MTGOP Communications Director Brooke Stroyke. “As a proven business leader and job creator, Greg is poised to help Montana tap into its full potential – garnering excitement for his campaign that the Montana Democrats envy and are trying desperately to contain.”


RELEASE: Raph Graybill Must Condemn Peer for Urging Burning of America

HELENA, Mont. – This week, amid riots nationwide and massive property destruction and loss of life, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey remarked, “America is burning. But that’s how forests grow.” As American cities burn and looters continue to infiltrate peaceful demonstrations to incite violence and destroy minority businesses, churches, and attack police officers, top Democrat Healey publicly urged the continued “burning” of America.

Raph Graybill has a duty, as a candidate for the top law enforcement officer position in Montana, to immediately condemn these incendiary comments. Maura Healey is Co-Chair of the Democratic Attorneys General Association, a liberal group that has endorsed Raph Graybill and will pour millions into his race this year. 

Will Raph Graybill condemn this inflammatory rhetoric? Or will he support his fellow liberal and condone lawlessness, inciting more division and destruction?