MTGOP Statement on Cooney’s Run for Governor

Chairman of the Montana Republican Party, Don “K,” released the following statement today after Lt. Governor Mike Cooney announced he will run for Governor in 2020:

Mike Cooney is the very definition of a bureaucrat and career politician, having been born in Washington D.C. and spending over 43 years of his life fighting for big government and even a sales tax in Montana. As we watch Gov. Bullock march further to the left by embracing universal background checks, gun bans, sanctuary cities and open borders, and job-killing policies that will shut down Colstrip, Mike Cooney faces the following choice: Will he follow in Bullock’s newfound liberal positions or run away from these far-left radical beliefs that threaten our liberties and Montana way of life.”


Tell Bullock: Stop Using Tax Dollars to Campaign for President!

Governor Bullock has blown over $300,000 of our hard-earned tax-dollars to pay for his campaign, fundraising, and electioneering activity.

That’s right – our tax dollars are being spent by Bullock in his campaign to be President.

Montana taxpayers shouldn’t be footing the bill to pay for Bullock’s security detail while he attends campaign events and fundraisers in Iowa, New Hampshire, and elsewhere. Don’t you agree?

Bullock’s security detail is there to provide protection for official state business – not campaign business.

If Bullock wants to ditch Montana, then Bullock is the one who should be paying the bill – not Montana taxpayers.

Join us and sign the petition to tell Governor Bullock that he should pay back Montanans for the over $300,000 he’s spent of our tax dollars to attend campaign events and raise money from lobbyists and special interest groups.

He’s not doing his job as Governor, and he’s sending us the bill to cover his campaign security costs.

It’s wrong. It’s illegal. And, Montanans deserve their money back.

Don “K” Elected New Chairman of the MTGOP

HELENA, Montana – The Montana Republican Party today announced that over the weekend at the State Officers’ Convention, Don “K” Kaltschmidt was elected as Chairman of the Montana Republican Party and Representative Lola Sheldon-Galloway was elected as Vice Chairman.

I’m honored to serve as the next Chairman of the Montana Republican Party. All my life, I’ve been supporting the conservative cause in Montana – and I’m looking forward to continuing to advance our cause as your next Chairman.”

With seven out of eight federal and statewide offices on the ballot next year, we have one goal to achieve: win every single one of our races. We’ll take the time to invest, recruit, and build a winning team so we’re ready to hit the ground running and win next November. By working together, we will grow conservative leadership across Montana from the local, state, and federal level, protect our Montana way of life, and defend liberty and freedom for all Montanans.”

I want to thank our outgoing Chairman, Debra Lamm, for the strong position she left the Party in. I appreciate her service and dedication to the Party over the last two years, and the great work she’s done to advance the conservative movement here in Montana.”

The Montana Republican Party’s State Officers’ Convention was held on Saturday, June 15th in Helena.

About Don K:

Don K is the owner of a car dealership in Whitefish, a U.S. marine, lifelong Republican, and a lifetime member of the NRA. Don has served as Finance Chair of the Flathead County Republican Central Committee (2016-present) and was a Montana Delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Don is a member of the Montana Auto Dealers Association (1990-present) and served as Director (2006-2013) and President (2009-2012). He’s also a member of the National Auto Dealers Association (1990-present) and served as a National Board member for Montana (2015-present).


The MIGHTY Steve Bullock: Cut from debate, polling at 0%, wasting our tax dollars

Bullock’s ego is so large that he has anointed himself the sole person in America who will not only be President Trump’s toughest challenger but the one who can defeat him in 2020.

We’re not exaggerating how high and mighty Bullock thinks of himself – just take a look at this headline…

San Fransico Chronicle headline

The only problem: Bullock’s registering 0% in the latest Iowa poll!

While 20 other candidates will have a seat at the debate, Bullock’s doing such a poor job running for president (no surprise there), he was dropped from participating in the first debate altogether.

Politico headline

This is more than a set-back for Bullock. The fact that he can’t even meet the minimum debate requirement – to register 1% in the polls – shows just how pathetic his run for president is going.

But, Bullock has become quite skilled in one area: Jet-setting across the country campaigning and raising gobs of money from lobbyists and special interests – all with Montana taxpayers footing the bill!

Earlier last week he flew off to California to mingle with the Hollywood elites. For the last several days he’s been back in Iowa – his third trip since announcing for president a few weeks ago – and it’s Montanans who are paying for his campaign security costs.

The bottom line: Bullock has no business running for president. It’s a fool’s errand. A pipe-dream. He’s so far out of his league it’s laughable – and yet he continues to waste hundreds of thousands of our hard-earned tax dollars to do so. We deserve better.

NOTICE: State Central Committee Meeting

Dear State Central Committee Members:

Our annual State Central Committee meeting will be held in conjunction with the Officers’ Convention as follows:

Saturday, June 15, 2019
Helena Great Northern Hotel
835 Great Northern Boulevard Helena, MT 59601
1:00 PM

A copy of the Agenda can be found here.

The Rules Committee has recommended amendments to the Bylaws for your consideration. A copy of the proposed changes with the rationale for them have been mailed and emailed to you.

A Credentials and Proxy form was included with your Call to Convention. If you have already submitted your credentials/proxy form, then you do not need to complete another one. It is good for both the Officers’ Convention and the State Central Committee meeting.

However, if you are attending only the State Central Committee meeting and have not yet provided your credentials, please complete the form and return it to the Montana Republican Party via email to

As with prior conventions, we recommend you bring a copy of your completed credential/proxy form with you to Convention. Remember, you MUST have a paid registration and pick up your badge at the Convention prior to Saturday, June 15th at 9 AM to be fully credentialed.

We look forward to seeing you in Helena.

In Liberty,

Chairman Signature.gif

Debra Lamm, Chairman
Montana Republican Party

Where’s Tester’s presidential endorsement? HINT: It’s a week late….

8 days ago, Senator Tester promised Montanans he’d endorse a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate in the next week (while once again declining to endorse Gov. Bullock’s run for President).

When Tester was asked if he would endorse his home-state Governor he responded with: “I’m going to be endorsing. I’ll tell you this, Margaret: It’s going to happen in the next week.”

Tester refuses to endorse

Well, last week has come and gone – and Tester has yet to utter a word about who he’s supporting for President in 2020.

Tester has so far shown little interest in backing Bullock’s long-shot presidential campaign. He even took a shot at Bullock for not having the fire in his belly nor the willingness to make the necessary sacrifices to run for the U.S. Senate seat.

Here’s what Tester had to say on Morning Joe a few weeks ago about Bullock’s run:

Well I will tell you that we need good people to run and we will have a good person to run in Montana, somebody that has a fire in their belly and willing to do the sacrifice needed to do to win a Senate seat… Look, Steve Bullock is a very good friend… He’s been a long time friend – and a good one. I’ve got a lot of good friends in this race cause there’s so many people running for president. And I would just tell you that I want to let things move out.”

Tester refuses to endorse

So, is Tester planning to snub Bullock on a presidential endorsement? We’ll just have to wait and see how much longer he drags this out…


Safe Travels to Iowa (On Our Dime)!

Welcome to Day 3! Our dedicated Governor Bullock arrives in Iowa today for a three-day swing through Des Moines, Newton, Independence, Dubuque, Maquoketa, Clinton, and Davenport.

You got that right – our Montana Governor arrives in Iowa today to chase his hopeless presidential dreams.

And while he jet-sets off to Iowa for his long-shot bid to challenge President Trump, many Montanans are asking (rightfully so) who exactly will govern Montana.

In addition to abandoning his job as Governor, he’s also leaving the Montana taxpayer to foot the bill for his executive protection while he’s out-of-state on the campaign trail.

Seriously – Every time Bullock leaves the state for a campaign event or fundraiser, or to rub shoulders and schmooze with lobbyists and liberal special interests at high-end dinners – the Montana taxpayer is picking up the tab for his executive protection.

And – it’s not a small amount either – we’ve already paid $309,420 in taxpayer dollars for Governor Bullock to campaign on our dime! And that number is only going to increase now that he’s officially running to defeat President Trump!

We deserve to know why the Montana taxpayer should have to swallow the cost of his executive protection when he’s out campaigning and not doing his job as Governor.

Tester Balks At Bullock’s Pres. Run, Refuses to Endorse

As Governor Bullock begins Day 2 of his pipe-dream to become President of the United States, he’s not off to a great start…

This morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Senator Jon Tester was asked about Gov. Bullock’s decision to take a pass on running for U.S. Senate, and whether he’d endorse Bullock for president.

First, Tester takes a swipe at Bullock for not running for the U.S. Senate and promises folks that they’d find a candidate who actually has ‘fire in their belly’ and was ‘willing to do the sacrifice needed to do to win a Senate seat.’ Ouch.

Sen. Tester: “Well I will tell you that we need good people to run and we will have a good person to run in Montana, somebody that has a fire in their belly and willing to do the sacrifice needed to do to win a Senate seat.”

Watch it all right here…
Tester refuses to endorse

Things got even more awkward when Tester said Bullock was a very ‘good friend’ but expressed no interest in backing his presidential run.

Sen. Tester: “Look, Steve Bullock is a very good friend … He’s been a long time friend – and a good one. I’ve got a lot of good friends in this race cause there’s so many people running for president. And I would just tell you that I want to let things move out. We’re 18 months before the election and like I said I’ve got to work with all these folks so hopefully we’ll get some policy done over the next 6-8 months, next year and a half, and help move the country forward.”

Yikes… Gov. Bullock can’t even get an endorsement from his good friend and home-state Senator Jon Tester – and they’re already looking for a real candidate who has fire in the belly for the 2020 U.S. Senate race! Did they forget about Wilmot Collins already?

Better luck with Day 3, Gov!

As Bullock Jets Off, Montana Taxpayers Foot the Bill

It’s official, Governor Bullock is ready to jet-set off to Iowa and New Hampshire in his bid to become the next President of the United States.

And, boy, does he have a sweetheart deal …

As Bullock travels to these early primary states and holds fundraisers across the nation, his security detail for his out-of-state campaign travel will be paid for by the Montana taxpayer – a total amount just shy of $300,000 this year alone.

This raises a simple question: Why should the Montana taxpayer be left on the hook to pay for Gov. Bullock’s security detail when he travels out-of-state for campaign purposes?

With at least five visits to Iowa and New Hampshire under his belt, the Montana taxpayers have already been picking up the tab for quite some time – and that doesn’t even include all of his out-of-state fundraisers with wealthy donors and special interest groups he’s held in anticipation of today’s announcement that he’s kept under wraps …

This wouldn’t be the first time Bullock abused taxpayer resources … During his 2016 re-election campaign he used the State Plane to attend campaign events and fundraisers across the state. Even back then, Bullock was ignoring state law that prohibits the use of taxpayer dollars for campaign purposes. He ended up paying back the state of Montana over $7,500 for his campaign travel and fines incurred for violating the law.

Just because Bullock’s leaving Montana in his rear-view mirror to run for President doesn’t mean Montana taxpayers should have to pick up the nearly $300,000 tab to pay for his pipe dream.



MTGOP Statement on Gov. Bullock’s Run for President

Helena, Montana – Chairman of the Montana Republican Party, Debra Lamm, released the following statement today after Governor Bullock announced he is running for President of the United States:

Governor Bullock joins a long list of 20-plus Democrats hoping to take on and defeat President Trump, and he’s doing it at the Montana taxpayers’ expense. Montanans are footing his campaign bill so he can jet-set off and raise millions of dollars from lobbyists, special interests, and liberal activists. Just because Gov. Bullock’s ego thinks he can become President of the United States doesn’t mean that hard-working Montanans should be left picking up a nearly $300,000 tab to pay for his pipe dream.”


HB 693 was introduced during the 2019 Legislative session to address campaign travel reimbursement for Montana’s statewide elected officials.

In the fiscal analysis, the Montana Highway Patrol estimated that Governor Bullock’s out-of-state campaign travel for 2019 is expected to cost taxpayers $273,000.


MTGOP Statement on Wilmot Collins Seeking to Challenge Daines in 2020

Helena, Montana – Chairman of the Montana Republican Party, Debra Lamm, released the following statement today after Helena Mayor Wilmot Collins announced he will seek the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in Montana:

Wilmot Collins is just another liberal Democrat who will be a rubberstamp for the far-left’s radical agenda. Collins will stand against President Trump every chance he gets and reverse all that we’ve accomplished these last few years. He will be a vote for open borders and eliminating ICE, restoring voting rights for terrorists and felons, seizing our guns, giving Social Security and Medicare benefits to illegal immigrants, and bankrupting our nation with Medicare-for-All and the Green New Deal. Collins will be in lockstep with the extreme far-left – and not with Montanans.”

Senator Daines has fought tirelessly to protect our Montana way of life – standing in strong support of our Second Amendment Rights, expanding access to our public lands, securing our borders and protecting our citizens, cutting taxes and creating high-paying jobs across the state, and keeping the federal government out of our lives. Daines will be a consistent voice for our Montana values and work with President Trump to Keep America Great!


Kathleen Williams: Too Extreme for Montana

Debra Lamm, Chairman of the Montana Republican Party, released the following statement on Kathleen William’s candidacy for the Democrat nomination for the U.S. House:

Kathleen Williams is just too extreme for Montana. She supports gun control, Medicare for All, sanctuary cities, open borders, and amnesty. The people of Montana rejected this California liberal once—and I have no doubt they’ll reject her again next November.”