Raph Graybill – Another Hypocrite on Dark Money

HELENA, Mont. – Raph Graybill is taking a page out of his mentor Steve Bullock’s playbook by publicly denouncing dark money except when it directly benefits his campaign.

To date, Graybill’s bid for Attorney General has been fueled by $1 MILLION in dark money from special interest groups. Like Governor Bullock and even Lieutenant Governor Cooney, that doesn’t stop Graybill from hypocritically running on an anti-dark money platform.

The Montana Republican Party issued the following statement in response to Graybill’s dark money hypocrisy:

“As a member of Bullock’s Boys Club, Graybill is following his boss’s lead by claiming he is the candidate to rid elections of dark money while doing the exact opposite behind closed doors,” said Communications Director Brooke Stroyke. “If Raph Graybill cannot be trusted to denounce the dark-money groups fueling his bid for Attorney General, then he certainly cannot be trusted to faithfully execute the duties of the office he seeks.”

Montanans deserve better than a hypocrite as our next Attorney General.

MTGOP Releases New Video: Mike Cooney is for Sale

HELENA, Mont. – The Montana Republican Party today released a new videothat highlights hypocritical career politician Mike Cooney as the number one recipient of out-of-state and special interest dollars in Montana’s gubernatorial race.

Career politician Mike Cooney has welcomed a staggering $12.2 MILLION from outside groups to date, despite his pledge last October to limit outside money in the gubernatorial race. At the time, Cooney pledged to send “a very clear message to outside groups… [to] please stay away.” But today, Cooney is sending outside groups one message and one message only…


Montana Republican Party

Not only has career politician Cooney done a complete 180 to embrace outside cash, but he also welcomes – and relies – on the help of special interest groups.

We would be remiss to forget that Cooney’s ethics violation earlier this year was for politically strategizing with a D.C.-based special interest group on the taxpayer dime. Cooney also has another complaint pending against him for illegally coordinating with that same group.

The bottom line: When career politician Mike Cooney tells Montanans one thing, he’s doing the opposite behind closed doors. From misleading voters on outside spending, to misleading voters on his history of supporting a sales tax, career politician Mike Cooney can’t be taken at his word.

Pro-Abortion, Pro-Defund the Police Group Endorses Career Politician Mike Cooney

Career politician Mike Cooney is the latest Montana Democrat whose pro-abortion track record earned him the endorsement of Planned Parenthood.

As a reminder, Planned Parenthood publicly announced its support for defunding the police earlier this summer – but that didn’t stop Cooney from touting his endorsement from the pro-abortion group on Twitter last week.

Just like his boss, Governor Bullock, career politician Mike Cooney is so extreme that he’d follow Bullock’s suit as Governor by vetoing Born Alive legislation – a bill that would protect newborn babies who survived a failed abortion attempt.

The bottom line: Career politician Mike Cooney embracing his endorsement by a pro-abortion, pro-defund the police group is yet another example of how out of touch Cooney is with Montana.

California Kathleen Williams Earns Another NRA “F” Rating

HELENA, Mont. – The National Rifle Association has come out with their ratings of the candidates running for Montana’s lone congressional seat. California Kathleen Williams earned an “F” rating from the NRA for her dismal record on the Second Amendment.

This isn’t the first time California Kathleen has received an NRA F-rating. During the 2018 primary, Montana Public Radio called Kathleen Williams the strongest supporter of gun control among the Democratic candidates for her support of a semi-automatic weapons ban and proposal to slap a $200 million tax on Montana gun owners. California Kathleen doubled down on her anti-gun record saying she was “proud” of her failing grade on gun rights boasting that the “F” stood for “fearless.”

Matt Rosendale, on the other hand, has always been a staunch defender of our Second Amendment rights, which is why Rosendale once again earned an A-rating from the NRA and received their coveted endorsement in his campaign to be our voice in Congress.

In Montana, we cherish our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms and expect our elected representatives to preserve our way of life. That makes the choice for Montana’s next representative clear: NRA endorsed, A-rated Matt Rosendale,” said Executive Director Spenser Merwin.

Career Politician Mike Cooney is a Phony Outdoorsman

Something is fishy and off target about career politician Mike Cooney.

Despite career politician Mike Cooney’s phony attempts to pose as an outdoorsman in his run for governor, Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks records show that career politician Mike Cooney has had zero hunting licenses and only two fishing licenses in the last 20 years.

That won’t stop Cooney from posing as somebody he’s not.

Career politician Mike Cooney doesn’t hunt or fish, but what he has done is spend the last 44 years running for office, collecting taxpayer-funded paychecks, and supporting $850 million in tax and fee increases, including taxes on fishing and hunting licenses.

Yet again, career politician Mike Cooney has proven that he will do and say anything to get elected. In addition to pretending to be a hunter and an angler, career politician Mike Cooney has also:

Lied about his past support for a sales tax.

    • In 2004, Cooney was the sole requestor of legislation to enact a 4% sales tax, the maximum sales tax allowable under the Montana Constitution.

Hypocritically welcomed outside spending in his race.

    • Despite taking a pledge in October 2019 to limit outside spending in the election, Cooney is the greatest recipient of dark money and outside money in the governor’s race.

Violated Montana ethics laws and blamed the pandemic.

  • Cooney received the maximum fine for violating state ethics laws by campaigning on the taxpayer dime. When asked to respond, Cooney said it was a ‘small price to pay for leadership.’

Bottom line: Career politician Mike Cooney is in this race for himself, not Montana.

Career Politician Cooney Has Always Played Fast-and-Loose with the Rules

#FBF to 2002, when two Helena women filed a complaint against career politician Mike Cooney for campaigning with official resources and violating the public trust.

Unfortunately for Montana, this wasn’t enough for Cooney to learn his lesson.

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, career politician Mike Cooney was caught breaking Montana ethics rules again by campaigning in his official office.

You have to see this

If career politician Mike Cooney can’t be trusted after 44 YEARS in government to follow Montana ethics rules, then how can he be trusted to lead Montana?

After collecting over $1 MILLION in taxpayer-funded paychecks and supporting over $800 MILLION in higher taxes and fees on Montanans, it’s clear that Cooney’s in this race for himself – not Montana.

#TBT to Bullock Embracing Liberal Gun Control

Today, we’re throwing it back to Governor Steve Bullock’s failed run for President when he embraced the left’s liberal gun control agenda.

FIRST, it was declaring his support for universal background checks. THEN, it was backing a ban on semi-automatic weapons. AND FINALLY, it was embracing gun buyback programs.

Let’s be clear: Governor Steve Bullock is with Pelosi and Schumer on guns – NOT Montana.

You have to see this

No wonder Bullock is F-rated by the NRA!

If we want to protect our guns this November, we need to re-elect Senator Steve Daines – who has an A+ rating and the endorsement of the NRA. He will always protect Montanans’ right to keep and bear arms.

Extreme Kathleen’s Silence is Violence

For months, Democrats have bowed to the liberal mob calling to ‘defund the police,’ and refusing to support law enforcement. The result has been utter chaos and lawlessness nationwide.

Fueled by far-left politicians, ‘defund the police’ is happening right here in Montana – in Helena, Bozeman and Missoula. Extreme Kathleen Williams remains silent – repeatedly refusing to voice support for law enforcement and condemn these dangerous efforts to defund the police.

Does Extreme Kathleen stay silent to appease fellow San Francisco native Nancy Pelosi? Or, does California Kathleen actually want to bring what’s happening in her home state to the Treasure State?

Either way, Extreme Kathleen Williams is far too radical to trust as our sole representative in Congress. She’ll bow to the liberal mob and be another silent follower of the far-left in Washington.

In Montana, we defend our police – not defund. We need a leader committed to protecting Montana values and keeping our communities safe, but you won’t get that from Extreme Kathleen Williams.

FACT CHECK: Bullock Opposed Keystone Despite Fake News Cover-up… Again

The Fake News media is covering up Governor Bullock’s flip-flop on the Keystone XL Pipeline yet again, claiming that he supports this project. FromBloomberg this morning:

“[Governor Bullock] supports running the long-delayed Keystone XL oil pipeline through Montana.”

What they fail to mention – however – is that Governor Bullock OPPOSED the Keystone XL Pipeline when he ran for President, saying he’s ‘not comfortable’ with Keystone XL and ‘a lot’ would need to be done before he would support it. Watch the clip below:

Montana Republican Party

When Bullock was running for President, he clearly didn’t mind opposing a project that would have created hundreds of Montana jobs – but now that he’s back home running for U.S. Senate, he’s walking back these comments.

The bottom line: Governor Bullock will say anything to deceive Montanans and win this race, but unfortunately for him, he can’t outrun his liberal record. Bullock is too liberal for Montana.

Will Bullock Condemn Missoula’s Dangerous Move to Defund the Police?

HELENA, Mont. – On Wednesday, the Missoula City Council voted to defund the Missoula Police Department to the tune of $122,000.

While Senator Daines quickly condemned the decision, Montanans have yet to hear from liberal Governor Steve Bullock on the issue in Missoula.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. While Helena has delayed the decision by a year, the Governor has chosen to remain silent on the reckless debate to defund School Resource Officers (SROs) who protect our children at school.

Will Governor Bullock speak up for law enforcement in Missoula, or will he stand idly by to appease the liberal mob, the same mob that is bankrolling his campaign, as the Missoula City Council eliminates resources for their already underfunded Police Department?

Montana Delegation Nominates President Trump and VP Pence to Keep America Great

HELENA, Mont. – On Monday in Charlotte, North Carolina, MTGOP Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt proudly cast Montana’s 27 votes to nominate President Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee for President.

Chairman Kaltschmidt released the following statement after the President’s formal acceptance of the nomination from the White House last night:

“After four nights of one of the most moving and electrifying conventions in recent memory, it’s clear to more Americans than ever before that the best is yet to come under President Donald Trump’s leadership. Montana looks forward to resoundingly re-electing the President on November 3rd to Keep America Great!”

The delegation in Charlotte also included Lola Sheldon-Galloway and Steven Galloway of Great Falls, Art Wittich of Bozeman, and Debra Lamm of Livingston.

Wittich and Lamm were on hand to proudly represent Montana at RNC meetings in their capacity as the MTGOP’s National Committeeman and National Committeewoman following an election on August 14th. Wittich begins his second term in the position while former MTGOP Chair Debra Lamm begins her first.

The importance of the 2020 elections cannot be overstated. Alongside the Presidential election, Montana has seven of our eight Federal and Statewide seats on the ballot – U.S. Senate, U.S. House, Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Auditor, and State Superintendent.

Join the Montana Republican Party as we Keep America Great, and Keep Montana Red.

#FBF: Career Politician Mike Cooney’s Vision for Montana Bores His Own Boss to Sleep

#FBF to early this summer, when career politician Mike Cooney bored his boss, Governor Bullock, to sleep while sharing his ‘vision’ for Montana.

Bullock falls asleep.

For once, we’re right there with you Bullock…😴

All that career politician Mike Cooney’s ‘vision’ means is more taxes andmore spending at the expense hardworking Montanans. Just look at Cooney’s record!

    • Over the last 44 years, career politician Mike Cooney has supported a hefty $850 MILLION in higher taxes and fees on Montanans.


  • Not to mention, he has supported over $3 BILLION in spending by the State of Montana.

While there’s nothing exciting about career politician Mike Cooney’s wild tax-and-spend agenda, Montanans do have a reason to be excited this November.

As a proven business leader and entrepreneur, Congressman Greg Gianforte will usher in a new decade of growth for Montana by revitalizing our economy, changing the way Helena does business, and providing more opportunities for Montanans to live out their dreams in the Treasure State.

Now that’s a vision for Montana that we can get behind!