Would Kathleen Williams Support House Democrats’ Phony Impeachment Resolution?

Today the United States House of Representatives voted on a hyper-partisan resolution for the first time in an effort to formalize a witch-hunt into President Donald Trump.

All Montanans deserve to know how candidates for Montana’s at-large Congressional seat would vote should he or she be Montana’s lone voice in the House of Representatives. And while Democrat candidate Rep. Tom Winter (HD-96 ) openly supports impeaching the President, former state Representative and Democrat candidate Kathleen Williams remains silent amidst this partisan effort:

Montanans need to know if Kathleen Williams agrees with Mr. Winter and would side with Nancy Pelosi and Radical Democrats in moving forward with the witch-hunt, or whether she would oppose this charade and get back to work on behalf of Montanans and the rest of the American people. This question must be asked.

MTGOP Chairman’s Statement on Democrats Secretive Impeachment Process

HELENA – Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” released the following statement after the RNC’s Executive Committee unanimously passed a resolution in support of President Trump and the Graham-McConnell resolution:

“With unanimous support, the RNC Executive Committee passed a resolution to support President Trump and the Graham-McConnell resolution that condemns House Democrats’ secretive, illegitimate impeachment inquiry. These shady closed-door impeachment proceedings deny our President the due process rendered to every American. While the House Democrats engage in the baseless impeachment witch hunt, Montana applauds President Trump and his unwavering dedication to deliver outstanding results to the American people.”

MTGOP Executive Director Rips Governor Bullock Following Spring Creek Closure

HELENA – Executive Director Spenser Merwin released the below statement regarding the Bullock Administration’s denial of a new permit to the Spring Creek Mine:

“Governor Bullock’s decision to deny a permit for Montana’s largest coal mine and jeopardize good paying jobs near the Crow Reservation is indefensible,” said Merwin. “The fact that this occurred on the same day the Governor is fundraising out of state should be of little surprise as he left Montana in the rearview long ago to run for President.”

The Spring Creek Mine, near Decker, Montana, is owned by Navajo Transitional Energy Company and employs nearly 300 people. The same day as the NTEC announced the shut down, Governor Bullock held a fundraiser in Little Rock, Arkansas.

MTGOP Slams Governor Bullock; Asks Him to Respect Montana Voters

HELENA – The Montana Republican Party called on Montana Governor Steve Bullock to retract his request for the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump following an interview with CNN’s Kate Bolduan on Thursday.

Governor Bullock, a Democratic Presidential candidate that has failed to breakthrough in any national polling and been relegated to only one Presidential Primary debate, called for the “removal of the President” and supports “impeachment proceedings.”

“Governor Bullock’s blatant disregard for Montanans was on full display today when he asked for the removal of a President that won Montana’s Presidential contest by 20 points, ” said Spenser Merwin, Executive Director. “Governor Bullock cannot in good conscience be selling himself as a reasonable voice that can appeal to rural and moderate voters while simultaneously calling for impeachment with the likes of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and AOC. The Governor should retract his statement and remember that the American people, not grandstanding politicians, determine who occupies the White House.”

Governor Steve Bullock continues to poll nationally around 0% in his bid for the Democratic Presidential Primary Nomination, has not met Democratic National Committee requirements to participate in all but one debate, and has pinned all his hopes on the Iowa Caucuses on February 3rd.



Save the Date: MTGOP State Officers’ Convention (June 13-15)


Montana Republican Party’s
State Officers’ Convention

June 13-15, 2019

Best Western Premier Helena Great Northern Hotel
Helena, MT 59601

Registration will open on Thursday, June 13th

VIP Dinner on Friday, June 14th

State Central Committee Meeting & Officer Elections on Saturday, June 15th

Additional details, agenda, and pricing to follow in the coming weeks!

Republicans Elect Legislative Leaders

Congrats to our newly elected Republican House and Senate leaders in the Montana Legislature!

We know that you will serve us well and represent our conservative values as we fight to cut spending, lower taxes, balance the budget, and fight for a truly limited government that doesn’t burden our workers, families, and small businesses!


Bullock’s Budget: More Taxes, Spending, Government | NO THANKS!

The people of Montana spoke loud and clear on Nov. 6th and they oppose more tax increases! So, what does Governor Bullock propose in his budget: MORE tax increases! Ridiculous. Bullock’s budget is filled with more spending, more taxes, and more government. Not on our watch – we MUST fight back against these failed liberal policies!


Thank You (2018 Elections)


Thank you!

Last week, conservatives in Montana made their voices heard – all because of your support.

Our victories included Congressman Greg Gianforte winning reelection and both the Montana House and Senate staying in Republican hands. While Matt Rosendale came up just short of beating incumbent Senator Jon Tester, Democrats in Montana were put on notice by Matt’s strong performance; their ultra-left agenda will not go unchecked any further.

With all your help, time, and support we were able to stand with those who believe in our core conservative principles and values – faith, family, and freedom. And while not every race gave us our desired results, our resolve, with the odds stacked against us, proved that no fight is too small or big for us not to show up for our conservative beliefs.

And your support did not go unnoticed along the way. President Trump visited Montana a record four times and Vice President Pence made three trips to Montana – because the White House knows when they need help – they always have a friend In Montana.

Every phone call made, door knock, and donation helped propel us forward this past year and put us in a position for tremendous success as we set our sights on 2020 – because the fight isn’t over. Democrats winning the U.S. House majority has once again put our values at stake. We have to re-elect Senator Steve Daines and Rep. Greg Gianforte, maintain our majorities in the Legislature, and win our statewide races – and that includes re-capturing the Governor’s seat. And, I am counting on your support to re-elect President Trump so he can continue his incredible work and have the support he needs to defeat the liberal resistance in 2020.

So, once again – I want to say, thank you. Your support helped us re-elect Congressman Greg Gianforte, keep the Montana House and Senate majorities, and given strength to the future of your Montana Republican Party.

God Bless,

Debra Lamm
Montana Republican Party