Bullock’s Dark Money Ad Blitz Begins

The sky’s the limit when it comes to how much Super PAC and dark money will pour into Montana to benefit Governor Bullock’s campaign this year.

A $3 million dark money ad blitz began today from Chuck Schumer’s dark money group, Majority Forward, to falsely attacking Senator Daines. Chuck Schumer will spare no expense to get Bullock across the finish line in his desire to take back the Senate majority.

This comes on the heels of a dark money group shamefully politicizing the coronavirus to boost Governor Bullock’s campaign – to the tune of $250,000. In addition, Schumer’s SuperPAC is spending $700,000 in Montana right now to prop up Bullock’s campaign.

The hypocrisy of all of this is watching to Bullock parade around “railing” against dark money and Super PAC spending in our elections, when he’s benefitting from it himself:

  • Bullock says his one big idea is “ending dark money spending in our elections.”
  • NPR: Steve Bullock Vows To Disentangle ‘Dark Money’ From Politics
  • Bullock says we must “rid our system of the corrupting influence of dark money.”
  • During his failed presidential run, Bullock blasted Joe Biden for having his own SuperPAC even though Bullock has his very own SuperPAC to boost his Senate campaign.

Enough is enough. It’s time to put an end to Governor Bullock’s hypocrisy on this issue – he must be held accountable.

Higher Paying Jobs an Afterthought for Dems in Gubernatorial Debate

HELENA, Mont – The Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt released the following statement after Montana Democrat Gubernatorial candidates, Whitney Williams and Mike Cooney, debated on Saturday.

“With our economy reeling from Coronavirus-related restrictions, Montana needs a Governor that prioritizes economic growth and job creation,” said Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “But when Democratic hopefuls Whitney Williams and Mike Cooney were asked on Saturday how they would address low wages in comparison to growing property prices, both candidates failed to even mention the importance of higher-paying jobs when it comes to combating Montana’s exorbitant property costs.

A strong Montana economy that creates good-paying Montana jobs isn’t an afterthought for Republicans – it is a top priority. When we emerge from this crisis, we will need an efficient government in Helena to stimulate our economy’s growth and bring innovative ideas to the table to create jobs – not more government programs. After years of an aversion to fiscal sanity in Helena and a lack of creativity in creating good paying Montana jobs, Montanans are ready for – and deserve – a Republican Governor to help us recover from COVID-19 and create a more prosperous future.

The ideas we saw from Democratic gubernatorial candidates on Saturday signaled more of the same: more government and more regulation.”  

MTGOP Issues Statement on Democrats Delaying Paycheck Protection Program Replenishment

HELENA, Mont. – Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt issued the following statement in response to the Democrats delays in replenishing the Paycheck Protection Program, which has left thousands of small businesses high and dry.

“Growing up in a blue collar family, I’ve witnessed a shift over my lifetime of the Democratic Party moving farther away from America’s middle class. Only the latest example is the Democrats’ failure last week to promptly replenish the Paycheck Protection Program, a critical lifeline for our small businesses.”

“Any additional provisions being requested by the Democrats could have been lobbied for after providing relief to our small businesses. Given the Administration’s tremendous cooperation with both sides during this crisis and the news that an agreement is now imminent, I’m sure their requests could have been considered and even secured in future legislation. But instead, the Democrats chose the path that harmed America’s small businesses AND America’s middle class. The Democratic Party has left every day Montanans behind.”

MTGOP Issues Statement on Small Business Relief through Paycheck Protection Program

Today, the Small Business Administration announced that it has approved 10,372 loans in Montana under the Paycheck Protection Program, providing $1,293,105,048 in relief to Montana small businesses.

MTGOP issued the following statement from Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt regarding the update.

“President Trump’s Paycheck Protection Program is an invaluable lifeline for Montana’s small businesses and workers who have been struggling due to Coronavirus-related restrictions,” said Chairman Don “K”. “Because of these loans, thousands of Montana businesses have been able to remain open and keep their employees on payroll during these difficult times.” 

“The Paycheck Protection Program could not be mentioned without thanking Montana’s Republican Congressional leaders – Senator Daines and Congressman Gianforte – who acted swiftly to advance this critical program, despite delays by their Democratic counterparts, and continue to advocate in Congress for the program’s immediate expansion.” 

If you own a small business needing Coronavirus relief, visit sba.gov/coronavirus to learn more about the Paycheck Protection Program.

Senator Daines Stands Up to China

The scale has been tipped in China’s favor for far too long, and Senator Daines is fighting to put America First.

In a letter to President Trump, Daines called on the President to use his authorities to decrease the United States’ dependence on China for “medicine and essential medical equipment” and bring drug and manufacturing jobs back to America. Alarmingly, more than one third of our antibiotics and 70% of our PPE are imported from China.

Daines rightly cited the United States’ reliance on China as a “national security and public health” risk. (If the Coronavirus pandemic is any indication, China cannot be relied upon when it comes to matters of public health.)

The Senator has also been one of Congress’ loudest voices in holding China accountable for their cover-up of the virus, which has had a consequential effect on the health and economic well-being of Montanans. Last week, Senator Daines sent a request to the State Department to investigate China’s role in COVID-19.

Thank you, Senator, for always fighting for Montana and putting America First!

Montana Delegate Nomination Forms due on April 13th

As a reminder, applications to be a Montana delegate at the Republican National Convention are due on Monday!

Delegates will represent the Treasure State at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina and take part in this historic election year by nominating President Trump for re-election.

Delegates to the Republican National Convention will be chosen at Montana’s State Delegate Convention which is scheduled to be held on June 12th-13th in Missoula. Delegates must be a resident of the state of Montana.

Fill out this form by Monday, April 13th to be considered and submit it to MTGOP Headquarters in one of two ways:

  1. Scan and email the form to spenser@mtgop.org, or
  2. Mail the form to MTGOP, P.O. Box 935, Helena, MT, 59624.

Join us in Keeping America Great!

MTGOP Launches Webpage on our Senior Elected Officials’ Responses to COVID-19

As true today as ever, we’re better together. In this unprecedented time for our state and local communities, the Montana Republican Party is proud to recognize the extraordinary leadership of Montana’s senior Republican officeholders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our website now features a One-Stop-Shop for the latest information on what Montana’s Republican leaders are doing in their unique official capacities to promote the health, safety, and well-being of Montanans during this time.

Visit the new webpage by clicking here.

Keystone XL Pipeline Project Moving Forward

HELENA, Mont. – Today, TC Energy announced that it will move forward with the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project after thorough environmental, scientific, and engineering reviews.

This announcement is a big win for American energy security and even more so for Montana’s workers, who will benefit from good-paying jobs during the pipeline’s construction.

While Democrats have shied away from supporting the project, Montana’s Republican leaders have led on supporting its construction for the benefit it brings our state – including Senator Steve Daines, Congressman Greg Gianforte, and Attorney General Tim Fox.

At a time when our communities have been hard hit by the Coronavirus, construction of the pipeline will provide a welcome boost to our local economies.

To read TC Energy’s release on this announcement, click here.


Daines, Hoeven, Gianforte and Gosar Lead Letter to President Trump on Keystone XL Pipeline

Gianforte Statement on Halting of Keystone XL Pipeline

Montana To Intervene In Keystone XL Pipeline Lawsuit


MTGOP Welcomes New Communications Director

HELENA, Mont. – To advance our winning message this November, the Montana Republican Party is pleased to announce the addition of Brooke Stroyke as Communications Director.

“The Montana Republican Party continues to build our team as we move towards this incredibly consequential election and Brooke’s addition is great news for our organization,” said Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt. “Brooke will be instrumental in helping us reach our goals of re-electing Senator Daines and retaining our U.S. House seat, electing the first Republican Governor in 16 years, maintaining our majority on the Land Board, and increasing our majorities in the State House and Senate.”

Brooke joins the Montana Republican Party after serving at the Department of Homeland Security as the Secretary’s Speechwriter. Prior to her position at DHS, she handled press and media relations for a Fox News contributor.

“It’s a privilege to join the Montana Republican Party and be entrusted with communicating our Party’s message to Montanans,” said Brooke. “All eyes will be on Montana in 2020 – and I look forward to working with our incredible team to elect Republican leaders up and down the ticket.”

Brooke is a graduate of Clemson University in South Carolina and lives in Bozeman. She can be found most weekends visiting family and friends in Cascade County.

Get connected with Brooke! brooke@mtgop.org

Reminder: Montana Delegation Nomination Form Due April 13th

HELENA, Mont. – Do you want to Keep America Great and play a role in re-electing President Donald J. Trump this November?

Consider representing Montana as a delegate at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina from August 24th-27th!

Montanans who wish to be considered by the Nominating Committee for this role must fill out this form and return it to MTGOP Headquarters no later than April 13th.

Delegates to the Republican National Convention will be chosen at Montana’s State Delegate Convention which is scheduled to be held on June 12th-13th in Missoula. Delegates must be a resident of the state of Montana.

There are two ways to submit your form:

  • Scan and email by April 13th, 2020 to spenser@mtgop.org, or
  • Mail to MTGOP, P.O. Box 935, Helena, MT, 59624.

Let’s continue to work together to #MakeMontanaRed and #KeepAmericaGreat!

Senator Tester Takes Part in Dem Obstruction, Blocks Coronavirus Relief Package

HELENA, Mont. – Remember what is on the line this November.

For the second time in 24 hours, Senate Democrats have recklessly blocked the Coronavirus relief package from moving forward. This package would provide immediate relief to Montana families, hospitals, and small businesses who are suffering during this crisis.

Senator Jon Tester joined Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democrats not once, but twice, and blocked this must-pass measure from advancing.

Our families, small businesses, health care workers, hospitals, first responders, and others hard-hit by the Coronavirus pandemic need this financial help now. The political games must end, and we need to come together and get this bill done for the good of our country.

Senator Tester must put politics aside and vote YES on the Coronavirus relief package today!


MTGOP Issues Recommendation to Central Committees on COVID-19

HELENA, Mont. – Following a meeting of the MTGOP Executive Board, the Montana Republican Party released the following statement today as a recommendation to Central Committees to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

“It is our patriotic duty to follow the guidance of our leaders to the best of our abilities during the COVID-19 national emergency,” said Chairman Don “K”. “In support of the President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America, MTGOP recommends that our Central Committees postpone in-person events larger than 10 people and heed CDC recommendations until further notice by the Administration. We encourage Central Committees to conduct electronic meetings as needed.”

For additional information on the President’s guidance to slow the spread of COVID-19, please visit coronavirus.gov.