Our Vision

Before we look to the future, we must look at the past. Let’s take a moment and recall just how far we’ve come over the last decade.

In 2012, Republicans held just one of eight statewide offices in Montana – the U.S. House seat. Today, we proudly hold eight of those nine seats, every Public Service Commission District, a historic supermajority in the Montana House and Senate, and a Republican in the Governor’s Office once again.

We’ve made tremendous progress because we organized, shared a winning message, and worked together to flip Montana red. We proved that when we are united in our vision, our plan, and our efforts, a red wave follows.

There’s more work to be done, but we can continue to build on our success if we are united and focus on the mission at hand: Winning our races, protecting our majorities in the House and Senate, and electing more Republicans up and down the ballot.

Once again, we have a clear choice in 2024: Freedom or socialism. It’s up to Montana Republicans to communicate this message to voters. We will go on offense against the Democrats on every issue and at every turn – exposing their woke, socialist agenda, hypocrisy, and corruption. We are the Party of freedom. We are the Party that stands for liberty, opportunity, and prosperity for all. That’s the winning message that will continue to keep Montana Red in 2024.

With President Biden and his Administration turning their backs on rural America, American jobs, American families, and American energy the day they assumed office, the Montana Republican Party, now more than ever, needs to retire Jon Tester from his Senate career. We need to work together to elect and reelect our strong GOP leaders who will continue to keep Montana, Montana.

So, this is what we’re doing to win and how we are going to protect the Montana way of life:

Organizing. We need to harness the talent in our state, build a winning team, and recruit volunteers to staff the office and support our candidates. We’re going to continue the customer service mentality at the Party and find ways to get everyone involved. If you have questions or are looking to help one of our candidates, don’t hesitate to reach out. We will be here to help you. We are never going to turn away talent. We need to all be working together to help strengthen our Party.

Warchest. We’re working together on a fundraising plan to build our infrastructure around the State with staff so we can support our office holders, our volunteers, and our supporters. This takes a tremendous amount of financial support. We will be making the calls and raising the resources we need to get the job done. We need to start right away because we know our opponents are not taking anything for granted. We simply cannot rest.

Candidates. We have incredible Republicans serving Montanans at every level of Government. It’s a testament to the talent and strength of our bench across the state. Because we’ve had such a successful track-record winning in Montana, we’ve decimated the Democratic bench here. But we can’t get complacent – especially with the Governor’s office in Republican hands.

Remember, the Democrats have nothing to lose in 2024. They’ll have unlimited money and staff. They’ll use their dark money and liberal special interest groups to do their bidding – just as they did in the most recent election. Democrats will do whatever it takes to tear down our candidates and spread lies, just in the hopes of winning back seats we’ve taken away from them over the last several years. We better be prepared and ready to fight back. We need to be on the same team, so the RIGHT candidates win next year.

Republicans need to show up in 2024. We cannot allow our recent success turn into complacency. We have a lot on the line and if we want to see our conservative agenda advanced here in Montana, we need to protect our majorities and work to get more Republicans in office – at every level of Government. Our success in previous election cycles is no coincidence.

We win when we’re united and working together to build a stronger Montana.

We’re stronger, together. We’re better, together.

So, let’s continue to make history, together and keep Montana, Montana.

Don “K”

Montana Republican Party