Why is Bullock Silent on Coal Jobs during Trade Trip?

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Governor Bullock is spending time this week in South Korea and Taiwan to promote trade opportunities for Montanans but has so far been silent on the issue of getting Montana’s clean coal to open markets.

Montana has a tremendous opportunity to provide South Korea and Taiwan with our clean coal given their demand to power their homes with an affordable, reliable energy source.

Approving the Gateway Pacific Terminal in Washington is critical to having the infrastructure in place to get Montana’s clean coal to South Korea and Taiwan. This terminal will be responsible for creating thousands of high-paying jobs, providing greater self-sufficiency for Montana’s Tribal Nations, and bringing critical revenue into our communities to support their education and infrastructure needs.

Also at stake is the proposed Millennium Bulk Terminals in Washington that will significantly increase export capacity, creating more good-paying Montana jobs to make sure our clean coal can meet the demands of our overseas customers.

Remember, Montana has some of the cleanest coal in the world and it is our clean coal that should be used to power homes and create more good-paying Montana jobs.

It’s disappointing to see that Bullock isn’t using his trade trip as an opportunity to talk about his plans to fight for these job-creating infrastructure projects to expand job opportunities right here at home.

During this trip Bullock said he wants to “ultimately open new doors for Montana businesses.” Why doesn’t that include fighting to approve these terminals?

These terminals are vital to the future of the Crow Tribe. Allowing the Crow Tribe to get their clean coal to open markets will lead to greater self-sufficiency and better opportunities for their members.

The Crow Tribe’s very survival depends on developing their clean coal:

  • One Crow Tribe member said, “We need that coal, we depend on it. For jobs, and then also, like, our roads, our school, you know, like…this coal revenue? It provides for this community.
  • Another member said, “The coal mine in our community, that’s the opportunity it brings. And that helps for self-sufficiency. To be able to determine our own future.”

Governor Bullock’s silence on the need to ensure we have the infrastructure in place to get our clean coal to open markets speaks volumes to whether or not he will actually stand up and fight for the well-being and livelihoods of Montana workers and the Tribal Nations. Since Montana is ranked 49th in salaries and wages we must do better to expand opportunities and ensure there are good-paying jobs for all Montanans. Why won’t Bullock support family wage jobs and fight to expand our clean coal exports?

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