What Plan? Bullock Offers No Details on Syrian Refugee Review Request

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Governor Bullock is currently reviewing Montana’s refugee acceptance policy after last week’s terrorist attacks in Paris but even his own administration is unable to clarify who is leading the review process or how Montana could deny a Syrian refugee request. Bullock is giving false assurances to Montanans about this review process and the safety protocols in place given the complete lack of details and contradictory statements from his own administration. Under Bullock’s leadership, Montana’s boarders will remain open to Syrian refugees despite more than a dozen Governors from across the nation taking action to block Syrian refugees from entering their state given the safety and security concerns they may pose to residents and our country.

Governor Bullock offers false assurances to Montanans that he has a plan in place to review a Syrian refugee request:

  • Montana has a process in place for considering refugee settlement requests; we are reviewing those protocols to ensure that if a request comes, we take all appropriate steps to ensure that the safety of Montanans will not be jeopardized by their placement. (KXLH, 11/16/2015)

Bullock’s administration is unable to clarify who is leading the review process or how Montana could deny a Syrian refugee request:

  • Mike Wessler, the governor’s spokesman, said the state is reviewing the federal process for screening refugees to ensure it is adequate. He did not return a request for clarification on who is leading the state’s review or how the state would decide to deny a request, which is not something the state currently considers. (Missoulian, 11/17/2015)

Bullock’s own refugee coordinator admits she doesn’t know how Montana could deny a Syrian refugee request and current policy states refugees are allowed to stay right here in Montana:

  • Montana’s state refugee coordinator said she wasn’t sure how denying a resettlement could be done. (Missoulian, 11/17/2015)
  • We’ve never done it,” Katherine Quittenton said. “Anybody who has wanted to stay here, we’ve assisted them.” (Missoulian, 11/17/2015)

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