What is Bullock Hiding? Dark Money Fundraiser … Dark Money Haul …

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It was reported Governor Bullock is bringing his dark money group to Whitefish, Montana this weekend to plot how he can raise more dark money and funnel his dark money into Montana for his re-election.

The report also verifies Bullock raised $3 million in dark money.

Bullock won’t acknowledge his dark money or speak to the issue: “Governor Bullock wouldn’t talk to us on camera for this story.
Bullock doesn’t want to face reality: He’s raising and spending millions in dark money after preaching against the evils of dark money his entire career.

Bullock lives a double life when it comes to dark money. Here at home he has no problem condemning dark money but then he travels out-of-state and raises and spends millions in dark money.

It gets worse …

Bullock promised: “Dark money won’t be spent to influence elections.

Except, Bullock used his dark money group to spend over $1 million in Pennsylvania to attack Republicans and promote the Democrat Governor, influencing eventual elections.

Bullock also demanded every dark money group in the country “tell us where the check comes from”– quite hypocritical given Bullock won’t disclose who bankrolled his millions in dark money.

It’s only a matter of time before Governor Bullock’s dark money shows up here in Montana to help with his re-election. Bullock doesn’t want to talk about his dark money but Montanans deserve to know the truth: Bullock is raising and spending millions in dark money for his own personal benefit.

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