The Juneau, Bullock Campaign Strategy: Lie to Win

Dishonest Denise is so desperate to win in November she has resorted to repeatedly telling outright lies about Ryan Zinke’s public lands record. Don’t expect Denise Juneau to apologize for her misleading claims at her public lands rally this morning. These false attacks from Dishonest Denise, Governor Bullock, and the Montana Democrat Party are all they have to offer because they believe they can only win by deceiving and lying to voters about their opponent’s record.

Independent Fact Checkers looked into Denise Juneau’s dishonest statements and concluded: “Juneau’s claim is false. The bill that Zinke voted for does not authorize the sale of any federal lands.

Then the Billings Gazette investigated Denise Juneau’s outrageous claims and discovered them to be: “A false attack … misses the mark … Zinke neither voted to sell off nor transfer Montana’s public lands.”

Juneau knows she’s been caught in a lie – Calls from the Billings Gazette to explain herself and why she would so blatantly lie have gone unanswered.

Now, Bullock and his dark money allies are making similar, completely false attacks against Greg Gianforte on his public lands and stream access record.

The truth is: Montana Democrats are the ones who sold-off Montana’s public lands and blocked access: Bullock voted to sell-off thousands of acres of public lands alongside Denise Juneau and is working to shut down access at Hell Creek, Denise Juneau voted to sell more than 7,000 acres of public lands to private landowners, and even Schweitzer blocked public lands access near his home at Mullan Pass.

Just like Dishonest Denise, Governor Bullock spreads these false attacks because he wants Montanans to be distracted from his failed record:

  • Montana ranks 49th in the nation in salaries, and wages for Montana millennials are dead last in the country.
  • Nearly 800 Montana jobs have been lost in our coal and timber industries in the past year alone.
  • Bullock has also blocked the creation of thousands of Montana jobs and 7,000 Montana jobs are expected to be lost in the coming years because of his job-killing energy agenda.

Denise Juneau, Governor Bullock, and the Montana Democrat Party don’t share Montana values – not when they speak such untruthful statements they know to be false and that have been repeatedly debunked.

Juneau and Bullock think nothing of their actions and their deceit will only worsen as the election grows near. Montanans deserve so much better then to be misled by these dishonest career politicians.