Tester Votes to Restrict Montanans’ Second Amendment Rights

Last week, Senator Jon Tester quietly voted for more gun control and greater restrictions on Montanans’ constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

It’s no wonder that Senator Tester tried to keep his anti-Montana votes a secret. After all, Tester’s votes show that once again, he is abandoning his promises to Montanans to prop up President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s liberal, anti-Second Amendment agenda.

Make no mistake — Montanans’ Second Amendment Rights are under attack from Senator Tester, President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Senator Tester’s anti-Second Amendment votes will only pave the way for extremists to push forward with their ultimate objective of further restricting Montanans’ lawful access to firearms.

Once again, Jon Tester’s voting record shows he’s more concerned with Washington, D.C. politics than Montana values.

Senator Tester: Voting to restrict Montanans’ constitutional freedoms– voting for more gun control– is not a Montana value.

Tester Supports More Gun Control Measures

TESTER VOTED YES | Manchin amendment #2908: Requires universal background checks on all gun purchases– including private sales.

TESTER VOTED YES | Feinstein amendment #2910: Grants the Attorney General unconstitutional authority and absolute discretion to infringe and deny 2nd Amendment Rights to any individual on the terrorist watch list or suspected of being a terrorist without due process– even if you are accidentally placed on the terrorist watch list, which happened to Senator Ted Kennedy.

TESTER VOTED NO | Paul amendment #2915: Restores 2nd Amendment Rights in Washington DC to allow for concealed carry permits, national concealed carry reciprocity, repeals policies that restrict ownership of a firearm, and allows active duty personnel to carry a concealed firearm at Department of Defense facilities.

TESTER VOTED NO | Grassley amendment #2914: Increases the threshold for adjudicated mentally incompetent to ensure doctors don’t infringe on 2nd Amendment Rights, outlines specific guidelines on what mental health care records can be given to NICS, and includes Kate’s law– requires a minimum 5 year sentence for illegal immigrants who re-enter the country after being convicted of a felony.