Tester Votes to Protect Water Power Grab Continuing Long History of Support

Senator Tester blocked consideration of a bill today that would have ended the Obama-EPA water power grab once and for all.

For Tester to express concern over the impact this EPA overreach will have on Montanans and then turn around and oppose ending this water power grab only proves his rhetoric consistently fails to match his actions.

Tester has a long history of supporting the Obama-EPA water power grab and he simply refuses to stand up and fight back against these harmful regulations. Tester will always prioritize the needs of Obama and the Democratic Party no matter how devastating their fringe environmental agenda will have on our farmers and ranchers.

Tester is not on the side of everyday Montanans.

Tester’s Long History Supporting Water Power Grab

  • Senator Tester voted today to block consideration of a bill to end the Obama-EPA water power grab once and for all.
  • Reporters have even taken notice of Tester’s vote to preserve WOTUS.
  •  Montana Public Radio previously reported Tester “supports the water rule.”
  • When the Senate was considering a Budget Resolution earlier this year, Tester opposed ending the Obama-EPA water power grab.
  • Tester won’t sign on to bipartisan legislation to block WOTUS.