Tester Votes 3X in 24 Hours to Protect Obama-EPA Water Power Grab

Senator Tester voted not once, twice, but three times in just over 24 hours to protect President Obama and the EPA’s water power grab and ensure they maintain authority to regulate all ponds, ditches, streams, and any body of water they deem subject to their oversight.

Just a few months ago, Tester misled Montana farmers, ranchers, and landowners when he expressed serious concerns with the Obama-EPA water power grab only then to turn around this week and vote three times to ensure President Obama, the EPA, and DC bureaucrats can regulate and control ALL bodies of water.

  • I have heard from folks in Montana who have questions and concerns about this rule and I will continue to work with them to ensure it makes sense on the ground.” –Senator Tester, 08/31/2015

There’s absolutely nothing that makes sense about allowing DC bureaucrats to control our water. Tester’s votes to protect the Obama-EPA water power grab proves he has abandoned our farmers, ranchers, and landowners and believes the federal government should control our water and our livelihoods.