Tester Says Give Iran A Chance

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Senator Tester voted to block an up or down vote on the Iran bill earlier today.

Tester’s vote shows he believes our voices should be silenced and doesn’t want to listen to the 60% of Montanans who oppose the Iran Deal.

However, Tester wants to listen to “the folks who know Iran much better than I do.

So now Tester believes America should listen to Iran’s friendsi.e. Russia, Syria, Hezbollah, etc– who say trust Iran?

Tester has gone so far as to say we should give Iran a chance.

Iran can’t be trusted; Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism, continues to make threats against the U.S. and Israel, and lies about their nuclear program and ambitions.

The fact that Tester believes we should give Iran a chance shows just how out of touch he is with the 60% of Montanans who oppose the Iran Deal and how far he’s willing to go to appease President Obama’s disastrous foreign policy.

Senator Schumer– another member of Senate Democrat leadership– stood up to President Obama and warnedwe will be worse off with this agreement than without it.”

Montanans can’t trust Tester to stand up to Obama. You’ve got to wonder whose side Tester is on when he attacks our military and Israel as “the only people who say this isn’t the right thing.”

Tester has no problem comparing Iran’s desire for nuclear weapons to smoking pot. Tester might be an expert at blowing smoke but no rational person could possibly believe Iran is a trustworthy regime.

And, where is Tester tonight? Fundraising with Vice President Biden in NYC to raise money for Democrat Senate candidates (Price Tag: $5,000 per seat).

You can’t trust Iran. You can’t trust Senator Tester.

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