Zinke Proven Leader for Montana

Helena, MT – Chairman Jeff Essmann released the following statement tonight after the Congressional debate between Congressman Zinke and Denise Juneau in Billings:

“Congressman Zinke proved he has the leadership and experience to best represent Montanans. He sets aside politics to do what’s right for Montana and that makes him the strong and courageous leader we expect in our elected officials. Whether serving as our Congressman or as a former U.S. Navy SEAL, Congressman Zinke will always protect, defend, and fight for our Montana way of life.”

“Denise Juneau showed she would rather stand by her liberal values than do what’s right for Montana: Denise Juneau brought us Common Core – with results showing that fewer than half of Montana students are proficient in reading, writing and math – she voted against creating thousands of high-paying Montana jobs, and she believes in restricting our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The only thing Denise Juneau proved tonight is that she doesn’t represent our Montana values.”


Fact Checkers: Dishonest Denise Caught Lying About Zinke’s Public Lands Record

Independent Fact Checkers caught Denise Juneau lying about Ryan Zinke’s public lands record.

Juneau’s claim is false” – That’s what independent fact checkers at Ballotpedia.org had to say when Dishonest Denise made false claims that Ryan Zinke voted to sell or transfer our public lands.

What Dishonest Denise is doing – spreading false claims about Zinke’s strong record protecting Montana’s public lands – doesn’t represent our Montana values.

FACT CHECK: Ryan Zinke Voted to Protect Montana’s Public Lands

Ballotpedia.org: Juneau’s claim is false. The bill that Zinke voted for does not authorize the sale of any federal lands. The measure also includes provisions protecting access, including for hunting, fishing, and existing rights of Indian tribes.

Ballotpedia.org: Has Zinke “equivocated” about selling or transferring public lands to states, as Juneau claims? Does the bill that Zinke voted for allow the sale or ownership transfer of federal lands, or threaten public access to federal lands? NO.

Ballotpedia.org: The bill does not authorize the sale or transfer of federal lands to states.

Read Ballotpedia.org’s complete Fact Check here.

MTGOP Chairman Essmann Statement on Juneau Run

Helena, MT – Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party released the following statement today on Montana Democrat Denise Juneau’s decision to run for the U.S. House of Representatives:

“Denise Juneau is a classic example of a career politician in desperate need of employment by the government. Juneau’s time as a bureaucrat in Helena has been marked by implementing Common Core in Montana and taking away the rights of parents to decide what’s best for our children’s educational needs.”

“Juneau also worked aggressively to re-elect President Obama and aligns herself with the nationwide liberal agenda that has wreaked havoc on our families who continue to suffer from a weak economy and lack of good-paying jobs. Montanans don’t deserve to be burdened by Juneau’s liberal agenda.”

“Montanans deserve a proven leader like Congressman Ryan Zinke who fights every day to better the lives and protect Montanans just as he fought to defend and protect this nation as a U.S. Navy SEAL.”

Zinke’s Forest Reforms Pass House

The U.S. House of Representatives today passed the Resilient National Forests Act of 2015 (H.R. 2647) which includes Congressman Zinke’s forest reforms. Zinke’s reforms will revitalize Montana’s timber industry, help end frivolous job-killing lawsuits, and prevent wildfires.

The bill passed the House with bipartisan support, 262-167.

Zinke’s forest reforms will provide much needed economic support to local Montana communities that have been completely devastated by frivolous job-killing lawsuits from fringe environmental groups. This legislation will help grow our economy and create and protect thousands of good-paying Montana jobs supported by our timber industry.

These fringe environmental groups have created a false choice for Montanans: Either conserve Montana and stop timber harvests, or ruin our state. The reality is much different though: We can both responsibly develop our natural resources and protect and strengthen the health of our forests.