Tester Votes 3X in 24 Hours to Protect Obama-EPA Water Power Grab

Senator Tester voted not once, twice, but three times in just over 24 hours to protect President Obama and the EPA’s water power grab and ensure they maintain authority to regulate all ponds, ditches, streams, and any body of water they deem subject to their oversight.

Just a few months ago, Tester misled Montana farmers, ranchers, and landowners when he expressed serious concerns with the Obama-EPA water power grab only then to turn around this week and vote three times to ensure President Obama, the EPA, and DC bureaucrats can regulate and control ALL bodies of water.

  • I have heard from folks in Montana who have questions and concerns about this rule and I will continue to work with them to ensure it makes sense on the ground.” –Senator Tester, 08/31/2015

There’s absolutely nothing that makes sense about allowing DC bureaucrats to control our water. Tester’s votes to protect the Obama-EPA water power grab proves he has abandoned our farmers, ranchers, and landowners and believes the federal government should control our water and our livelihoods.

Tester Votes to Protect Water Power Grab Continuing Long History of Support

Senator Tester blocked consideration of a bill today that would have ended the Obama-EPA water power grab once and for all.

For Tester to express concern over the impact this EPA overreach will have on Montanans and then turn around and oppose ending this water power grab only proves his rhetoric consistently fails to match his actions.

Tester has a long history of supporting the Obama-EPA water power grab and he simply refuses to stand up and fight back against these harmful regulations. Tester will always prioritize the needs of Obama and the Democratic Party no matter how devastating their fringe environmental agenda will have on our farmers and ranchers.

Tester is not on the side of everyday Montanans.

Tester’s Long History Supporting Water Power Grab

  • Senator Tester voted today to block consideration of a bill to end the Obama-EPA water power grab once and for all.
  • Reporters have even taken notice of Tester’s vote to preserve WOTUS.
  •  Montana Public Radio previously reported Tester “supports the water rule.”
  • When the Senate was considering a Budget Resolution earlier this year, Tester opposed ending the Obama-EPA water power grab.
  • Tester won’t sign on to bipartisan legislation to block WOTUS.

FACT CHECK: Tester Supports Obama-EPA Water Rule

I want to call your attention to an article from earlier this week that made misleading claims about Senator Tester’s position on WOTUS. Tester’s alleged “concerns” for Obama’s water rule is nothing more than empty rhetoric designed to mislead Montanans about his actual support for the water rule.

FACT: Tester Supports Obama-EPA Water Power Grab

  • Tester already voiced support for Obama’s water rule a few months ago.
  • Tester voted against ending Obama’s water power grab earlier this year.
  • Tester isn’t even listed as a co-sponsor on a bipartisan bill that blocks Obama and the EPA from regulating any body of water they unilaterally declare subject to their oversight.

If President Obama, the EPA, and Senator Tester are left unchecked our access to water and property rights will be controlled by DC bureaucrats. If the federal government controls our water, they control our livelihoods.

Tester has already cast his bidding in support of Obama and the EPA– not Montanans. You can’t trust Tester because he’ll say anything to mislead Montanans but he can’t hide from his record supporting Obama and the EPA’s fringe environmental agenda.

MTGOP Commends AG Fox for Filing Lawsuit Against Obama-EPA Water Power Grab

Helena, MT – Attorney General Tim Fox and 12 other states today filed a lawsuit against the Obama-EPA Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule that grants the EPA authority to regulate all ponds, ditches, streams, and any body of water they declare subject to their oversight.

I commend Attorney General Tim Fox for standing up and fighting back against the Obama-EPA water power grab because this burdensome and overreaching regulation is a direct threat to Montanans’ way of life,” said Jeff Essmann, newly elected Chairman of the Montana Republican Party. The Montana Constitution says that all water in the state is ‘the property of the state for the use of its people,’ and this federal regulatory power grab violates the traditional and proper role of state supremacy in the control and regulation of our water– our most precious resource. Lastly, the Obama-EPA water power grab threatens Montanans’ access to water, their property rights, and jeopardizes the future of our agriculture and energy industries and the thousands of good-paying jobs they support.”

You can read AG Tim Fox’s Press Release here.