It Only Goes Up, Up, Up #Obamacare

Around 40,000 Montanans will see premium increases between 20-45% next year because of Obamacare. Bottom line:The rates for 2016 are going up – a lot.”

Montana Obamacare Premium Increases:

Montana Health CO-OP: 30-40%

PacificSource: 30%

Blue Cross Blue Shield: 18-25%

When President Obama promised Obamacare would reduce premiums by $2,500 it was more than just a broken promise, premiums have actually increased by nearly $2,500 for Montanans because of Obamacare.

Working-class Montanans actually pay an extra $189 every month for their health care plans because of Obamacare– taking $2,300 from our paycheck every year.

And, more money will now be taken from our paycheck with this recent 20-45% premium increase.

You can’t count on Montana Democrats to fight back against Obamacare or protect us from this financial hardship because they don’t stand with the 56% of Montanans who oppose Obamacare.

Democrat State Auditor Monica Lindeen– who currently regulates the insurance marketplace– said, “She was pleasantly surprised to see rumors of dramatic price increases under the Affordable Care Act are not happening in Montana.” Not true.

Democrat Jesse Laslovich– who’s running to replace Lindeen as State Auditor– supports Obamacare and said, “People will have lower premiums.” Again, not true.

Senator Tester continues to support Obamacare, well, because he’s always willing to do Obama’s bidding.

As for Governor Bullock, when given the opportunity to protect working-class Montana families from Obamacare refused to join a lawsuit challenging Obamacare.

Bullock’s loyalty to President Obama and the Democrat Party has been rewarded. The Democratic Governors Association (DGA)– which Bullock now runs and raises millions in dark money– wired nearly $3 million to a group who ran political ads supporting Bullock’s 2012 run for governor.

One of the political ads touted Bullock’s efforts defending and protecting Obamacare.

Will more money be funneled into Montana from the DGA because Bullock supports Obamacare? Time will tell …

Most disturbing of all, Bullock has amassed a $3 million dark money war-chest (and counting) for his work at the DGA, and it’s only a matter of time before Bullock’s dark money floods the state to support his re-election campaign.

Tester’s Support for Iran Deal Means …

Senator Tester voted again to block an up-or-down vote on President Obama’s Iran Deal today. This comes on the heels of Tester’s vote last week when he refused to allow the deal be brought up for debate. Tester stands against the strong majority of Montanans who oppose the Iran Deal. You can’t trust Tester because he sold out the safety and security of our county when he supported the Iran Deal. Tester has lost all perspective on our national security trusting Iran when they are the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, lie about their nuclear program, and continue to threaten the U.S. and Israel.

Senator Tester’s Support for Iran Deal Means:

  • U.S. will help protect Iran’s nuclear facilities from potential attacks
  • Iranian inspectors– not the international community– investigate suspected nuclear facilities
  • No anywhere, anytime inspections; Iran gets 24 days to delay inspections, which is enough time for them to clean-up the suspected nuclear site. When inspectors do arrive, it will be Iranians who investigate the site
  • Iran will get access to over $100 billion in frozen assets; allowing them to fund terrorism worldwide and threaten our safety and security

Tester Says Give Iran A Chance

Senator Tester voted to block an up or down vote on the Iran bill earlier today.

Tester’s vote shows he believes our voices should be silenced and doesn’t want to listen to the 60% of Montanans who oppose the Iran Deal.

However, Tester wants to listen to “the folks who know Iran much better than I do.

So now Tester believes America should listen to Iran’s friendsi.e. Russia, Syria, Hezbollah, etc– who say trust Iran?

Tester has gone so far as to say we should give Iran a chance.

Iran can’t be trusted; Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism, continues to make threats against the U.S. and Israel, and lies about their nuclear program and ambitions.

The fact that Tester believes we should give Iran a chance shows just how out of touch he is with the 60% of Montanans who oppose the Iran Deal and how far he’s willing to go to appease President Obama’s disastrous foreign policy.

Senator Schumer– another member of Senate Democrat leadership– stood up to President Obama and warnedwe will be worse off with this agreement than without it.”

Montanans can’t trust Tester to stand up to Obama. You’ve got to wonder whose side Tester is on when he attacks our military and Israel as “the only people who say this isn’t the right thing.”

Tester has no problem comparing Iran’s desire for nuclear weapons to smoking pot. Tester might be an expert at blowing smoke but no rational person could possibly believe Iran is a trustworthy regime.

And, where is Tester tonight? Fundraising with Vice President Biden in NYC to raise money for Democrat Senate candidates (Price Tag: $5,000 per seat).

You can’t trust Iran. You can’t trust Senator Tester.

FACT CHECK: Tester Supports Obama-EPA Water Rule

I want to call your attention to an article from earlier this week that made misleading claims about Senator Tester’s position on WOTUS. Tester’s alleged “concerns” for Obama’s water rule is nothing more than empty rhetoric designed to mislead Montanans about his actual support for the water rule.

FACT: Tester Supports Obama-EPA Water Power Grab

  • Tester already voiced support for Obama’s water rule a few months ago.
  • Tester voted against ending Obama’s water power grab earlier this year.
  • Tester isn’t even listed as a co-sponsor on a bipartisan bill that blocks Obama and the EPA from regulating any body of water they unilaterally declare subject to their oversight.

If President Obama, the EPA, and Senator Tester are left unchecked our access to water and property rights will be controlled by DC bureaucrats. If the federal government controls our water, they control our livelihoods.

Tester has already cast his bidding in support of Obama and the EPA– not Montanans. You can’t trust Tester because he’ll say anything to mislead Montanans but he can’t hide from his record supporting Obama and the EPA’s fringe environmental agenda.

Tester Backs Obama-Iran Deal Over Security of Our Nation

Helena, MT – The Montana Republican Party today released the following statement on Senator Tester’s decision to support the Obama-Iran deal which threatens the security of our nation:

“By backing this deal, Senator Tester continues to follow President Obama with blind party ideology, putting our national security at risk and giving Iran the ability to develop a nuclear weapon. It’s beyond comprehension that Tester would put Obama’s failed foreign policy agenda ahead of the safety and welfare of Montanans and all Americans.”