RELEASE: Chairman Lamm Blasts Tester’s Support for Single-Payer Health Care

HELENA, MONT. – Chairman Debra Lamm released the following statement today on Senator Tester’s support for a single-payer health care system:

Senator Tester’s call for a single-payer health care system would be an absolute disaster for Montana families. As if Obamacare wasn’t bad enough, this would mean a complete government takeover of our health care industry. The result would be even higher premiums, rationed care, long wait times, and massive tax increases. This is socialized medicine and it does not represent our Montana values. Montanans will remember the tremendous burden Tester wants to place on our families with his support for single payer health care.”


The Hill: Centrist Dem: Maybe we should look at single-payer health care

Sen Jon. Tester (D-Mont.) on Wednesday said Congress should perhaps take a “solid look” at a single-payer health care system.

Tester’s comments during a bipartisan hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee come at a time when more Democrats are getting on board with the idea of government-funded health care.


Tester Votes to Restrict Montanans’ Second Amendment Rights

Last week, Senator Jon Tester quietly voted for more gun control and greater restrictions on Montanans’ constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

It’s no wonder that Senator Tester tried to keep his anti-Montana votes a secret. After all, Tester’s votes show that once again, he is abandoning his promises to Montanans to prop up President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s liberal, anti-Second Amendment agenda.

Make no mistake — Montanans’ Second Amendment Rights are under attack from Senator Tester, President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Senator Tester’s anti-Second Amendment votes will only pave the way for extremists to push forward with their ultimate objective of further restricting Montanans’ lawful access to firearms.

Once again, Jon Tester’s voting record shows he’s more concerned with Washington, D.C. politics than Montana values.

Senator Tester: Voting to restrict Montanans’ constitutional freedoms– voting for more gun control– is not a Montana value.

Tester Supports More Gun Control Measures

TESTER VOTED YES | Manchin amendment #2908: Requires universal background checks on all gun purchases– including private sales.

TESTER VOTED YES | Feinstein amendment #2910: Grants the Attorney General unconstitutional authority and absolute discretion to infringe and deny 2nd Amendment Rights to any individual on the terrorist watch list or suspected of being a terrorist without due process– even if you are accidentally placed on the terrorist watch list, which happened to Senator Ted Kennedy.

TESTER VOTED NO | Paul amendment #2915: Restores 2nd Amendment Rights in Washington DC to allow for concealed carry permits, national concealed carry reciprocity, repeals policies that restrict ownership of a firearm, and allows active duty personnel to carry a concealed firearm at Department of Defense facilities.

TESTER VOTED NO | Grassley amendment #2914: Increases the threshold for adjudicated mentally incompetent to ensure doctors don’t infringe on 2nd Amendment Rights, outlines specific guidelines on what mental health care records can be given to NICS, and includes Kate’s law– requires a minimum 5 year sentence for illegal immigrants who re-enter the country after being convicted of a felony.

Bullock Shrugs Off Loss of 7,000 Montana Jobs as Congress Blocks Obama’s Job-Killing Energy Regs

The Republican-led Congress passed two bills to block implementation of Obama’s job-killing energy regulations on existing and new coal power plants– protecting Montana jobs and the livelihoods of our workers and families.

It’s absolutely critical we stop Obama’s regulations that will cripple our economy and eliminate thousands of Montana jobs. A recent report from the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research found these regulations will shut down the Colstrip power plant and eliminate over 7,000 good-paying Montana jobs.

The report described these regulations as, “The most significant economic event to occur in Montana in more than 30 years.”

The report also concluded that Montana will lose $1.5 billion in economy activity and we will see nearly a $200 million reduction in state and local tax revenue.

Governor Bullock outright dismissed this report sayinghe did not agree” with these findings and commented that it’s “(not) the only window.”

For Bullock to shrug off this report shows a complete lack of will to fight back against Obama’s job-killing energy regulations, and highlights the need for a Republican Governor who will actually stand up and fight for our workers and families.

Bullock has surrendered to Obama as he refuses to join the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Tim Fox to protect our good-paying Montana jobs, and remains silent on the recent legislation passed by Congress to permanently stop Obama’s regulations.

When Bullock is done complying with Obama’s job-killing energy regulations, what will he say to the 7,000 Montana workers who lose their jobs? How are they going to survive and provide for their families? How will our communities survive without critical funding from our clean coal?

You should also know, Senator Tester voted against both bills in Congress that protect our workers– confirming once again, that he will prioritize Obama’s extreme liberal agenda even when Montana stands to lose thousands of good-paying jobs.

I’m proud of our Montana Republican leaders who are standing up and fighting back against Obama’s assault on our way of life. Senator Daines and Congressman Zinke both voted in support of the two bills to protect our good-paying jobs, affordable electricity prices, and the livelihoods of our workers, families, and communities. Attorney General Tim Fox is taking the fight to Obama and the EPA by filing a lawsuit to stop these job-killing energy regulations from being implemented in Montana.

We can still stop President Obama and Governor Bullock from crippling our economy and eliminating thousands of jobs. If we elect a Republican Governor and a Republican President next year– alongside our Republican elected officials– we can undue Obama’s job-killing energy regulations and protect all these good-paying Montana jobs. All hope is not lost.

Victory Against Obama’s Amnesty Order

In what media outlets across the nation are describing as a major blow to President Obama and Democratic Party’s liberal agenda, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that Obama’s executive order granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants was unconstitutional.

In ruling against Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty order, the Court used Obama’s own words against him. Last November, Obama admitted he unilaterally and unconstitutionally rewrote our nation’s laws to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants: “But what you are not paying attention to is the fact that I just took an action to change the law.

Obama was unable to explain away this statement and provided further proof to the Court that Obama knowingly disregarded our nation’s laws to take whatever action he deemed necessary to suit his liberal political agenda.

It’s because of the action taken by Attorney General Tim Fox that we have been so successful in fighting back against Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty order. AG Fox filed a lawsuit last year to hold Obama accountable for his unconstitutional overreach. AG Fox is leading the fight to rein in Obama’s abuse of power and complete disregard for the rule of law.

Senator Tester on the other hand has fought to protect Obama’s amnesty order. Senator Tester voted again, again, again, and again to protect Obama’s unconstitutional overreach. Tester continues to side with President Obama and the liberal Democratic Party– not with the 74% of Montanans who oppose Obama’s amnesty order.

It’s quite disturbing that President Obama, Senator Tester, and the liberal Democratic Party are more concerned about granting amnesty to illegal immigrants than fighting to create good-paying jobs to improve the lives of Montanans, especially when Montana ranks near the bottom of the nation– 49th– in salaries.

Tester Votes 3X in 24 Hours to Protect Obama-EPA Water Power Grab

Senator Tester voted not once, twice, but three times in just over 24 hours to protect President Obama and the EPA’s water power grab and ensure they maintain authority to regulate all ponds, ditches, streams, and any body of water they deem subject to their oversight.

Just a few months ago, Tester misled Montana farmers, ranchers, and landowners when he expressed serious concerns with the Obama-EPA water power grab only then to turn around this week and vote three times to ensure President Obama, the EPA, and DC bureaucrats can regulate and control ALL bodies of water.

  • I have heard from folks in Montana who have questions and concerns about this rule and I will continue to work with them to ensure it makes sense on the ground.” –Senator Tester, 08/31/2015

There’s absolutely nothing that makes sense about allowing DC bureaucrats to control our water. Tester’s votes to protect the Obama-EPA water power grab proves he has abandoned our farmers, ranchers, and landowners and believes the federal government should control our water and our livelihoods.

Tester Votes to Protect Water Power Grab Continuing Long History of Support

Senator Tester blocked consideration of a bill today that would have ended the Obama-EPA water power grab once and for all.

For Tester to express concern over the impact this EPA overreach will have on Montanans and then turn around and oppose ending this water power grab only proves his rhetoric consistently fails to match his actions.

Tester has a long history of supporting the Obama-EPA water power grab and he simply refuses to stand up and fight back against these harmful regulations. Tester will always prioritize the needs of Obama and the Democratic Party no matter how devastating their fringe environmental agenda will have on our farmers and ranchers.

Tester is not on the side of everyday Montanans.

Tester’s Long History Supporting Water Power Grab

  • Senator Tester voted today to block consideration of a bill to end the Obama-EPA water power grab once and for all.
  • Reporters have even taken notice of Tester’s vote to preserve WOTUS.
  •  Montana Public Radio previously reported Tester “supports the water rule.”
  • When the Senate was considering a Budget Resolution earlier this year, Tester opposed ending the Obama-EPA water power grab.
  • Tester won’t sign on to bipartisan legislation to block WOTUS.

Obamacare Premium Increases Come to Montana

As open enrollment on the Obamacare exchange begins, headlines from across the nation read, “Premiums for Health Insurance Bought on Exchanges to Climb in 2016.”

Nowhere is this truer than in Montana where premiums will increase 20-45%.

Health care experts predicted Obamacare would not reduce premiums but President Obama and Democrats refused to listen. Despite President Obama’s broken promise that premiums would go down the reality is our families are going to spend more money from their paycheck for their government-approved health care plans.

As premiums continue to rise, Montana Democrats are not fighting to protect our health care. In fact, Montana Democrats just show blind allegiance to the liberal cause and refuse to stand with the 56% of Montanans who oppose Obamacare:

  • Governor Bullock admits our “small businesses and families pay too much” for health care but he’s too busy promoting the liberal agenda to stand against Obamacare.
  • Senator Tester won’t show a backbone to President Obama as he continues to defend this health care law he helped pass.
  • Monica Lindeen, the Democrat State Auditor, recently approved these double-digit premium hikes.
  • Jesse Laslovich, a Montana Democrat who’s running to succeed Lindeen in 2016, has spread misleading claims that Obamacare would reduce our health care costs and will simply follow in Lindeen’s footsteps of approving premium increases if elected.

Montana Democrats continue to press forward with their staunch defense and support for Obamacare despite the devastating harm these premium increases will have on tens of thousands of Montana families. Our families should not be burden with these premium increases. Our families deserve health care reform that will expand access and ensure affordable, high-quality care that won’t take more money from our paycheck each year.

Tester, Bullock Fight to Protect Sanctuary Cities for Criminals

Senator Tester blocked a bill earlier this week that would end sanctuary cities, which provide safe havens for criminals who are in this nation illegally. By refusing to take up this bill, Tester is allowing these dangerous criminals to continue to run free and commit heinous crimes. Tester’s vote stood in the way of enforcing the rule of law and ensuring that our families feel protected and safe in their own communities.

This legislation would have forced cities that knowingly harbor criminals to follow the rule of law and ended their ability to provide a sanctuary to these felons. There are sanctuary cities all across the country right now that welcome criminals with open arms despite their past criminal history and deportation records.

Tester isn’t the only Democrat in Montana who caters and protects these criminals …

Governor Bullock VETOED a bill during the 2013 legislative session that would have prevented sanctuary cities and ensured no criminals could be harbored and protected in our Montana communities. This legislation would have enforced our nation’s laws and provided families with the feeling that they could feel safe and secure in their own neighborhoods.

Montana Democrats are not fighting to protect our livelihoods– rather they cater to the interests of their fringe liberal base who seeks to protect these criminals and provide them with a safe haven free from the reach of law.

Tester Supports Jobs, Stronger Economy for Iran– not Montana

Senator Tester opposes lifting the U.S. oil export ban while supporting Iran’s efforts to lift their oil export ban. Tester has proven once again he will fight for anyone but Montanans.  Tester is more concerned about helping Iran create jobs and build a stronger economy than fighting to better the lives of thousands of hard-working Montanans and their families.

Lifting the U.S. oil export ban will create 2,400 good, high-paying jobs right here in Montana, provide over $100 million directly to Montana’s economy, and make America more energy secure.

Montanans will also see lower gas prices– keeping more money in our pockets.

The U.S. is the only country left in the world to ban oil exports after President Obama and Senator Tester supported the Iran Deal, which lifted Iran’s sanctions allowing them to export oil and have access to $100 billion in frozen assets- mostly from oil sales.

Tester’s support for lifting the Iran oil export ban means Iran will have a stronger economy, Iranian jobs will be created, and Iranian communities will have access to critical funding.

Tester’s opposition to lifting the U.S. oil export ban means we do NOT get to build a stronger Montana economy or create good, high-paying Montana jobs. It also means we will remain dependent on oil in the ground from the Middle East– not America.

Montana Republican Chairman Jeff Essmann asked, “Has Jon Tester forgotten he was elected by the people of Montana to represent their best interests? Why is Tester not protecting our safety or fighting to improve our economy? When people see him they need to ask, ‘Whose side are you on?'”

It’s beyond disturbing that Tester will fight to improve the livelihoods of Iranians– not Montanans.

Tester Flip-Flop Alert: Tester Supports Government Shutdown

Senator Tester has flip-flopped, again. Tester announced he is no longer supporting the End Government Shutdowns Act– despite co-sponsoring this bill in 2012.

It was reported today, “The current chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has had a change of heart this year” and will no longer support the bill.

What explains Tester’s “change of heart?

Well, Tester wants a government shutdown to blame Republicans and score political points in the hopes of influencing next year’s elections. 

As a member of Senate Democrat leadership– leading their campaign and fundraising efforts for the 2016 election– Tester is more focused on the election prospects of his Democrat colleagues then doing what’s right for Montanans.

Tester’s next campaign slogan should be: Democrat Party first– Montanans last.

In 2012, Tester issued a press release announcing his support for the End Government Shutdowns Act and demanded Congress “quit playing political games.”

  • Senator Jon Tester wants to force Congress to quit playing political games when it comes to threatening to shut down the U.S. Government.
  • “This bipartisan bill makes sure that Congress gets serious instead of putting our service members, seniors and small businesses in jeopardy.”

Tester is now putting the livelihoods of “our service members, seniors and small businesses in jeopardy”– the same people he called on Congress to protect in 2012– all for the sake of scoring political points and trying to give Democrats the upper-hand in the 2016 elections.

Montanans won’t be fooled by Tester’s political games.Tester pulled his support for this bill because he wants a government shutdown so he can blame Republicans and reap the political rewards.

Tester’s actions are extremely dangerous and highlight how far he’s willing to go to help Democrats win next year– even if means causing a government shutdown.