Dirk Sandefur: Self-Declared Dem, Backed By Dem Party & Special Interests

Montanans want an independent voice on the Montana Supreme Court – not one tied to a political party or special interests.

Dirk Sandefur proudly boasts: I am and always have been a nonpartisan candidate. My record reflects that. My fundraising efforts reflect that.

The truth is, Dirk Sandefur is lying when it comes to his record:

  • Sandefur leaves out the fact that back in 2000 he ran as a Democrat for a local State Senate seat shortly before withdrawing from the race.
  • Sandefur won’t mention that he’s now benefiting from $62,000 from the Montana Democrat Party.
  • Sandefur also has former Governor Brian Schweitzer running TV ads in support of his campaign.
  • Sandefur received nearly $600,000 in financial support from the trial lawyers and their political action committees who have cases pending before the court and is endorsed by a radical environmentalist group and even Planned Parenthood.

Sandefur should spare Montanans his false claims of being a non-partisan candidate when his record reflects who he really is: A partisan Democrat who has the backing of the Montana Democrat Party and their special interest groups.

With a record like this, Sandefur simply can’t be the independent, fair, and impartial judge Montanans expect in those that serve on the court.

Let’s be honest, Montana Democrats and their special interest groups wouldn’t be spending all this money on Sandefur if he wasn’t their candidate of choice. He shares their values and will bring their partisan agenda to the court. But, those aren’t the type of values or agenda that should be on the court.