Tester, Bullock Fight to Protect Sanctuary Cities for Criminals

Senator Tester blocked a bill earlier this week that would end sanctuary cities, which provide safe havens for criminals who are in this nation illegally. By refusing to take up this bill, Tester is allowing these dangerous criminals to continue to run free and commit heinous crimes. Tester’s vote stood in the way of enforcing the rule of law and ensuring that our families feel protected and safe in their own communities.

This legislation would have forced cities that knowingly harbor criminals to follow the rule of law and ended their ability to provide a sanctuary to these felons. There are sanctuary cities all across the country right now that welcome criminals with open arms despite their past criminal history and deportation records.

Tester isn’t the only Democrat in Montana who caters and protects these criminals …

Governor Bullock VETOED a bill during the 2013 legislative session that would have prevented sanctuary cities and ensured no criminals could be harbored and protected in our Montana communities. This legislation would have enforced our nation’s laws and provided families with the feeling that they could feel safe and secure in their own neighborhoods.

Montana Democrats are not fighting to protect our livelihoods– rather they cater to the interests of their fringe liberal base who seeks to protect these criminals and provide them with a safe haven free from the reach of law.