Tester Supports Jobs, Stronger Economy for Iran– not Montana

Senator Tester opposes lifting the U.S. oil export ban while supporting Iran’s efforts to lift their oil export ban. Tester has proven once again he will fight for anyone but Montanans.  Tester is more concerned about helping Iran create jobs and build a stronger economy than fighting to better the lives of thousands of hard-working Montanans and their families.

Lifting the U.S. oil export ban will create 2,400 good, high-paying jobs right here in Montana, provide over $100 million directly to Montana’s economy, and make America more energy secure.

Montanans will also see lower gas prices– keeping more money in our pockets.

The U.S. is the only country left in the world to ban oil exports after President Obama and Senator Tester supported the Iran Deal, which lifted Iran’s sanctions allowing them to export oil and have access to $100 billion in frozen assets- mostly from oil sales.

Tester’s support for lifting the Iran oil export ban means Iran will have a stronger economy, Iranian jobs will be created, and Iranian communities will have access to critical funding.

Tester’s opposition to lifting the U.S. oil export ban means we do NOT get to build a stronger Montana economy or create good, high-paying Montana jobs. It also means we will remain dependent on oil in the ground from the Middle East– not America.

Montana Republican Chairman Jeff Essmann asked, “Has Jon Tester forgotten he was elected by the people of Montana to represent their best interests? Why is Tester not protecting our safety or fighting to improve our economy? When people see him they need to ask, ‘Whose side are you on?'”

It’s beyond disturbing that Tester will fight to improve the livelihoods of Iranians– not Montanans.