Bullock: Montanans WON’T Decide the Election

Dark Money Chairman Governor Bullock has some serious explaining to do when he says: “Montanans, not big money, must decide elections,” given all the secret, big money he has raised for his re-election campaign.

For the last two years, Bullock has served as Chairman and Finance Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), raising unlimited corporate cash and dark money to benefit HIS campaign.

Bullock’s tenure at the DGA is already paying dividends with this group now running attack ads tearing down his opponent with money Bullock helped raise.

Bullock’s entire re-election campaign depends on him tapping into all the corporate cash, dark money, and special-interest PAC money he has been so busy raising:

  • Bullock raised $30 million– mostly all from corporate donations– last year as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA).
  • Bullock also raised nearly $5 million in dark money as DGA Chair.
  • Bullock has taken almost $80,000 in special-interest PAC money (on top of the special-interest PAC money benefiting him from the Montana Democratic Party).

It was also recently reported that Bullock has even been exploiting contribution limits that allow him to launder corporate and dark money into his campaign.

Setting aside his blatant hypocrisy on secret, big-money, it’s clear Bullock intends to have this election decided by HIS corporate cash, dark money, and special interest PAC money– not Montanans.

After week-long absence is Bullock finally ready to do his job?

Governor Bullock returned to Montana yesterday from his dark money fundraisers after a nearly week-long absence that included getaways to Texas, Las Vegas, and NYC.

Bullock’s absence for most of last week was quite unusual given the news that his own former Lt. Gov. suddenly resigned over a “falling out”- raising questions if Bullock was dodging reporters …

Bullock camped out in Texas for the beginning of last week before returning to Montana for a day or so.

When Bullock was briefly in Montana, he decided it wasn’t worth showing up at the Montana Grain Growers Association Conference in Great Falls despite being in Great Falls on that very same day.  Apparently, Bullock didn’t think attending this agricultural event was that important.

Bullock then hopped on a plane to Las Vegas for a retreat at the Four Seasons resort, where he decided to wade into the national security debate over the best way to protect Montanans. Yet, Bullock had nothing to say about his support for Obama’s plan to relocate un-vetted refugees here. Remember, Bullock “won’t block any Syrian refugees” that want to re-settle in Montana.

To cap off the week, Bullock jet-setted to the Big Apple to attend one of the Democratic Governors Association’s (DGA) biggest dark money fundraisers of the year.

While reports confirmed Bullock’s attendance, he masked his dark money travels as “DGA officials didn’t confirm Monday which fundraising events Bullock attended while he was in New York for the annual meeting.”

Bullock put quite the price tag on the cost of attending his dark money events.

One event–  attending the New York Jets-Giants game on Sunday– required donors to fork over to the “DGA at least $250,000 to get into the fundraiser.”

Not to worry, if you couldn’t afford Bullock’s $250,000 price tag there were other dark money events you could attend- ranging from a mere $10,000 to $100,000. These dark money events included a “Late Night with the DGA” at the Diamond Horseshoe Club in the Times Square area and a VIP Reception & Holiday Party at the Gotham Hall on Broadway.

One can only image how much dark money Bullock brought in for his re-election next year with this NYC trip …

From what reports have confirmed, Bullock has amassed over a $3 million dark money war-chest during the first 6 months of the year and likely raised millions more in dark money during the remainder of the year.

Now that Bullock has finally returned to Montana, we hope he can set aside his need for dark money and do his job as Governor, and also find a new Lt. Gov. …

P.S. – We hope Bullock didn’t forget his duffel bags full of dark money at the Helena airport like he did last year. Yikes!

Las Vegas. New York City. What a Weekend for Bullock!

Governor Bullock is traveling to Las Vegas today to attend a 2-day retreat at the posh Four Seasons resort, and then heads to New York City later this weekend for the Democratic Governors Association’s “Holiday Party and Annual Meeting” to celebrate the millions of dark money he’s raised to influence elections and to tap into even more dark money for his re-election battle next year.

There’s no getting around that Bullock had a very bad week with the stunning revelation that his own Lt. Gov. resigned, but it’s quite telling after being absent from Montana for most of the week that he would then jet-set off to Las Vegas and New York City.

Bullock must be so desperate to raise even more dark money to boost his re-election campaign after his former Lt. Gov. resigned over a “falling out.”

There’s just no limit to the amount of dark money Bullock is willing to raise. A recent report discovered Bullock has amassed over a $3 million dark money war-chest, with his dark money travels taking him to Louisville, KY; Nantucket, MA; Aspen, CO; Washington DC; White Sulphur Springs, WV; and Whitefish, MT.

Bullock continues to mislead Montanans, touting himself as an outspoken critic of dark money while at the very same time raising and spending millions of dark money.

In fact, Bullock has spent over $1 million in dark money in Pennsylvania attacking Republicans and promoting their Democrat governor– despite promising Montanans: Dark money won’t be spent to influence elections.”

Bullock is also traveling the country calling for full disclosure of all dark money checks yet refuses to disclose where his $3 million dark money checks came from. It’s truly the height of hypocrisy for Bullock to demand full disclosure from everyone but himself.

Bullock’s continued absence from Montana this week shows a Governor with misplaced priorities. It’s quite concerning Bullock would prioritize his need for more dark money at a time like this. Does Bullock really think the solution to his problems is to raise even more dark money?

Chairman Essmann Statement on Bullock’s Loss to ‘The Year of the Outsider’

Helena, MT – Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party released the following statement on Governor Bullock’s record as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), which now includes losing two Governor’s races in addition to raising at least $3 million in dark money:

As Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), Governor Bullock had one job: Win the competitive Governor’s races in the 2015 election. But, he suffered a staggering defeat last night.

I believe Bullock foreshadowed his own loss next year when he blamed the Democrats’ defeat on ‘the year of the outsider,’ because voters are tired of an agenda that only seeks to empower and grow government– not help better the lives of our families and children. People are looking for outsiders, and insider politicians like Bullock have failed them.

Bullock’s so-called leadership here in Montana has allowed incompetence to run rampant in his administration and he has failed to improve our salaries and wages, which rank near the bottom of the nation.

Republicans will have great momentum going into 2016 because Montanans are looking for proven leaders who can deliver results and provide greater opportunities for our families. We need a Republican Governor who will create high-paying jobs so our kids can stay and raise their families’ right here in Montana. I believe Montana Republicans will continue to expand on our victories in 2016.

Bullock Raises Over $4 Million in Dark Money for DGA

Governor Bullock announced today that as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), he raised $17 million during the first half of 2015, including over $4 million in undisclosed, unlimited corporate cash– the same cash Bullock publicly condemns and tells Montanans he’s fighting against.

Governor Bullock’s appalling level of hypocrisy is on full display today after it was revealed he raised over $4 million in dark money.” said Jeff Essmann, Chairman of the MTGOP. Bullock actively misleads Montanans telling us he is fighting dark money while in actuality he is raising and spending this very same cash for the benefit of his party and himself. Montanans deserve to have a Governor they can trust to keep his word even when it’s not convenient.”

Bullock’s dark money organization has now spent over $1 million in attack-ads against Pennsylvania Republicans to help set-up his fellow Democrat Governor for re-election.

The DGA has held fundraising events this year at the Kentucky Derby, in Dallas with Vice President Biden, Greenwich, CT, Nantucket, MA, White Sulphur Springs, WV, and this weekend in Aspen, CO. Bullock refuses to tell Montanans if he’s attending these events and how much dark money he raised. Bullock should release his travel schedule so Montanans know when he’s attending to his other job raising dark money.

After Bullock became Chairman of the DGA, he promised to change their dark money policy and “fully disclose all of its donors.” Bullock’s pledge has been nothing more than a broken promise.