Follow the Money: Bullock Will Shut Down ALL of Colstrip

When you hear Governor Bullock talk about standing up and defending Montana jobs, it amounts to nothing more than the political doublespeak you would expect from a career politician.

You just have to follow the money to see who Governor Bullock is beholden to …

The fringe enviro groups that successfully shut down Colstrip Units 1 & 2 are also funding Bullock’s campaign, with board members of the MEIC and Sierra Club lining up behind him.

Bullock’s also benefiting from $500,000 in dark money from another fringe enviro group whose main backer bragged about their most recent success being shutting down Colstrip Units 1 & 2.

Who is Bullock beholden to? The money says it’s these fringe, anti-Colstrip enviro groups. Bullock’s happy to do their bidding when he get six figure checks as a reward.

Here’s what Montana’s future looks like if Bullock is re-elected: ALL of Colstrip will close and thousands of high-paying Montana jobs will be lost forever.

When Bullock makes promises to stand with ‘Montana energy and our jobs,’ it should be clear by now that those promises are empty promises.

Bullock’s NOT fighting for Colstrip or any Montana jobs.

Bullock & Hillary Will Finish What Obama Started: Shut Down Colstrip

Montana was devastated to learn yesterday that Colstrip Units 1 & 2 will be shut down because of Obama’s job-killing energy agenda and the work of the fringe environmental movement. This is heartbreaking news for the livelihoods of the Colstrip community and its workers, and for all Montanans. We will now see more good-paying Montana jobs lost, critical funding for our communities dry up, and higher electricity bills.

This is an assault on our way of life and Montanans should be outraged by the complete dishonesty from Governor Bullock – making even more misleading claims – that he will “stand with the workers and the community of Colstrip.”

You take one look at Bullock’s record and it’s crystal clear: Bullock has abandoned the Colstrip community and all Montana coal workers.

Bullock’s faux outrage is about protecting his re-election chances – not the workers of Colstrip and the thousands of Montanans who have a good-paying job because of our Montana-made energy.

If Bullock and Hillary win in November they will finish what Obama started: Shutting down Colstrip and putting thousands of Montanans out of work.

We need your support today with a small donation of $10, $15, or even $25 to fight back against this job-killing energy agenda. Please help us stop Bullock and Hillary before it’s too late!
Bullock’s Actions Threaten Colstrip, Thousands of Montana Jobs

  • Bullock can’t claim to stand with the Colstrip community and its workers when he supports Hillary Clinton for president – who brags about putting a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.
  • Bullock promised Obama’s job-killing energy regulations would NOT shut down Montana’s coal plants. Well, that’s completely false: Colstrip Units 1 & 2 will be closed forever and the Corette power plant in Billings was demolished – eliminating 35 Montana jobs – because of these job-killing energy regulations.
  • 7,000 Montana jobs lost and a $1.5 billion hit to our economy is the reality we face if we don’t stop the Obama-Hillary-Bullock job-killing energy agenda in November.
  • In fact, Montana already lost 200 jobs at our coal mines, railroad companies, and on the Crow Reservation this year as a result of these job-killing energy regulations.
  • Earlier this year, Bullock permanently killed the Otter Creek coal jobs project – blocking 4,400 high-paying Montana jobs from being created. Going back to his days as Attorney General, Bullock was dead set against this jobs project.
  • Bullock never even took the fight to Oregon when they considered and eventually passed a bill to cut off all the coal-generated electricity it receives from Colstrip–threatening its entire operation and thousands of Montana jobs.
  • When Washington passed a bill to ban the use of Colstrip’s coal-generated electricity, Bullock was silent for weeks on this issue stating he had no plans to ask Washington’s Governor to VETO the measure. It was only after Greg Gianforte put the pressure on Bullock to do more to protect Colstrip that he decided to reverse course and ask for a VETO – discreetly mentioning this in an op-ed as if he didn’t want too many people to know about it.

Bullock Shows Lack of Leadership on Obama’s Job-Killing Coal Lease Moratorium

Time and time again, Governor Bullock refuses to stand up and fight for Colstrip and Montana jobs …

Last week, despite being invited to provide testimony, the Bullock administration ‘did not send anyone to speak in support of critical legislation that protects Montana coal jobs from President Obama’s recent job-killing coal lease moratorium.

Yesterday, Bullock had an assistant deliver a weak message at another coal hearing on this issue and it was a slap in the face to folks in Colstrip and working men and women all across Montana. Instead, he released an “energy plan” 4 years too late that neither saves Colstrip nor protects Montana jobs.

If you recall, Bullock was also a no-show at a coal lease moratorium hearing in Billings last August– abandoning our coal workers in time of need.

Now, Bullock claims to oppose Obama’s job-killing coal lease moratorium but when given opportunities to stand up to Obama he repeatedly cowers in defeat.

This is a pattern of Bullock paying lip service to Montana coal workers but failing to take concrete action to protect their jobs.

Look to a few months ago when Bullock permanently killed the Otter Creek coal jobs project, refusing to issue permits– blocking the creation of 4,400 high-paying Montana jobs.

And, the job-killing energy agenda that Obama, Hillary, and Bullock are relentless in pursuing in the name of climate change threatens to shut down Colstrip and eliminate 7,000 Montana jobs.

Their radical environmental agenda will have no impact on global carbon emissions– a statement made by Obama’s former EPA administrator– but will put thousands of Montanans out of work.

This isn’t the kind of leadership Montanans deserve. Greg Gianforte will always fight and protect Montana jobs. You can trust Greg Gianforte to fight for the livelihoods of Montana workers and their families.

Steve Bullock and Terry McAuliffe’s Job-Killing Energy Agenda

New York Lawyer Governor Steve Bullock has recruited Anti-Coal Governor Terry McAuliffe– who is under federal investigation for illegal campaign contributions– to help raise money for his re-election campaign.

A quick look at Bullock and Terry’s job-killing energy agenda shows they have a lot in common.

Bullock and Terry are both associated with Tom Steyer– a radical environmentalist– who wrote large checks to both campaigns: Terry received a $1.6 million check in 2013, and Bullock took $250,000 last year in his role as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA)– this money is now being used to bankroll Bullock’s re-election campaign.

While Terry recently VETOED a coal tax credit bill that would have helped workers as thousands of jobs have been eliminated, Bullock permanently killed the Otter Creek coal jobs project earlier this year when he refused to issue their permits (and also voted against this jobs project in 2010).

Bullock’s actions mean 4,400 good-paying jobs will NEVER be created nor will our communities receive $100 million in tax revenue to fund vital infrastructure and school projects.

Bullock and Terry are one in the same: Working to kill good-paying jobs supported by their coal industry.

Bullock Leads From Behind; Flip-Flops on Colstrip

Governor Bullock is once again reacting to the leadership shown by Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte, who has repeatedly called on Bullock to defend Montana jobs and Colstrip. Bullock has now reversed course and asked Washington Governor Jay Inslee to VETO a bill aimed at shutting down Colstrip and resulting in the loss of 700 high-paying Montana jobs.

For weeks, Greg Gianforte has asked Bullock to fight back against Inslee’s Colstrip Shutdown bill, only to be told: Bullock isn’t likely to ask Inslee to veto the measure.

Yesterday, Bullock caved and asked Inslee to VETO the bill: “I still asked Washington Gov. Jay Inslee to veto it because I think we can do better.”

Wow–That’s quite the flip-flop, and there’s nothing like waiting until the last minute to change your mind with the bill’s April 2nd deadline right around the corner.

But, this isn’t the first time Bullock’s failed leadership has been on display when it comes to fighting for Colstrip and Montana jobs. He never had the courage to try and stop a similar bill in Oregon that also puts the future of Colstrip at risk.

The Colstrip community and Montana workers deserve leadership on this issue– not watch Bullock scramble as he leads from behind.

Earlier this week, Bullock also raised eyebrows when he snubbed Montana’s energy community after agreeing to speak at the 2016 Montana Energy Summit. His no-show isn’t the signal you want to send to this community dedicated to developing Montana energy and creating thousands of Montana jobs.

Bullock was probably uncomfortable attending a meeting that would upset his fringe environmental allies, who he is heavily dependent on for their money and support (or, maybe there was just no campaign fundraiser to piggyback onto the trip).

Montana faces threats from Obama’s job-killing energy agenda to efforts by Washington and Oregon to shut down Colstrip, and the last thing Montanans want is an inept Governor who repeatedly lacks the leadership and inability to fight for Montana jobs. Montanans deserve a Republican Governor who they can always count on to defend their jobs and fight for their livelihoods.

Hillary: Destroy Coal Jobs, Looks to Bullock’s Record

When Hillary Clinton said, “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” in a CNN town hall in Ohio last night, she should look to the work Governor Bullock has done to shut down our coal industry and put thousands of Montanans out of work.

Bullock’s standing by while Washington and Oregon pass legislation that will cripple Colstrip.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is about to sign legislation into law that pushes Colstrip closer to shutting down by paving the way to phase out all coal-generated electricity from Montana.

By the way, Bullock actually invited Inslee to raise dark money with him this weekend in Big Sky.

Montanans deserve to know if Bullock will ask Inslee to VETO this bill aimed at shutting down Colstrip.

Honestly, that’s expecting too much given …

Bullock didn’t lift a finger when the Governor of Oregon recently signed into law legislation that will eradicate coal from its power supply.”

Colstrip will be completely cut off from supplying both Washington and Oregon with an affordable and reliable energy resource- and this threatens its entire operation.

Bullock also bears responsibility for shutting down Otter Creek. His administration refused to issue permits that would have created 4,400 Montana job and generated nearly $100 million in tax revenue for vital infrastructure and school projects in our local communities. In fact, while serving as Attorney General as a member of the Land Board, Bullock voted against Otter Creek.

Remember when Bullock said Obama’s job-killing energy regulations wouldn’t shut down the Corette power plant? Well, Obama’s job-killing energy regulations did exactly that– Corette has been demolished, and with it 35 Montana jobs were eliminated.

This year alone, Montana lost nearly 200 jobs at our coal mines, railroad companies, and on the Crow Reservation because of Bullock’s job-killing energy agenda.

Bullock’s anti-coal, job-killing record could serve as a blueprint for Hillary’s War on Coal, and might even make him a strong contender to be her running mate.

Bullock Shows True Colors, Hosts Anti-Coal Dark Money Fundraiser

Governor Bullock will host a dark money fundraiser in Big Sky this weekend with special guest Washington Governor Jay Inslee, a man hell-bent on phasing out his state’s access to Montana’s affordable coal-generated electricity and who is actively working to shut down Colstrip.

In fact, a bill sits on the Washington Gov.’s desk awaiting his signaturewhich he is on record supporting– that will end his state’s use of all coal-generated electricity from Colstrip. With Colstrip being a major supplier of affordable electricity to 1.5 million Washington customers, this bill will move Colstrip one step closer to shuttering its doors.

Bullock’s prioritizing campaign money over Montana workers by fundraising with Governor Inslee. Bullock’s association with Inslee proves he would rather take money from this anti-coal crusader then defend and fight for our workers. Montanans can’t trust Bullock to protect their jobs when he’s raising money from this job-killing, anti-coal Governor.

Bullock and Inslee’s War On Coal will devastate Montana: 7,000 workers will be out of a job, our economy will take a $1.5 billion hit, and hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue will be eliminated– this is critical money that funds infrastructure and school projects for our local communities and Tribal Nations.

It’s no coincidence Bullock teamed-up with the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) to host this dark money fundraiser– this is the same group he worked at for the last 2 years raising and spending millions in dark money to influence elections.

Bullock’s showing his true colors with his anti-coal, dark money fundraiser. All Montana workers should be asking themselves how they can count on Bullock to defend their jobs when he’s raising enormous sums of money with a Governor who wants to end the use of coal, kill our jobs, and wreak havoc on our economy.

P.S. – You too can join Governor Bullock this weekend in Big Sky if you are willing to pay $250,000 to become a Founder’s Circle member or if you can’t afford that, you can pay $100,000 to be a Chairman’s Board member. Your donations to Bullock will remain anonymous– Montanans will never know the source or amount of dark money you contributed to Bullock’s re-election campaign.

ICYMI: Obama’s War on Coal threatens Montana jobs & communities

ICYMI: Obama’s War on Coal Threatens Montana Jobs & Communities

A recent video posted by the Great Falls Tribune brings to light the real consequences of Obama’s War on Coal. The most recent attempt by the administration to shut down the coal industry by implementing the so-called “Clean Power Plan” would result in the loss of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue to the state, not to mention the economic devastation that the implementation of these rules would mean for communities like Colstrip, that depend on the good paying jobs that coal provides.

Click here to watch the video.

Poor Bullock–Upset He Can’t Address Climate Change

When the Supreme Court temporarily blocked implementation of Obama’s job-killing energy regulations earlier this week, it appeared there was no one more disappointed about this decision than Governor Bullock.

Why? Well, Bullock is so desperate to “address” climate change he saw implementing Obama’s job-killing energy regulations as his golden ticket to do exactly that.

What we cannot put on hold, however, is the need to address climate change,” Bullock declared following the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Let’s get this straight: Thousands of Montana jobs are at stake– Montana jobs Bullock won’t defend– and all Bullock can think about is the need to address climate change.

Get this– Bullock could implement Obama’s job-killing energy regulations or the U.S. could even shut down every single coal plant in the nation– and global carbon emissions would only be reduced by less than 1 percent.

In fact, even Obama’s former EPA Administrator admitted that U.S. action will not impact worldwide carbon emissions.

Bullock’s climate change solution is to eliminate over 7,000 Montana jobs and blow a $1.5 billion hole into our economyand yet we will see LITTLE TO NO REDUCTION in global carbon emissions.

Under Bullock’s leadership, the Corette power plant in Billings shut down and with it 35 Montana jobs were lost. Earlier this year, nearly 200 Montana workers had their jobs eliminated because of this job-killing energy agenda: Signal Peak Energy was forced to cut 66 jobs at their coal mine, 19 jobs were eliminated at railroad companies, and the Crow Tribe was forced to furlough 100 of their employees. And, permitting delays are holding back job creation at the Otter Creek mine.

Across the nation over 40,000 jobs have been lost since Obama took office and declared a War on Coal. The very livelihoods of these workers have been destroyed because of this extreme environmental agenda.

This is the vision shared by Bullock and the Democrat Party. It’s beyond delusional that they are willing to sacrifice thousands of good-paying Montana jobs and an affordable, reliable energy source for this extreme environmental agenda.

Bullock’s job-killing energy agenda won’t even address climate change but it will put thousands of Montanans out of work– and how will they provide for their families without a job? No Montanan should have to live under this threat from Bullock and Obama’s extreme environmental agenda. At the end of the day, Montana workers can’t count on Bullock to stand up and defend their good-paying jobs. Too much is at stake to put the livelihoods of our workers and families in the hands of Bullock this November.

Chairman Essmann Statement on Supreme Court Ruling Blocking Obama’s Job-Killing Energy Regulations

Helena, MT –  Chairman Jeff Essmann of the Montana Republican Party today released the following statement on the Supreme Court’s decision to block implementation of President Obama and the EPA’s Costly Power Plan until the litigation is resolved in court:

“Attorney General Tim Fox achieved a critical victory today against President Obama’s War on Coal with the Supreme Court deciding to halt implementation of the Costly Power Plan until the legal battle is resolved. I thank Tim for taking the fight to Obama and the EPA and for defending the thousands of good-paying Montana jobs that will be lost if these job-killing energy regulations aren’t stopped dead in their tracks. I’m glad we have a leader like Tim on our side working to end this threat.”

“The Supreme Court’s stay stops Obama’s vast overreach and highlights the need for a Republican Governor who will not hesitate to fight for these Montana jobs– not find ways to comply with Obama’s job-killing energy regulations. We need a Republican Governor who will stand with Montana workers and their families– not with Obama and the EPA.”