Hillary: Destroy Coal Jobs, Looks to Bullock’s Record

When Hillary Clinton said, “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” in a CNN town hall in Ohio last night, she should look to the work Governor Bullock has done to shut down our coal industry and put thousands of Montanans out of work.

Bullock’s standing by while Washington and Oregon pass legislation that will cripple Colstrip.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is about to sign legislation into law that pushes Colstrip closer to shutting down by paving the way to phase out all coal-generated electricity from Montana.

By the way, Bullock actually invited Inslee to raise dark money with him this weekend in Big Sky.

Montanans deserve to know if Bullock will ask Inslee to VETO this bill aimed at shutting down Colstrip.

Honestly, that’s expecting too much given …

Bullock didn’t lift a finger when the Governor of Oregon recently signed into law legislation that will eradicate coal from its power supply.”

Colstrip will be completely cut off from supplying both Washington and Oregon with an affordable and reliable energy resource- and this threatens its entire operation.

Bullock also bears responsibility for shutting down Otter Creek. His administration refused to issue permits that would have created 4,400 Montana job and generated nearly $100 million in tax revenue for vital infrastructure and school projects in our local communities. In fact, while serving as Attorney General as a member of the Land Board, Bullock voted against Otter Creek.

Remember when Bullock said Obama’s job-killing energy regulations wouldn’t shut down the Corette power plant? Well, Obama’s job-killing energy regulations did exactly that– Corette has been demolished, and with it 35 Montana jobs were eliminated.

This year alone, Montana lost nearly 200 jobs at our coal mines, railroad companies, and on the Crow Reservation because of Bullock’s job-killing energy agenda.

Bullock’s anti-coal, job-killing record could serve as a blueprint for Hillary’s War on Coal, and might even make him a strong contender to be her running mate.

ICYMI: Bullock Campaigning on the Taxpayers’ Dime

The Billings Gazette exposed Governor Bullock for campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime, using the State plane to attend fundraisers for his re-election campaign.

Bullock justifies these taxpayer funded trips as attending to official state business but in reality the main priority is to raise money for his campaign– and he’s doing so at a cost of $1,650/hour.

It’s astonishing to think that Bullock’s charging Montanans at a rate of $1,650/hour to fly on the State plane when he could be making the drive from Helena to Butte, Bozeman, and Missoula, and having his campaign pick up the tab– not the Montana taxpayers.

Bullock should also stop stonewalling media reporters who have requested information on his taxpayer funded campaign flights. Bullock behaves as if he’s above the law but it is illegal to use a taxpayer funded plane for campaign purposes, and he should immediately reimburse Montanans and halt his illegal campaign activity.

P.S. – Montanans deserve to know if Governor Bullock’s flying to Big Sky this weekend on the taxpayers’ dime for his dark money fundraiser with job-killer, anti-coal crusader WA Governor Inslee.

Billings Gazette: Bullock criticized for piggybacking campaign stops onto official business flights

Campaigning on the Taxpayers’ Dime

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock is being criticized for piggybacking campaign events onto government business trips in his state airplane.

At issue are a handful of campaign fundraisers branded as “Women for Bullock” events that capped business flights to Montana communities during the past month.

Criticism of the flights surfaced on social media after it was mentioned in a Feb. 10 Associated Press report that Bullock, a Democrat, was unavailable for comment because he was in Billings making peanut butter sandwiches for the homeless and attending a campaign fundraiser. Bullock had flown to Billings for those events, plus a TV interview and a meeting with a union official. Similar business trips capped by campaign fundraisers also took place in Bozeman and Missoula.

Bullock Won’t Make the 115 Mile Drive to Missoula

On Wednesday, the criticism bubbled up on The Missoulian opinion page, where Rep. Brad Tschida, R-Missoula, accused Bullock of “holding campaign events at taxpayer expense.” Tschida said the cost of the Missoula trip was roughly $1,000. By car, Helena and Missoula are about 115 miles apart.

State Plane Cost $1,650/Hour

Rep. Ryan Osmundson, chairman of the subcommittee, said his interest was piqued by Bullock’s use of the plane to fly from Helena to Butte. The two communities are 67 miles apart by car. The governor’s plane costs about $1,650 an hour to operate, Osmundson said.

Bullock Stonewalls Media

On Feb. 17, The Gazette filed requests under the state’s public information laws concerning Bullock’s Feb. 10 flight to Billings. The request was for all written and recorded conversations between Gov. Bullock and/or his staff with representatives of School District 2 and the Billings Golden K Kiwanis regarding the governor’s Feb. 10, 2016, appearance at Riverside School in Billings. The public documents request was a first step in attempting to determine whether the official trip was planned before the campaign fundraiser.

The Gazette also requested information about who was on the plane for the Feb. 10 flight. The Gazette also requested information about the governor’s Feb. 16 trip to Missoula. Also, The Gazette requested the governor’s schedule, which is not available to the public without a request.

Those requests have not yet been fulfilled.

Bullock Shows True Colors, Hosts Anti-Coal Dark Money Fundraiser

Governor Bullock will host a dark money fundraiser in Big Sky this weekend with special guest Washington Governor Jay Inslee, a man hell-bent on phasing out his state’s access to Montana’s affordable coal-generated electricity and who is actively working to shut down Colstrip.

In fact, a bill sits on the Washington Gov.’s desk awaiting his signaturewhich he is on record supporting– that will end his state’s use of all coal-generated electricity from Colstrip. With Colstrip being a major supplier of affordable electricity to 1.5 million Washington customers, this bill will move Colstrip one step closer to shuttering its doors.

Bullock’s prioritizing campaign money over Montana workers by fundraising with Governor Inslee. Bullock’s association with Inslee proves he would rather take money from this anti-coal crusader then defend and fight for our workers. Montanans can’t trust Bullock to protect their jobs when he’s raising money from this job-killing, anti-coal Governor.

Bullock and Inslee’s War On Coal will devastate Montana: 7,000 workers will be out of a job, our economy will take a $1.5 billion hit, and hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue will be eliminated– this is critical money that funds infrastructure and school projects for our local communities and Tribal Nations.

It’s no coincidence Bullock teamed-up with the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) to host this dark money fundraiser– this is the same group he worked at for the last 2 years raising and spending millions in dark money to influence elections.

Bullock’s showing his true colors with his anti-coal, dark money fundraiser. All Montana workers should be asking themselves how they can count on Bullock to defend their jobs when he’s raising enormous sums of money with a Governor who wants to end the use of coal, kill our jobs, and wreak havoc on our economy.

P.S. – You too can join Governor Bullock this weekend in Big Sky if you are willing to pay $250,000 to become a Founder’s Circle member or if you can’t afford that, you can pay $100,000 to be a Chairman’s Board member. Your donations to Bullock will remain anonymous– Montanans will never know the source or amount of dark money you contributed to Bullock’s re-election campaign.

ICYMI: Obama’s War on Coal threatens Montana jobs & communities

ICYMI: Obama’s War on Coal Threatens Montana Jobs & Communities

A recent video posted by the Great Falls Tribune brings to light the real consequences of Obama’s War on Coal. The most recent attempt by the administration to shut down the coal industry by implementing the so-called “Clean Power Plan” would result in the loss of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue to the state, not to mention the economic devastation that the implementation of these rules would mean for communities like Colstrip, that depend on the good paying jobs that coal provides.

Click here to watch the video.

Poor Bullock–Upset He Can’t Address Climate Change

When the Supreme Court temporarily blocked implementation of Obama’s job-killing energy regulations earlier this week, it appeared there was no one more disappointed about this decision than Governor Bullock.

Why? Well, Bullock is so desperate to “address” climate change he saw implementing Obama’s job-killing energy regulations as his golden ticket to do exactly that.

What we cannot put on hold, however, is the need to address climate change,” Bullock declared following the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Let’s get this straight: Thousands of Montana jobs are at stake– Montana jobs Bullock won’t defend– and all Bullock can think about is the need to address climate change.

Get this– Bullock could implement Obama’s job-killing energy regulations or the U.S. could even shut down every single coal plant in the nation– and global carbon emissions would only be reduced by less than 1 percent.

In fact, even Obama’s former EPA Administrator admitted that U.S. action will not impact worldwide carbon emissions.

Bullock’s climate change solution is to eliminate over 7,000 Montana jobs and blow a $1.5 billion hole into our economyand yet we will see LITTLE TO NO REDUCTION in global carbon emissions.

Under Bullock’s leadership, the Corette power plant in Billings shut down and with it 35 Montana jobs were lost. Earlier this year, nearly 200 Montana workers had their jobs eliminated because of this job-killing energy agenda: Signal Peak Energy was forced to cut 66 jobs at their coal mine, 19 jobs were eliminated at railroad companies, and the Crow Tribe was forced to furlough 100 of their employees. And, permitting delays are holding back job creation at the Otter Creek mine.

Across the nation over 40,000 jobs have been lost since Obama took office and declared a War on Coal. The very livelihoods of these workers have been destroyed because of this extreme environmental agenda.

This is the vision shared by Bullock and the Democrat Party. It’s beyond delusional that they are willing to sacrifice thousands of good-paying Montana jobs and an affordable, reliable energy source for this extreme environmental agenda.

Bullock’s job-killing energy agenda won’t even address climate change but it will put thousands of Montanans out of work– and how will they provide for their families without a job? No Montanan should have to live under this threat from Bullock and Obama’s extreme environmental agenda. At the end of the day, Montana workers can’t count on Bullock to stand up and defend their good-paying jobs. Too much is at stake to put the livelihoods of our workers and families in the hands of Bullock this November.

Nearly 200 Jobs Eliminated as Obama’s War on Coal Impacts Montana

Nearly 200 Montana workers had their good-paying jobs eliminated in the last two weeks because of the devastating impact of Obama’s job-killing energy agenda. President Obama’s commitment to end the use of Montana’s affordable, clean, and reliable energy is bringing great harm to our workers and their families.

A Montana coal mine recently cut 66 good-paying jobseliminating 20 percent of its workforce.

In Yellowstone County, two of their largest railroad companies eliminated 19 family wage jobs.

The Crow Tribe announced approximately 100 of their members will be furloughed– affecting 25 percent of their workers. Chairman Darrin Old Coyote placed the blame squarely on Obama’s War on Coal: “Our bread and butter is coal. A war on coal is a war on Crow families.

Montanans are living the real life consequences of Obama’s disastrous job-killing energy agenda.

Bullock Won’t Fight Back | Montana Faces Thousands of Layoffs

Governor Bullock continues to stand by and watch as good-paying Montana jobs are eliminated. Bullock simply refuses to fight for the livelihoods of our workers and their families. We need a Governor who will stand against Obama’s job-killing energy agenda now more than ever because these recent layoffs are just the beginning …

A recent study from the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research found Obama’s job-killing energy regulations will likely shut down the Colstrip power plant and eliminate over 7,000 good-paying Montana jobs.

Threats from Washington and Oregon

Montana’s coal industry face additional threats from Washington and Oregon.  Both Washington and Oregon are considering legislation that will likely lead to the shutdown of Colstrip and end the use of importing our affordable, coal-generated electricity to power their homes. These pieces of legislation pose a serious threat to all the good-paying Montana jobs supported by our coal industry.

No Carbon Emission Reductions

What gets lost in this debate is that the U.S. could shut down all its coal-energy plants and global carbon emissions would only be reduced by less than 1 percent because of the carbon emissions released from China and India.

It’s also not being taken into account that Montana has the cleanest coal in the world and our coal-energy plants are already cleaner and more efficient than most other coal-energy plants in the country.

Why are the livelihoods of thousands of Montana workers and their families being put at risk when President Obama, Governor Bullock, and the Democratic Party won’t even achieve their goal of global carbon emission reductions?

Elect Republican Governor

It’s time to elect a Governor who will fight for our workers and their families. Governor Bullock lacks the will to get the job done. This November, if Montanans elect a Republican Governor alongside a Republican President they can undue Obama’s job-killing energy agenda and protect our workers and families.

Bullock VETOED Bill to Protect Us From Obama’s Firearm Power Grab

Governor Bullock responded to President Obama’s illegal firearm power grab by saying it’s “too important for the president to circumvent Congress with the stroke of a pen.”

Bullock is trying to have it both ways. Bullock was given the opportunity to protect Montanans’ Second Amendment rights but instead VETOED legislation that would have prevented Montana from enforcing a firearm power grab, like the one announced by Obama earlier this week.

When Bullock VETOED the legislation he called it “completely unnecessary.” 

The legislation would have protected Montanans from Obama’s recent firearm power grab and any future federal firearm ban from a constitutionally ignorant president or by legislation from a Democrat-controlled Congress.

The legislation defined a federal ban as a “federal law or executive order enacted or signed on or after January 1, 2015, that prohibits, restricts, or requires individual licensure for ownership, possession, transfer, or use of any firearm.

Obama’s power grab restricts Montanans’ access to firearms because it requires nearly universal background checks and “applies to anyone ‘in the business’ of selling firearms”– including private sales between family and friends.

Bullock owes Montanans an explanation as to why he VETOED legislation that protects Montanans’ Second Amendment rights. Bullock’s not committed to defending Montanans’ right to keep and bear arms. This November we have an opportunity to elect a Republican Governor who will stand with our Republican elected officials and protect Montanans’ from this assault on our way of life.


Bullock VETOED HB 203 in 2015 and a nearly identical bill HB 302 in 2013 that prevents enforcement of a federal ban or restriction on access to firearms.



Bullock will allow un-vetted Syrian refugees to relocate to Montana despite Sen. Daines, Rep. Zinke, and 55 Montana state lawmakers calling on Bullock to put the safety and security of Montanans first.

  • Fifty-five of Montana’s Republican state lawmakers have signed a letter asking Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock to “use all legal means” to refuse placement of Syrian refugees in Montana. (KXLH, 11/24/2015)
  • [Bullock] said he won’t block any Syrian refugees out-of-hand. (KXLH, 11/24/2015)
  • Republicans – and some Democrats – in Congress have called for increased scrutiny of Syrian refugees. Montana’s two GOP members of Congress, Sen. Steve Daines and Rep. Ryan Zinke, have asked Bullock to resist settling any Syrians in Montana until “a vastly improved background check protocol” is put in place. (KXLH, 11/24/2015)


Bullock’s failed leadership highlighted again when he denied Montanans an infrastructure bill with his “my way or the highway” approach and demanded we go into debt to finance his spending | FLASHBACK: Bullock VETOES critical infrastructure bill for Eastern Montana in 2013.

  • Republican leaders said the Bullock administration refused to negotiate any changes in SB416 during the past few days, and wouldn’t budge. (Lee Newspapers, 04/28/2015)
  • “The word from the (governor) … was, `This is it, take it or leave it,’” said Sen. Eric Moore, R-Miles City. “That’s been a fairly common theme from the (governor) this session: Take it or leave it. When you take that stance, bills are going to die.” (Lee Newspapers, 04/28/2015)
  • Senate Bill 416 needed a super-majority of votes in each house because it authorized the state to go into debt by issuing bonds for some funding. (Lee Newspapers, 05/02/2015)
  • Bullock rejected a bill in 2013 that would have provided $45 million over four years for public works projects in oil and gas countryThat veto likely remains his most controversial decision as governor. (Lee Newspapers, 05/02/2015)


Bullock VETOED three tax relief and simplification bills that would have returned hard-earned tax dollars to Montana families and small businesses, all so he could increase government spending.

  • Three Republican tax relief bills have died at the pen of Montana’s Democratic governor this year. (AP, 05/07/2015)
  • The state House and Senate GOP caucuses touted tax cuts as a high priority for the 2015 session, but every major tax initiative that was passed out of the Republican-controlled Legislature has been vetoed by Gov. Steve Bullock. (AP, 05/07/2015)
  • I hope that everyone recognizes the governor’s move on SB 171 for what it really is, adherence to an ideology,” Senate President Debby Barrett, R-Dillon, said in a statement. (AP, 05/07/2015)
  • Barrett called Montana’s current tax system convoluted and said the final of three Republican tax relief bills would have improved the state’s business climate. (AP, 05/07/2015)


Bullock VETOED two critical Second Amendment bills that would: (1) Prevent Montana from enforcing a future firearm-ban from President Obama, another constitutionally ignorant president, or a Democrat-controlled Congress; and (2) Allow law-abiding Montanans the right to carry a concealed firearm without a permit.

  • Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock on Friday vetoed a pair of Republican-sponsored gun rights bills, including one that would allow almost any adult to carry a concealed weapon in Montana without a permit. (Lee Newspapers, 03/27/2015)
  • Bullock also vetoed HB203, which would prohibit any state or local officials in Montana from enforcing any future federal restrictions on gun or weapon magazine ownership. (Lee Newspapers, 03/27/2015)


Under Bullock, Montana has lost– in 2015 alone – over 500 good-paying jobs supported by our timber industry.

  • Approximately 500 jobs supported by Montana’s wood products industry have dried up this year alone. (Missoulian, 10/13/2015)
  • There are currently no mills in the state running two full shifts, something that was unthinkable two decades ago. (Missoulian, 10/13/2015)
  • Timber mills employ approximately 7,000 people in Montana, and 235 mill workers have been laid off this year. Another 280 jobs that were indirectly supported by the timber industry have also been lost. (Missoulian, 10/13/2015)
  • So we are down a good 500 jobs this year alone … That’s a pretty big loss.” (Missoulian, 10/13/2015)


Bullock’s compliance with Obama’s job-killing energy regulations will likely shut down Colstrip and eliminate over 7,000 Montana jobs. 

  • The Obama administration’s plan to cut carbon emissions likely will lead to closure of all four coal-fired power plants in Colstrip in southeastern Montana, a University of Montana economist said Wednesday – and thus deal a huge blow to Montana’s economy. (KXLH, 11/18/2015)
  • Closing the coal-fired plants in Colstrip would reverberate across the state, he said, costing 7,000 jobs, $500 million a year of income and another $190 million in state-and-local tax revenue. (KXLH, 11/18/2015)


Under Bullock’s leadership, Montana ranks 49th in wages and salaries– forcing many of our kids to leave home to find a good-paying job so they can make a decent living and provide for their family.

  • In the group’s most recent report on tax return data by state and county, Montana ranked 49th — just above Mississippi and right below New Mexico — for wages and salaries reported in tax returns, with Montanans earning an average of $33,180 annually. (Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 04/12/2015)


Auditors found Bullock’s incompetence led to 125 significant accounting errors, with many errors individually amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars | Mismanagement led to first adverse report ever issued on Montana’s finances 

  • We communicated over 125 significant items … Many of those amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars in error.” (MTPR, 06/24/2015)
  • Lawmakers on the Audit Committee voiced harsh reaction to the many errors auditors found in the state’s financial statement. This is Huntley Republican Senator Taylor Brown.  “When I first read this, I thought this was extraordinary, but when I hear you say that this is the first time you’ve ever seen this kind of adverse opinion and this material and pervasive report, I’m quite concerned about that.” (MTPR, 06/24/2015)
  • Republican Dee Brown of Hungry Horse agreed. “We haven’t seen a report like this, and it’s very disturbing to we who have been on this committee to see this.” (MTPR, 06/24/2015)
  • She pointed to one estimate of the state’s liability for infrastructure needs, the report pegged the amount as $1.2 billion, but auditors revised downward to just over $200 million; a billion dollar mistake. (MTPR, 06/24/2015)


Gov. Hypocrite Bullock jet-setted around the country to raise dark money and unlimited corporate cash– while at the same time publicly condemning both types of money | Planned NYC getaway to avoid answering questions about McLean’s departure.

  • State Republicans called Bullock a “hypocrite” for criticizing the influence of corporate and “dark money” in campaigns, yet chairing the DGA while it raises both types of funds. (KXLH, 12/07/2015)
  • The DGA raised about $17 million during the first six months of this year, including an estimated $3 million for a nonprofit that does not have to report the details on its spending or donors – so-called dark money. (KXLH, 12/07/2015)
  • The Hartford (Conn.) Courant reported that donors had to give the DGA at least $250,000 to get into the fundraiser at the NFL football game. (KXLH, 12/07/2015)
  • DGA officials didn’t confirm Monday which fundraising events Bullock attended while he was in New York for the annual meeting. (KXLH, 12/07/2015)
  • Montana Gov. Steve Bullock … attended DGA fundraising events in Louisville, Ky., Nantucket, Mass., Aspen, Colo., Washington, D.C., and White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. (KXLH, 09/17/2015)


McLean unexpectedly resigned over a falling out with Bullock– details remain sparse | Why won’t Bullock tell Montanans the truth? What’s Bullock hiding?

  • Bullock and Parker said the governor did not believe McLean could be happy in her job, according to a message she sent from her private email account to Bullock’s private account on Oct. 2. (AP, 12/15/2015)
  • After the Oct. 1 meeting, Parker called McLean and told her to imagine a workplace if she stayed in her post, but Bullock took away her initiatives and her ability to serve the people of Montana, she wrote in the email. (AP, 12/15/2015)
  • Three days later, Parker told McLean that the governor wanted her in a “more traditional” lieutenant governor role and that her policy initiatives would be handled by other administration staff, she said in an Oct. 6 email to Bullock’s state email account. (AP, 12/15/2015)
  • Subsequent emails describe McLean being excluded from administration meetings, being locked out of her official Twitter account and having her appointments with Bullock canceled. They include reprimands by Chief of Staff Tracy Stone-Manning for tweeting about Denise Juneau’s U.S. House bid and for a lengthy introduction of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez during his Montana visit in October. (AP, 12/15/2015)

Lee Newspaper Editor calls out Bullock for hiding the truth about what led to the falling out with his former Lt. Gov.

  • There’s a gap there. There’s obviously a gap between her account of what took place and the fact that you felt her frustration was disruptive. I mean, there’s something else there.” (YouTube: Independent Record, 12/16/2015)

Bullock’s Rough Week Indeed | Montana Standard Blasts Bullock for Refusing to Talk

The Montana Standard is having none of Governor Bullock’s refusal to answer questions about the falling out between him and the Lt. Gov. nearly three weeks after her abrupt departure.

The Montana Standard blasted Bullock for not providing straightforward answers about this situation. They wrote, “The refusal to answer direct questions in matters important to Montana citizens is troubling,” and noted that when it comes to Bullock telling the truth, “The answers have been sparse and sideways.”

They know something isn’t adding up here and have called on Bullock to tell Montanans the truth about what really happened.

This brutal editorial comes on the heels of Bullock cancelling his appearance on Voices of Montana (VOM) yesterday after his own Communications Director called-in to say that Bullock was having a “rough week” and wouldn’t be able to make it on the show.

Bullock also faced pushback on Wednesday from a Lee Newspapers editor who called-out Bullock for not telling Montanans the full story on the falling out: “There’s a gap there. There’s obviously a gap … there’s something else there.

Rough week indeed.

Bullock No Show on VOM; Lee Editor Thinks Bullock’s Hiding Something

Governor Bullock cancelled his appearance on Voices of Montana (VOM) this morning after his Communications Director called in to say he was having a rough week.”

No kidding. Bullock’s former Lt. Gov. suddenly and unexpectedly resigned over two weeks ago and speculation continues to swirl over what really happened between her and the Governor. So far, Bullock has avoided telling Montanans the truth about what led to their falling out.

What’s also strange about Bullock’s cancellation on VOM this morning is that for most of this week he was on a “whirlwind tour of the state with meetings scheduled with six members of the media, mostly newspapers and radio.” So, Bullock had no problem meeting with a number of other Montana media outlets this week but then decided to cancel on Voices of Montana this morning? It’s strange.

Maybe the walls are closing in on Governor Bullock …

Bullock sat down with the Editorial Boards of the Independent Record and Montana Standard yesterday and spent most of his time dodging questions and avoiding explaining what led to the complete breakdown between him and his former Lt. Gov.

One of the editors pushed back on Bullock for not being forthcoming about the situation. The editor knew something wasn’t adding up and that Bullock wasn’t telling the full story: “There’s a gap there. There’s obviously a gap between her account of what took place and the fact that you felt her frustration was disruptive. I mean, there’s something else there.”

There’s a gap there. There’s obviously a gap … there’s something else there.

How can Montanans trust Bullock when he’s not being honest with them? What led to the falling out between Bullock and his former Lt. Gov.?

Montanans deserve to know the truth.