Steve Bullock and Terry McAuliffe’s Job-Killing Energy Agenda

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New York Lawyer Governor Steve Bullock has recruited Anti-Coal Governor Terry McAuliffe– who is under federal investigation for illegal campaign contributions– to help raise money for his re-election campaign.

A quick look at Bullock and Terry’s job-killing energy agenda shows they have a lot in common.

Bullock and Terry are both associated with Tom Steyer– a radical environmentalist– who wrote large checks to both campaigns: Terry received a $1.6 million check in 2013, and Bullock took $250,000 last year in his role as Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (DGA)– this money is now being used to bankroll Bullock’s re-election campaign.

While Terry recently VETOED a coal tax credit bill that would have helped workers as thousands of jobs have been eliminated, Bullock permanently killed the Otter Creek coal jobs project earlier this year when he refused to issue their permits (and also voted against this jobs project in 2010).

Bullock’s actions mean 4,400 good-paying jobs will NEVER be created nor will our communities receive $100 million in tax revenue to fund vital infrastructure and school projects.

Bullock and Terry are one in the same: Working to kill good-paying jobs supported by their coal industry.

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