Sign the Petition: End the Rigged Tax System

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Montana workers need a win, again.

We have a tax system that is rigged to benefit the powerful special interests.

Every year, the government takes more of our hard-earned money while the special interests use their personal loopholes to keep more of their money.

President Trump wants to put an end to this rigged system – and I couldn’t agree more.

Trump has called for tax reform that closes these special interests loopholes and puts more money back in the pockets of Montana workers and families.

That’s exactly where your money belongs … in your hands.

Trump’s vision for tax reform puts Montana workers first, increases their wages, and lowers their taxes. That’s tax relief we could all use right now.

Trump also wants to restore fairness to the system so our businesses can compete, bring more jobs back to America, and create better-paying jobs for workers.

Now, the special interests will stop at nothing to see President Trump’s tax reform proposal fail. They are only concerned about preserving their rigged system because it has enriched them for decades … at the expense of our workers.

With your help today we can put a stop to the special interests. Please click HERE to sign our petition and show President Trump that you support his vision for tax reform.

If we work together, we can end this rigged system and deliver a much needed victory to Montana workers.

Let’s win this battle,

Debra Lamm
Montana Republican Party

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