RELEASE: Charter Moves Forward for Montana Young Republicans

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Helena, MONT. – The Montana Republican Party is pleased to announce today that over 50 names have been collected to support the charter of a Montana Young Republicans organization with the Young Republicans National Federation (YRNF).

YRNF is a nationwide Republican organization designed to mobilize grassroots Young Republicans between the ages of 18-40 to help get Republicans elected. Under its bylaws, it trains Young Republicans to be “intelligent, aggressive, professional and effective” in their support of “the principles, objectives, and platform of the Republican Party.”

Anita Milanovich, a Bozeman attorney, is spearheading the effort to charter the Montana Young Republicans group with the support of MTGOP Chairman Debra Lamm. Chartering with YRNF gives state and local Young Republicans access to resources and education to maximize their participation and development within the Republican Party.

The excitement and enthusiasm has been overwhelming,” Milanovich said. “In just a couple of weeks we’ve seen over 50 young adults support this group and at the rate the names are coming in, I wouldn’t be surprised if we reach over 100 supporters this month. It’s important to have young Republicans from across Montana support this cause so their voices are heard and we strengthen the credibility of our petition.” She continued, “The vision is to be inclusive and engage young folks all over the state, and that is resonating with Montana’s younger Republicans. This organization will be a valuable resource to help our Republican candidates win their general election races.”

Chairman Lamm applauded the effort. “One of my top priorities is building up the next generation of Republican leaders here in Montana. The passion and support we are seeing among the youth from across the state is deeply encouraging. They support our pro-growth, conservative policies that will build a stronger economy, create better paying jobs, provide more opportunities for Montanans, and rein in the federal government’s vast overreach.” Lamm continued, “The Montana Young Republicans are going to be an incredible asset to the Party and I look forward to working together as we support our candidates in the upcoming races and turn Montana completely red by 2020.”

The next step for a charter is to form a statewide Board, consisting of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, National Committeeman, National Committeewoman, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board must meet at least once before being eligible to charter. The final step is to submit Montana’s petition to YRNF for approval at the YRNF National Convention held in Annapolis, MD from August 2-6, 2017.

If you’d like to know more about these efforts or add your name to the petition, please contact Anita at or 406-589-6856.


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