Poor Bullock–Upset He Can’t Address Climate Change

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When the Supreme Court temporarily blocked implementation of Obama’s job-killing energy regulations earlier this week, it appeared there was no one more disappointed about this decision than Governor Bullock.

Why? Well, Bullock is so desperate to “address” climate change he saw implementing Obama’s job-killing energy regulations as his golden ticket to do exactly that.

What we cannot put on hold, however, is the need to address climate change,” Bullock declared following the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Let’s get this straight: Thousands of Montana jobs are at stake– Montana jobs Bullock won’t defend– and all Bullock can think about is the need to address climate change.

Get this– Bullock could implement Obama’s job-killing energy regulations or the U.S. could even shut down every single coal plant in the nation– and global carbon emissions would only be reduced by less than 1 percent.

In fact, even Obama’s former EPA Administrator admitted that U.S. action will not impact worldwide carbon emissions.

Bullock’s climate change solution is to eliminate over 7,000 Montana jobs and blow a $1.5 billion hole into our economyand yet we will see LITTLE TO NO REDUCTION in global carbon emissions.

Under Bullock’s leadership, the Corette power plant in Billings shut down and with it 35 Montana jobs were lost. Earlier this year, nearly 200 Montana workers had their jobs eliminated because of this job-killing energy agenda: Signal Peak Energy was forced to cut 66 jobs at their coal mine, 19 jobs were eliminated at railroad companies, and the Crow Tribe was forced to furlough 100 of their employees. And, permitting delays are holding back job creation at the Otter Creek mine.

Across the nation over 40,000 jobs have been lost since Obama took office and declared a War on Coal. The very livelihoods of these workers have been destroyed because of this extreme environmental agenda.

This is the vision shared by Bullock and the Democrat Party. It’s beyond delusional that they are willing to sacrifice thousands of good-paying Montana jobs and an affordable, reliable energy source for this extreme environmental agenda.

Bullock’s job-killing energy agenda won’t even address climate change but it will put thousands of Montanans out of work– and how will they provide for their families without a job? No Montanan should have to live under this threat from Bullock and Obama’s extreme environmental agenda. At the end of the day, Montana workers can’t count on Bullock to stand up and defend their good-paying jobs. Too much is at stake to put the livelihoods of our workers and families in the hands of Bullock this November.

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