Nearly 200 Jobs Eliminated as Obama’s War on Coal Impacts Montana

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Nearly 200 Montana workers had their good-paying jobs eliminated in the last two weeks because of the devastating impact of Obama’s job-killing energy agenda. President Obama’s commitment to end the use of Montana’s affordable, clean, and reliable energy is bringing great harm to our workers and their families.

A Montana coal mine recently cut 66 good-paying jobseliminating 20 percent of its workforce.

In Yellowstone County, two of their largest railroad companies eliminated 19 family wage jobs.

The Crow Tribe announced approximately 100 of their members will be furloughed– affecting 25 percent of their workers. Chairman Darrin Old Coyote placed the blame squarely on Obama’s War on Coal: “Our bread and butter is coal. A war on coal is a war on Crow families.

Montanans are living the real life consequences of Obama’s disastrous job-killing energy agenda.

Bullock Won’t Fight Back | Montana Faces Thousands of Layoffs

Governor Bullock continues to stand by and watch as good-paying Montana jobs are eliminated. Bullock simply refuses to fight for the livelihoods of our workers and their families. We need a Governor who will stand against Obama’s job-killing energy agenda now more than ever because these recent layoffs are just the beginning …

A recent study from the University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research found Obama’s job-killing energy regulations will likely shut down the Colstrip power plant and eliminate over 7,000 good-paying Montana jobs.

Threats from Washington and Oregon

Montana’s coal industry face additional threats from Washington and Oregon.  Both Washington and Oregon are considering legislation that will likely lead to the shutdown of Colstrip and end the use of importing our affordable, coal-generated electricity to power their homes. These pieces of legislation pose a serious threat to all the good-paying Montana jobs supported by our coal industry.

No Carbon Emission Reductions

What gets lost in this debate is that the U.S. could shut down all its coal-energy plants and global carbon emissions would only be reduced by less than 1 percent because of the carbon emissions released from China and India.

It’s also not being taken into account that Montana has the cleanest coal in the world and our coal-energy plants are already cleaner and more efficient than most other coal-energy plants in the country.

Why are the livelihoods of thousands of Montana workers and their families being put at risk when President Obama, Governor Bullock, and the Democratic Party won’t even achieve their goal of global carbon emission reductions?

Elect Republican Governor

It’s time to elect a Governor who will fight for our workers and their families. Governor Bullock lacks the will to get the job done. This November, if Montanans elect a Republican Governor alongside a Republican President they can undue Obama’s job-killing energy agenda and protect our workers and families.

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