MTDEMS Support War on Coal; Bullock Plays Both Sides

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If you want more proof Montana Democrats have turned their backs on working-class Montanans just look to the 34 Democrat lawmakers who wrote a letter to Governor Bullock supporting President Obama’s War on Coal that will shut down our coal industry and eliminate thousands of good, high-paying jobs– including union jobs.

Get this– these Montana Democrats actually admit the Obama-EPA job-killing energy regulations will be “disruptive and somewhat costly.”

Where’s Bullock on this issue? Don’t be fooled by his political games– Bullock’s playing both sides. Here’s the reality: Bullock doesn’t actually fight for the livelihoods of Montana coal workers and their families.

Bullock’s position on the finalized Obama-EPA job-killing energy regulations has already shifted.

  • In August, when Obama announced the finalized regulations, Bullock claimed to be “extremely disappointed.”
  • In September, “Bullock appeared more optimistic.

Bullock continues to make misleading claims that these regulations won’t shut down our coal industry.

  • Bullock promised: “Montana’s strategy will not require existing coal-fired power plants to shut down.
  • In reality, the War on Coal shut down the Corette power plant in Billings.

Obama’s next target in the War on Coal: Shut down Colstrip.

  • Nine coal-fired units in Montana could be affected, including the four-unit Colstrip. (Great Falls Tribune, 09/19/2014)
  • Continuing an ongoing wave of coal-plant shutdowns. (POLITICO, 08/01/2015)

Bullock will continue to mislead Montanans about his (alleged) support for our coal industry since he has until 2018 to submit a plan– which conveniently works out well for his re-election campaign next year.

If Bullock wins– mark our words– he will turn his back on the working-class and implement the Obama-EPA job-killing energy regulations– he already decided to comply with Obama’s draft regulations.

One final note– Bullock failed to attend a critical coal meeting in August where Obama’s proposed double coal tax was the topic of discussion; nor did he attend the pro-coal rally across the street in Billings. This is just another example highlighting Bullock’s failure to defend and fight for Montana coal workers and their families.

President Obama is proposing a double coal tax here in Montana to increase energy prices and property taxes– this serves as another weapon in Obama’s arsenal as he tries to shut down our coal industry.

If Bullock really stood with the working-class he would lead the fight against Obama’s War on Coal and do everything he could to protect their good, high-paying jobs and their livelihoods. He’s not. Just expect to hear more double talk from Bullock.

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