Melissa Romano No-Show at Frenchtown Education Forum

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Melissa Romano was a no-show yesterday at a school-centered candidate forum at Frenchtown High School. Here was an event that brought together the community council, school board trustees, and the district’s superintendent to discuss education and the challenges we face.

It’s a wonder why Melissa Romano couldn’t be bothered to attend this event. Or, is it?

Maybe Melissa Romano didn’t want to talk about her enthusiastic support for Common Core and her top-down approach to education …

Or, she wants to keep hidden the fact that she’s benefiting from a six figure check from Washington D.C. special interests and doesn’t want you to know that she’s expected to always do their bidding ..

It’s just as possible that she didn’t want to explain her opposition to local control in our school districts at a local Montana high school …

Either way, it’s clear Melissa Romano didn’t show up at this school-centered candidate forum because she isn’t willing to be honest with Montanans about her beliefs.

Melissa Romano’s not willing to put the needs of Montana students above the needs of the special interests – and that makes her unfit for this office.

Elsie Arntzen will put the needs of Montana students first. That’s why Elsie showed up at Frenchtown High School yesterday and spoke to the importance of education and the need to come together to address our education challenges – with the goal of always putting Montana students first.

Elsie Arntzen will be the fighter and champion our kids, parents, teachers, and schools need. It’s time to elect Elsie Arntzen as our next State Superintendent and give all Montana students the best possible education.

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