Las Vegas. New York City. What a Weekend for Bullock!

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Governor Bullock is traveling to Las Vegas today to attend a 2-day retreat at the posh Four Seasons resort, and then heads to New York City later this weekend for the Democratic Governors Association’s “Holiday Party and Annual Meeting” to celebrate the millions of dark money he’s raised to influence elections and to tap into even more dark money for his re-election battle next year.

There’s no getting around that Bullock had a very bad week with the stunning revelation that his own Lt. Gov. resigned, but it’s quite telling after being absent from Montana for most of the week that he would then jet-set off to Las Vegas and New York City.

Bullock must be so desperate to raise even more dark money to boost his re-election campaign after his former Lt. Gov. resigned over a “falling out.”

There’s just no limit to the amount of dark money Bullock is willing to raise. A recent report discovered Bullock has amassed over a $3 million dark money war-chest, with his dark money travels taking him to Louisville, KY; Nantucket, MA; Aspen, CO; Washington DC; White Sulphur Springs, WV; and Whitefish, MT.

Bullock continues to mislead Montanans, touting himself as an outspoken critic of dark money while at the very same time raising and spending millions of dark money.

In fact, Bullock has spent over $1 million in dark money in Pennsylvania attacking Republicans and promoting their Democrat governor– despite promising Montanans: Dark money won’t be spent to influence elections.”

Bullock is also traveling the country calling for full disclosure of all dark money checks yet refuses to disclose where his $3 million dark money checks came from. It’s truly the height of hypocrisy for Bullock to demand full disclosure from everyone but himself.

Bullock’s continued absence from Montana this week shows a Governor with misplaced priorities. It’s quite concerning Bullock would prioritize his need for more dark money at a time like this. Does Bullock really think the solution to his problems is to raise even more dark money?

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