Juneau, Romano Fail Montana Students: Less Than Half Proficient in Math, English

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Montana released test scores yesterday for students in third through eighth grade and the results once again highlight Denise Juneau’s failed record as State Superintendent:

  • Only 41 percent of Montana students are proficient in math
  • Fewer than half of our students are proficient in English

This comes after last year’s horrible news that showed test scores declined significantly for fourth and eighth graders in math and reading compared to prior years.

Denise Juneau’s failed record should raise alarm bells, especially since she goes around touting herself as “one of the Common Core’s biggest supporters.”

And now you have Melissa Romano, another staunch Common Core liberal, running to be the next State Superintendent saying she will continue Denise Juneau’s legacy – her words, not ours.

See for yourself, Melissa Romano said: “plan on continuing Denise Juneau’s legacy,” and also declared: “I cannot wait to follow in Denise Juneau’s footsteps.”

For Melissa Romano to want to follow in Denise Juneau’s footsteps – where less than half of our kids are proficient in math and reading – speaks volumes to the utter disaster she would be for our children’s education if she wins in November.

Republican Elsie Arntzen will be a strong advocate for our kids, parents, schools and teachers as our next State Superintendent. She gets it: Montana students come first. Elsie will make sure they get the best possible education – where all Montana kids can read, write and do math.

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