ICYMI: Bullock, McLean Falling Out Traced to Dec. 2014 Convo

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More emails were released last Friday that shed light on the falling out between Governor Bullock and former Lt. Governor Angela McLean. Those emails now confirm that the source of their falling out can be traced to a December 2014 conversation between Bullock and McLean.

Now, neither Bullock nor McLean will comment on this meeting or what was discussed but there’s little doubt that a bombshell was dropped.

What else explains how their professional relationship deteriorated so rapidly or why Bullock worked so aggressively to isolate and eventually force out McLean.

How did things get so bad so fast? In May 2014, Bullock described McLean as “LG extraordinaire,” and only a month before their falling out, McLean called Bullock: “The greatest Governor Ever in the Milky Way.

What happened between Bullock and McLean? Why are BOTH Bullock and McLean refusing to talk about their falling out? What could have possibly happened between Bullock and McLean during that December conversation to cause such a complete breakdown in their professional relationship?

Bullock releases private emails; sheds little new light on McLean departure (05/06/2016)

Gov. Steve Bullock Friday released nearly 400 pages of emails from his private account, revealing more details about his schism with former Lt. Gov. Angela McLean.

But the emails primarily confirmed what the Bullock administration and previously released email documents from state accounts revealed last December: That the pair had a falling out, which led to Bullock considering whether to find a new running mate in 2016 and freezing McLean out of key meetings and initiatives.

One of the emails released Friday, from McLean to Bullock, seemed to pinpoint what sparked the souring of their professional relationship: A “conversation in December” 2014.

Bullock, however, declined to discuss the subject of that conversation and McLean also declined to comment.

Read more here: http://www.kxlh.com/story/31910779/release-of-more-gov-emails-show-details-of-bullock-mclean-rift

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